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Title: To Dance Again

Rating: Mature

Pairings: Draco/Harry

Warnings: Language, Violence, Abuse, Slash (male/male material) possibly sexual content.

Beta: None

Disclaimer: I do NOT own anything HP related. That all belongs to JK Rowling!

Chapter One

The night was still; the sky above was inky black and hardly a star was visible through the thick city air. The only sound that was heard was that of cars making their way home for the night off in the distance. The streets were empty save for a group of darkly clad people huddled together off the corner of an alley.

"Do you think the old man is closing up yet?" asked one of them; he was a large boy with muscular arms, wearing a dark brown jacket with its hood pulled up.

"He should be Goyle, everyone else has closed up for the night," replied a smaller dark skinned boy.

"I wish he would hurry the fuck up, it's fucking freezing out here."

"Just shut up all of you." Draco Malfoy, a tall and slender young man, was not in the mood to listen to his friends argue. His was on his wits end with them and his nerves were bouncing all over the place. "You should have brought a jacket Crabbe, you moron."

"I didn't think we'd be standing out here for two whole fucking hours Draco," the larger boy, Crabbe, shot back. Draco just ignored him and turned his attention back to the small dark store just across the street. They had been waiting for a good two hours for the owner to close up; he seemed to be locking up later than the rest of the stores seeing as it was almost midnight.

It was an unusually cold October night; their breaths rose up frosty in front of their faces as they tried to keep themselves warm. Draco had worn a light hoodie that night, not thinking it would be this chilly. He brought the hood over his light blonde hair and breathed into his gloved hands. 'Just hurry up and leave,' he thought in frustration. He wanted to get this done as soon as possible so he could get home to his mother.

"Look!" whispered the dark skinned boy, Blaise Zabini, and pointed across the street. Draco snapped back to attention and looked to where he was pointing. 'Finally,' he thought. The store owner, an elderly and balding man was leaving the front door and locking it with a pair of keys. They listened to the jingling of keys as the man finished locking the door.

Their eyes followed the old man until he turned a corner and walked out of sight. They breathed a collective sigh of relief.

"About damn time," Goyle said. "I can't feel my fucking hands."

"Let's go guys," Draco said and jogged across the street as quietly as he could. He could hear the ragged breathing and quick footsteps of his friends behind him. They grouped around the front door and looked around just in case anyone was out for a late night stroll.

When the coast was clear, Blaise nodded to Draco and Draco took out a crow bar he had taken with him.

"Remember, we have approximately five minutes before the police arrive if that alarm goes off, got that?" The others nodded in understanding.

With that, Draco smashed one of the larger windows open. The sound was deafening as it split through the still and quiet night. Draco couldn't hold back a flinch at all of the noise but did not hesitate as he jumped through the now smashed window. His feet crunched as they landed on shattered pieces of glass on the other side. He heard the others climb in after him.

Something felt off to him as he looked around at the dark store. Then it clicked. It was completely silent.

"Where's the alarm?" Blaise asked the question Draco was thinking. They all shrugged, confused.

"Whatever man, let's just grab the money and get out of here. Remember, don't take anything else. We don't wanna get weighed down by merchandise in case the police come."

'And they probably have some electronic anti-theft device on them that would surely go off if the merchandise left the store,' Draco added in his mind. He quickly hurried over to the cash register on the far side of the small store

He used the crow bar he had used on the window to pry the register open. The silence was suddenly shattered by the ear splitting sound of an alarm going off.

'Fuck, the alarm was attached to the register,' Draco thought as he hurriedly grabbed the money from within. Wasting no time, he ran across the room and they all jumped back out the window. In the distance, they could hear the sound of police sirens coming in their direction. Draco quickly handed Blaise the money; he was the fastest of them and would have the least chance of getting caught.

"Split up," Blaise ordered before he ran off in one direction. The others all took different routes. Draco ended up running full speed down one of the alleys. His feet echoed as they slammed down on the cobbled street. He heard the police sirens; they were close now. He heard some off in the distance as well and he had a gut feeling that they were chasing the others.

