I lied. Now officically on Hiatus.

I'm sorryyyy. I know I said this 'break' was only going to be temporary but...it's not. I have a lot of stuff going on in my life right now (who doesn't?) and I can really only handle one story at a time - right now I'm focusing on Moonlight Shadows.

�I wanted to say thanks to all those people that check periodically to see if I've updated. It really means a lot. Special thanks to Nighteyess (who gave me a review that really made me feel horrible about not continuing) and Nienna Simarwen (my ex-beta who put a lot of hard work into this story).

Contrary to belief, I have not given up on this story. I DO plan on continuing. Just, going back and looking over my story, it's amazing how much better I've gotten in the six-ish month I've been on FanFiction. Truly, it is astonishing; so when I do come back - hopefully you'll be able to see the difference.

If you're interested and like my style of writing, my new story is Moonlight Shadows in the Harry Potter catagory. I know some of you are like -ew- Harry Potter, but the Snape/Hermione genre is a suprisingly impressive fandom. I highly recommend it if you like dark, broody heroes (once again, who doesn't?).

Thanks for reading. I will return. Give me time.

ps. - please forgive the random question marks. this new Doc system seems to want to add them in - I don't know why.