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three years later

i kinda thought i'd be better

all by myself

i've never been so wrong before

Marissa leaned over to pick up a dirty shirt that Ryan had left on the floor. Again. She glanced down at the ring on her left finger and thoughts of Alex invaded her mind, as usual. And, as usual, Marissa tried to ignore them. It'd been almost three years for chrissakes. Marissa started to sigh, but then stopped, remembering that Ryan was in the room. Being the great husband that he was, he would ask her what was wrong and she wouldn't be able to give him a straight answer.

you made it impossible

for me to ever love somebody else

and now i don't know what i left you for

Alex sighed deeply and fell back on her couch as the latest of her Marissa-like girlfriends stormed out the door. They were all like Marissa, but not quite her. It probably had something to do with that fact that no one could measure up to Marissa Cooper. Alex glanced at the clock and realized that it was time for her to go to work. She got up, grabbed her purse, and yelled to her roommate.

"Be back tonight!" Alex hurried out the door, shoving thoughts of Marissa to the farthest corner of mind. She probably doesn't even remember me. Alex thought as she went down the steps.

see, i thought that i could replace you

he can't love me the way you do

til now I never knew


Marissa smiled at Ryan as he walked out the door to go to work. The second he was gone, Marissa sighed and put down the glass she'd been cleaning. She pulled off her apron and mixed herself a drink. Ever since Alex had left, she'd gone back to drinking to numb her pain. It was incredible how much damage a single week, with a single girl could do. It'd half-destroyed her. Marissa sat down on the couch and drained her drink.

i'm spoiled, by your love

no matter how i try to change my mind

what's the point it's just a waste of time

Alex quickly cleaned a shot glass and returned it to the rack above her head. She smiled and winked at a hot guy staring at her.

"I'll be with you in a second." She called. She turned around, but felt someone's hands in her hair. Scott, the bouncer. Alex automatically compared his touch to Marissa's. Not close. She thought guiltily.

i'm spoiled by your touch

the love you give is just to hard to find

don't want to live without you in my life

i'm spoiled

Marissa fixed dinner for Ryan, carefully cooking his meat perfectly. She cared for Ryan, even if she didn't feel the same exhilarating love that she did for Alex. She doesn't even remember you. Marissa tortured herself. Marissa didn't know why she'd married Ryan, but she had and she couldn't change that now. She thought once that maybe she was only holding onto Alex because she was comparing Ryan to her, that Ryan would just always remind her of Alex. So she had left him. Just walked away after four years. But she still dreamed about Alex, still had her face in her head, so she came back. Ryan had taken her back and here she was, still trying to look at Ryan and see the same thing she saw in Alex.

i tried to tell myself that i'd be over you

in a week or two

but baby

that was bout a year ago

Alex forced a smile and turned to Scott.

"Hey Scott." She said. "Long time, no sex, I mean, see." Scott smiled back.

"Tonight, two." He offered. Alex nodded. Anything to make her forget Marissa, even for a second. She returned to cleaning glasses, but caught sight of the black butterfly on her middle finger. She was always saying she needed to get it taken off, but she couldn't quite bring herself to do it.

i've never seen the word love

so personified

as i do with you

and that is why, i just can't let go

oh no

Marissa cleaned up the kitchen while Ryan watched CNN in the den.

"You need anything?" She called, playing the good little wife.

"A scotch would be nice." Ryan answered. Marissa got down a bottle and a glass and slowly poured him some, but a little dripped down the edge and onto her fingers.

"Ahh." She hissed quietly. The alcohol felt like it was burning a hole in her finger. Marissa had just gotten her butterfly tattoo lasered off her middle finger and it was still very sore, a scar burnt into her finger. I wonder if she still has hers' Marissa thought as she handed Ryan his drink..

and i would only be fooling myself

if tried to believe there's room

for someone else in my heart

Alex lay in her bed and didn't bother to pull the sheet up over her when she sat up. Scott had seen her to many times for her to be modest anymore. Marissa was always so modest. Alex thought randomly. Scott smiled at her.

"See you later girl." He said, like he did every time he left. After he was out the door, Alex sighed and laid back on the bed.

there ain't no way i'm getting over you

i don't know what i've been trying to prove

Marissa lay in the darkness of her and Ryan's bedroom. It was about one in the morning, but she was far from tired. She glanced over at Ryan, who slept on the opposite side of the bed. Marissa pulled the covers up to her chin and tried to think about something, anything, other than Alex Kelly. It was these long nights that drove her crazy.

i'm hopeless


when it comes to you

Alex rolled off her bed. She fell hard on the ground, but it did nothing to jolt Marissa from her mind. Alex sighed and heaved herself up off the ground. She stumbled into the shower and turned the water on cold. Living like this was driving her crazy.

i've been spoiled