'Then that must mean…' Draco's thoughts were cut off as one of the police cars suddenly rounded a corner and flooded him with light. 'Bingo, there it is.'

Draco didn't waste a moment in taking off. He skidded around a corner and ran down another dark alley. His breath was coming in sharp pants and gasps now as he leapt up onto a chain-linked fence and scrambled over it. He heard the police car skid to a stop behind him and the policeman inside get out.

'God damn, I need to quit smoking,' Draco thought as he rounded another corner. He stopped for a moment to catch his breath. He was practically wheezing now. He looked up and listened intently. He could see flashes of red and blue lights as well as that of a flashlight one of the police officers was using to search around.

"He can't have gone far," a deep gruff voice said. "Get back in the car and cut him off. He won't get out of here."

"Yes sir!" A younger voice said, and then he heard the running footsteps as the man went back to the car.

The light from the flashlight illuminated the dark alleyway slightly. Draco waited with baited breath as it drew closer, the police officers careful footsteps crunching on the ground.

And then with a deep inhale Draco darted from his hiding spot and ran faster than he thought he ever could down the street. He heard the man shout and then pursue after him. He was probably in better shape than Draco, because he could feel the officer gaining on him.

"Fucking hell,' Draco thought as he skidded around another corner and stumbled. He fell forward on his palms, scraping them painfully but he quickly regained his footing and continued to run. He saw the police car suddenly appear and he froze in his tracks. He was cornered.

"Freeze!" shouted the officer behind him. He heard the man pull out his gun and Draco was pretty sure it was pointed at him. He rolled his eyes. The man in the police car also got out and upholstered his gun.

'Let's see, two policemen, two guns, one car,' Draco calculated in his head. 'What are the odds I get out of this unscathed?' He looked around. 'Well, only one way to find out.'

With daring he didn't even know he had, Draco did the most foolish thing he decided he had ever done in his life. He dove to the left, trying not to pay attention to the sudden sounds of guns being shot and ran as fast as one could while being hunched over. He dodged around the police car and sprinted down another street.

He heard the squealing of tires as both men jumped back in their car and continued the chase.

Draco hid behind one of the buildings, trying to hold his breath; his lungs burned painfully and his heart thudded against his ribcage as his nerves got the better of him. Adrenaline was still pumping through his veins as he saw the police car zoom past him. Draco slouched against the building wall, trying to regain compsure of himself. He placed a hand over his beating heart and clutched his shirt as he closed his eyes. Turning around, he leaned his forehead against the cool brick wall and let out a string of curses.

"Fuck!" he whispered as he banged his fist against the wall. It scraped against his skin and he felt a slight burning but he didn't pay any mind to it. "That was so fucking close." After finally gaining his wits about him, he straightened himself up and ran a hand through his hair before pulling his hood back over his head; it had fallen off as he dodged around the policemen.

He suddenly crouched down when he saw the police car come down the street again; it was circling the block slowly, flooding the alleyways and streets with lights. He watched as it disappeared down another street again. He waited a few minutes to see if it would return.

Looking around, he stepped from out of the buildings shadow and started walking down the street, looking as natural as one could in such a state.

He heard the sound of the sirens disappear in the distance and he breathed a sigh of relief. 'That was a close one.'

Draco took off in the direction of Blaise's house, which was the agreed spot they would all meet up at in case they were ever split up. He hoped the police wouldn't suddenly turn around and come back down this way. But the sound of the sirens eventually faded in the night and all was silent again.

He made his way down the empty city trying to stick to the shadows as much as possible. It was about a mile to Blaise's house from where he was and he was starting to feel signs of major fatigue. 'Not a big shocker there.'

His mind was filled with thoughts of what had just happened. He couldn't believe what his life had turned into. Ever since his mother had become sick and his father's career had taken a turn for the worst, Draco had found himself the primary income for the family. But the jobs he held alone were not enough to pay the bills; his gang had offered him a way out through a life of crime. Even then, the money brought in through the thefts was barely enough to sustain them. His father's drinking habits were sucking life and money from the family. Anger bubbled throughout Draco's entire being every time he thought of that man.

