Me: Welcome to Five Minute Furuba: Part II!

Kyo: You can't make a part two, there are no more episodes to make it out of...

Me: Shaddup. These chapters are going to be short, because they need to be. Here's how it works, you review and guess who. And then I post the answers in a final post, but you'll have to wait until I've gone through at least twenty of the Furuba characters. Some will be easy, some will be hard.

Difficulty (out of 5):

I've been lost.

I've been found

Second chances saved my sorry butt.

I used to curl up behind a hard, tough-ass protective shell - I would hide behind my cruel exterior and cause others pain to escape being caused pain, or the pain of the possibility that deep down inside, I was truely as mean as I acted.

She saved me. At first sight, I blew her off. I hated her guts. I was so mean to her, and she never stopped. She liked me anyway, she took me under her wing, she pulled me above water when I was drowning. She took my hand, and my head broke the surface. It hurt, to shed my hard layers, but when I finally came up, all the pain of opening up was worth it, to be able to count myself her friend.

I would give anything for it to be like this forever. I wouldn't go back on what I've done for all the mochi in the world. It's worth anything to see the happy, peaceful look on her face when I walk through the door and wave to her, it's worth EVERYTHING.


...Is it really worth it? Is it worth a life? An kind, accepting, firey, free life? Is this karma? Is it my fate, too, to die for my past wrongs?


That's not the way she'd think, if she were here. That's not the way it works. She knew she'd done wrong, and she knew the only way to repent was to live in the moment. To forget about her past, to make the best life she could for her and her loved ones. And that is the way I'll have to live my life, too. I can't give up because she's gone - I know she wouldn't have wanted that.

I wish life would freeze. No - I wish life had frozen. The four of us, together, happy, a family with no blood ties. Yet, all good things have to thaw, alas.

The ground thaws. The rain falls. The grass grows. Without you. The seeds root. The flowers bloom. The children play. The stars gleam. The poets dream. The eagles fly. Without you.

All things change, and all things stay still. All things fly onward, all things rest. Yet, I wish a butterfly's life cycle were longer, I wish she hadn't driven the block at that time, and, selfishly, I wish her daughter had moved in with me. She would never have met those damn boys, and she would still be ours - and her mother's - for a while longer.

Bittersweet is time.