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The female Red-Snouted raptor circled her nest, confused. They should've hatched days ago, but were still intact. She nudged one of the eggs with her snout, it's cold shell showing no signs of life. All the eggs were cold and still, not a peep coming from unhatched young.

The Utahraptor still didn't give up, although it was obvious that it was too late. Her maternal instincts refused to let her quit. She covered the nest with a layer of leaves and went off for a nibble to eat.

Acrocanthosaurus have been in the area lately, in small groups or as loners but they mostly kept to themselves. If she met with an acro, she was wise to keep her distance and the larger dino is more than willing to return the given distance.

Little did she know, the acros will influence her more than she thought neccesary.


A short distance away from the nest, a mother acro and her mate are also caring for their eggs. They can smell the female raptor, and they hated it. But until their vulnerable eggs hatched, there was little they could do to the raptor threat.

A nearby female Utahraptor, obviously breeding, would always stay clear of them, and, respectful of that, they dared not disturb her nest either. There was only one time she went into an uncomfortable distance and had to be chased out: she was recklessly chasing a speedy lizard and had not the slightest intrest of the acros' clutch.

However there was a Deinonychus that gave no respected distance and even attempted to steal their eggs on occasion. He was a former alpha male that was exiled from his pack by another male who challenged him. Now he's trying to make a living with whatever he got.

Now he's edging closer to the acro nest, the big beasts unaware of his presence as he was careful to be downwind. The giant carnivores were sitting, the male preening the neck of the female. Cocking his head, the raptor examined the female, making sure she won't take notice of him until he dashed away with one of their eggs.

She was relaxed, her eyes closed in a sleeping fashion.

Just a little closer, then I'll have it. he thought to himself, keeping his body as low as he could to the ground. He was eyeing the egg he targeted. One careful step, then another...

The tall grass he was hiding in ruffled with his movements. He paused, tense and ready to run. The male acro jerked his head in the raptor's location, but the camouflage served the tiny hunter well.

Passing the noise as the wind, he proceeded to preen his mate.

That was the moment the deinonych chose to attack. It was a huge risk, but a meal is worth it. He charged the nest and grabbed an egg.

Almost immediatly the male acro spotted him and roared in rage, he and his mate getting onto their feet. The raptor made off as fast as he could, the male of the huge predators already on his tail. The female acro stayed in the nest in case of further raids.

Never before did the paniced raptor run so fast. He had speed advantages, but the gigantic strides of the acro equalled the terms. If he could just get past the river and jump the stones, he might escape.

Just then he stumbled on a multi hole, dug by prehistoric versions of prairie dogs. He dropped the egg, which started to roll down a small hill and next to the Utahraptor nest.

The acro immediatly shot his jaws forward and grabbed the tiny creature in his dagger like teeth. He shook the life out of the thief and went back towards his nest with his prize secured for his mate. It was the perfect present.


The mother Utahraptor came back to the nest with an aegi, a shrew-like mammal, in her mouth. She spotted the acro egg and cocked her head in confusion.

Dropping her snack, she sniffed the unhatched thing intently. Although her nose told her to get rid of it, a maternal instinct argued and claimed it was her own egg that happened to roll out while she was gone. To make things better, it was certainly alive.

The maternal instinct won out and the giant raptor gently picked up the egg in her claws and placed it directly in the middle of her clutch. This mystery egg was bigger than the other eggs, but that didn't matter. She swallowed the aegi in one gulp and then settled atop her nest, waiting patiently for the day her young would hatch.


A few days later while close by successfully catching a lizard, the female raptor heard a sound come from the egg. Excited, she ran back to the nest and uncovered the suspected egg from the leaf litter. She heard more chirping like sounds come from within the shell.

She grunted in response and swished her tail in anticipation. The first crack appeared and the raptor bounced from side to side happily.

This will be her first time mothering. Sure it'll be hard without a mate to help, but she's willing to give this her best shot and hope for the best.

She looked around at her surroundings to make sure nothing was sneaking up on her, then turned her attention back to her hatching offspring.

More cracks...a few more...and then...freedom.

She bobbed her head curiously at what looked like a young acro, blind with eyes sealed shut. It sniffed in her direction and made a squeaking sound, begging for food.

Against all of her reasoning, she retreived the dead lizard she caught earlier and offered it to the young one, who let out another squeak as it smelled the food and immediatly gobblied down it's first meal.

Looking around once more, she spotted a dactyl, an Ornithocheirus, fluttering nearby, eyeing the young acro. The protective new mother charged in it's direction, snarling. It went off immediatly. Grunting she returned to the sleeping hatchling and sniffed it for the identity that she'll be protecting.

A male with the swirl of blue and green that all acros possessed.

He's a bit different. But he came from my clutch, so he must be mine. the giant raptor thought to herself as she laid by the baby's side.