Before he knew it, Draco found himself in front of Blaise's house. And not a moment too soon; his legs felt like lead and his eyes were becoming heavy. His hair was stuck to his face from sweat and the feel of the chilly night air against his hot and sweaty skin was making him shiver.

He made his way up the steps leading to the front door and knocked twice. He heard movement from within and the door opened a crack. He saw Blaise's head stick out; the boy's eyes landed on Draco and he threw the door open. He quickly ushered Draco inside before slamming the door shut and locking it behind them.

"Draco! There you are, we were getting worried," Blaise said as he led Draco into the living room where the others were waiting.

"Yeah, I had a little trouble. Those policemen were very persistent."

"Good thing you didn't get caught."

"I know; last thing I want is to end up in Juvie again," Draco replied bitterly. He had spent a good year in a Juvenile Detention Center last year for assault and he was not looking to ever go back there again.

"Do you think they saw your face?" Crabbed questioned as Draco sat next to him on the floor where they were all sitting around the coffee table.

"Not likely, I had my hood on and it covers my face pretty well," Draco said. He had escaped the police before and he was certain that he wouldn't get caught this time. The police in this city were really stupid anyway.

"By the way, here's your cut of the cash," Blaise said as he grabbed a small wad of bills and handed it to Draco. Draco counted it quickly before nodding and pocketing it. "You gonna stay here tonight?"

"Yeah, I don't much feel like going home to my slobbering drunk ass father tonight; I just hope mother will be fine without me." Draco knew he had promised to go home that night but he really wanted to stay as far away from his father as humanly possible.

"It's fine, you can crash here as long as you don't make too much noise. My old lady doesn't really like you guys you know."

"Yeah, yeah, we'll be good," Draco said. "Don't wanna get the hag angry now do we?"

Draco, Blaise, Crabbe and Goyle laughed as they settled in for the night.


Draco had to face the inevitable though as he walked through the door of his own house the next morning. He hated being there; the only reason he even went back was because of his mother. He couldn't leave her alone with his father; who knew what would happen to her. Draco felt responsible for whatever happened to his mother.

He walked down the hallway of the small, run-down house. The place had been neglected for years; without his mother to clean the place, it had eventually just gathered dust and dirt. Draco tried to keep the place in order as much as he could by doing the laundry and dishes; picking up all of the empty beer cans and bottles that quite often littered the place and cooking meals but none of this made much of a difference. He didn't have time between school, three jobs and his secret night life.

The sight that greeted him when he walked into the living room made his blood boil. His father was lounging on the couch, beer cans surrounding him. A half full bottle was clutched loosely in his hand as the man dozed. The sounds of his snores were the only sound in the house. His greasy long blond hair fell into his face and his clothes were stained with God knew what.

Draco walked across the room, kicking cans along the way making them scatter across the floor and into the kitchen. He tried to ignore the continued snores of the disgusting man just in the other room but he was finding it hard to do.

The kitchen was a mess, as Draco knew it would be. More cans and bottles were scattered everywhere as well as a few broken cups and plates. There were bottles of aspirin emptied out on the counter and the sink was full of dirty dishes.

Draco searched through the cabinets, making sure to open and close them with as much noise as possible. When he found them all empty, he went to the fridge and found that it too was empty.

"God dammit!" Draco yelled as he slammed the door closed. "Do I have to do every God damn thing around here?"

"What're you goin' on about boy!" his father, Lucius, called from the living room with a slight slur to his voice.

"Where's all the fucking food?" Draco yelled back. "Can't you at least go to the goddamn store once in awhile to feed your family you lazy bastard?"

"Don't talk to me that way you inso-insolent little boy," Lucius said as he hiccupped and popped open another beer. Draco rolled his eyes with disgust and grabbed his jacket off the chair and headed out the door without another word.

Shrugging his jacket on, Draco walked down the steps and onto the busy city streets. He jammed his hands in the pockets of his worn out jeans and kept his shoulders slouched as he weaved his way through the crowds of people. The sun was already high and beating down on his neck. Despite the chilliness of the previous night, it was warm that day and his light hoodie suddenly felt too hot.

Ignoring this, Draco fingered the bills in his pocket and headed down to the closest store. He was mentally making a list of all of the things he would need to buy.

