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Chapter 12

As the midnight hour came upon them, many of the partiers had become weary from the chaos and excitement going on around them. Many rested on couches and chairs that were brought in with the help of Aqualad and Speedy.

Away from the many teasing eyes of their friends, Robin and Starfire snuggled on a couch. Robin was happy, despite the unpleasant itchiness of his new Valentine's Day sweater that Starfire had bought him. Granted it was the most irritating thing he ever wore, but it was worth the embarrassment if it made Starfire happy.

"Why must they take so long to come back inside Robin?" Starfire asked anxiously. "Perhaps something terrible has happened? I would not put it past Beast Boy to play one of his pranks! You know how infuriating he can be!"

Robin just patted her hand, in hopes of comforting her. "Don't worry. Beast Boy seemed sincere enough about his feelings. At least, he'd better be…"

For awhile they sat there in silence, relaxing against each others warmth till the sound of a door being opened grabbed their attention. It was Raven and Beast Boy! Not only that but Raven was smiling and Beast Boy was holding her hand!

Not noticing the shocked stares, Raven and Beast Boy were chatting among themselves heading towards the main room where the music was still playing softly in the background.

"What do you mean you have a surprise for me?" Raven asked curiously. "I thought the surprise was that you returned my feelings. I didn't do anything to deserve it and it's not like I have any special gift to give you in return."

"Who said you didn't deserve it?" Beast Boy asked with amusement. "After all the times you put up with me, you deserve the best! Besides, it's not like I'm giving you something big. It's just something to help you remember Valentine's Day a little better. I know…it's not one your favorite days."

Raven was silent and didn't meet his eyes. She seemed to be lost in her memories until Beast Boy grabbed her hand gently, and placed a small wrapped box into it. Surprised, Raven looked down curiously.

"I know it's not in the best shape but believe me your present is safe inside. It just had…a bit of a rough landing so to speak." Beast Boy said, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. He watched Raven anxiously, awaiting her response. After all that trouble getting her gift together, would she even like it?

Raven raised an eyebrow and smirked a little. Even though he hadn't mentioned it, she had her suspicions about why the Titan's Plane had crashed in the first place. All she could gather from the overheard conversation was that somehow Beast Boy played a part in it. Yet even with that knowledge, Raven decided not to mention it.

After all, Beast Boy was being very sweet to her. So why spoil the mood? She began to carefully remove the wrappings around a small velvet case. Raven looked at Beast Boy questioningly but he just smiled encouragingly.

Finally she lifted the top off and was surprised by the beautiful piece of jewelry hidden inside it. It was a golden heart-shaped locket with tiny diamonds in the shape of the letter R.

"Beast Boy, did you really get this for me?" She asked in disbelief. "It's so beautiful…I don't know what to say other then thank you."

The green boy grinned. "That's not the only part. Open it to see what's inside."

Looking at him curiously, Raven took hold of the little heart and opened the clasp. She gasped in surprise when she saw a picture of her home in Azarath as well as a picture of the Teen Titans. It was her family from two different worlds, her past and her present.

Normally she would have just thanked Beast Boy again in a polite but brisk manner but instead tears fell down her face. That picture and Beast Boy's kindness brought back so many memories.

Yet instead of feeling sad, she felt happy and content. It didn't matter that her powers scattered random objects in the background due to her emotions. It didn't matter that Azarath was gone. Her own miserable past didn't even matter as much as it used to.

What mattered was that someone loved her enough to give her something that was worth more then a thousand roses and boxes of chocolate combined. It was a thoughtfulness she had never really known. Something that not even her own mother could give her.

With the objects flying around and Raven eyes bright with tears, Beast Boy felt angered by his own stupidity. Why, oh why did he have to put that picture of her Azarath family in there?

Now every time she looked at it, she would just be reminded of her unhappy past. The exact opposite of what he was trying to make her forget! He wanted her to be happy, like she was when she hugged him. He hated seeing her with so much sadness and shame.

His eyes wandered back to Raven's face. The small bursts of black aura had stopped and small tears covered her face. Yet when he looked closer, he noticed that her smile was still there.

At this, Beast Boy was surprised. Raven, the once emotionless and distant Raven was crying tears of joy. Something he had never thought he would live to see.

"Raven, are you okay?" He asked apprehensively, unsure of how to react to this strange phenomenon.

For a moment, Raven was silent. Then, upon realizing where she was and that she had been crying made her straighten up and wipe the tears off her face. Feeling slightly embarrassed by her reaction, Raven closed the locket and clasped it around her neck.

"Of course I'm okay," She said with a smirk. "Why wouldn't I be? After all the kindness you've given to me, I couldn't be happier. Just keep in mind, I still have my pride. So no one will know of this…correct?"

Beast Boy nodded and grinned. "Don't worry, your secret's safe with me."

Raven gave a small smile, and in the background a clock chimed. It was already one in the morning and she could feel that her eyes were already growing heavy.

She normally did not go to bed this late but with all the crazy things that had happened, she hadn't noticed how tired she truly was. As if a heavy burden she had been carrying for years had finally disappeared. Now all she wanted to do was rest.

"Well I guess we should be getting back." Raven said reluctantly. "The others are probably worrying about us and knowing Starfire, she will be bursting with curiosity about our little talk."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Beast Boy sighed. "I better be heading to bed myself or Robin might think I'm up to something. I swear sometimes he can act like your big brother or something. Not that I blame him I guess I will see you in the morning?"

"Of course and I should be heading to bed too. Though, I probably won't be able to sleep too well. Not with what happened today and being in a different place."

Beast Boy chuckled a little. He knew he would probably have same problem. It didn't matter though because it was all worth it.

Just before they left to go to the separate guest rooms, he grabbed her hand. Startled Raven turned around and was surprised when she felt Beast Boy's lips upon hers. For a few moments they held each other and enjoyed the sweet, innocent kiss. When they broke away, Raven's face was red and it took her a few moments to gather her composure.

Beast Boy was feeling a little embarrassed too, but when he saw her smile, he couldn't help but smile back. "So maybe...when we get back home, we can go out sometime? I mean... only if you want to that is..."

Raven looked like she wasn't sure what to say. No boy had really wanted to be with her before...that is, except for Malchior. Experience told her that it might not be a good idea...but this was Beast Boy. She had no reason not to trust finally she nodded. "I guess it wouldn't hurt. Maybe next Friday? Perhaps, we could go to dinner and a movie..."

"Yeah, that would be great." Beast Boy said, before they started parting ways. Unbeknown to Raven, as he was turning back into the boy's hallway, he was jumping up and down in excitement and unbeknown to him, Raven was smiling and humming a cheery tune.

Not even the questioning of their friends could ruin the mood. For after all, they still had their dignity to keep and really, nothing could stop what the heart wanted anyways. That was just how love worked.