'Milk, bread, eggs…and just about every other fucking thing,' he thought as he walked through the electric doors of the market and into the air conditioned store.

He made his way down the aisles, trying to keep a low profile as much as possible. He did not like seeing the looks people gave him as he walked by; they all looked at him the same way. He was a street-rat, a ruffian, a no good trouble making gangster who deserved nothing better than to be shot. That was what he was in their eyes.

He grabbed a cheap loaf of bread, a quart of milk and a dozen eggs, mentally checking off the items in his mind as he did so. He kept track of how much he was spending as he picked out each item. His math skills were surprisingly good seeing as he often had to do a lot of penny-pinching and watching how much he spent.

He continued down the aisles, looking to see if there was anything he missed that he might need. 'Let's see, I think we're low on laundry soap…' he thought over how much money he had left before his thoughts were interrupted by loud, and somewhat obnoxious giggling.

Draco tried to ignore it but the sound was causing him to lose track of what he was doing and with a bit of frustration, he stalked from the aisle to see who was making such an annoying noise. He found it was coming from a group of girls around his age; they were talking about something, which was obviously very funny because they would occasionally burst out into another round of ear splitting giggling.

'Fucking girls,' Draco thought as he glared at them. But then his ears were suddenly filled with another sound, this one much softer and more musical than that of the other girls.

"Come on guys, it wasn't that funny!" said the voice before it laughed too. It was softer but deeper and definitely male. Draco briefly wondered who the voice belonged to before the boy become visible from the center of the group of girls.

He was a curious looking boy; he was small and slender but obviously strong. He could detect hints of subtle muscle in those arms and legs. His hair was dark and messy, like it had never been brushed in its life and his eyes were a very vibrant green. He had never seen such a color for eyes before.

Draco hadn't realized he had been staring until they had looked over in his direction and shot him a glare of mistrust and hate. The boy, however, looked at him with curiosity and sympathy before he was dragged away by the horde of girls.

'Whatever,' Draco thought and shook his head before continuing the rest of his shopping, 'they all can go jump off a cliff for all I care.'


Draco carried the bags of groceries back into the house later only to find Lucius passed out on the sofa again. Not feeling like messing around with the man at the moment, Draco was careful not to make any sound that would wake him up. He brought the items into the kitchen and began putting them away. Once he was finished, he carefully folded up the paper bags and placed them in one of the drawers for later use. The family couldn't afford to waste anything.

He then went about making a small meal for himself and his mother. Pouring a half glass of milk to add to the tray of food, he carefully balanced it and walked to his mother's room.

He nudged the door open with his foot; the room was dark and he could just barely make out the form of his mother lying on the bed.

"Are you awake mother?" Draco whispered as he walked farther into the room and placed the tray on the night stand.

"Hi sweetie," came the whispered reply.

"I brought you something to eat, so you can keep up your strength," Draco said as he kneeled down by her.

"You're a darling, you know that?" his mother, Narcissa said as he swept some bangs off of Draco's face. Draco leaned over and kissed her on the cheek before making his leave.

He heaved a large sigh as he closed the door behind him and leaned against it. His mother wasn't going to last much longer, he knew that. Shaking his head, Draco made his way back to the living room, scattering more cans as he did so and grabbed the remote. He flipped on the T.V, which was right in the middle of a news report.

Raising the volume just slightly, Draco watched the woman on TV speak.

"Police are still in search of the suspects in the robbery of a local hardware store. Recent rise in crime in the city is concerning police as investigations of five separate robberies are still in progress. No clues as to who was behind the recent robbery have been found. And now we turn to weather…"

Draco turned off the TV and threw the remote down. The police would soon give up on finding them; he was sure another robbery or crime would arise, causing for attention to turn to it instead. This city was surely going to hell.

Yawning with growing fatigue, Draco made his way to his own room. He lay down on his bed, his eyes itching with tiredness as he stared up at the dark ceiling, thinking about everything that had happened in the past twenty-four hours. His life was pretty fucked-up and he knew it.

Turning to his side, he closed his eyes and finally succumbed to sleep

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