Chapter Twenty-One: I'm With You


SHIGURE: VII (seven)

KURENO: I (one)

NOTES: I'm With You - Shigure will say with Akito until the end. -tears up- I've been doing that a lot lately (crying). Crying about Bailey's death, crying about Kaori's death, crying about Keichi's insanity, crying while listening to t.A.T.u.'s Dangerous and Moving album, crying about Shizuma's and Miyuki's and Yaya's and Nagisa's romance problems.

Actuality: The damned dog, indeed.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Invisible Tomorrow


KYO: VI (six)

AKITO: I (one)

NOTES: Invisible Tomorrow reffers to the cage. Okay, I promised I'd explain about my ISSUES with this one, so here goes: A lot of people said they didn't hear Kyo's voice so much during this, one person said they heard a child pleading (nice descriptions!), so obviously I didn't do so hot. I have a disability when it comes to Kyo: I have a love-hate relationship with him. He's vibrant, determined, cute, all things I admire in a person, and he is very similar to me (I'm cute...shaddup...). But, I hate him. I don't know why. It could have something to do with the way Tohru's changed him - kind of like the way Avril Lavigne is "happy" now, but her music sucks.

Also, I wrote it in typing class with Jordan the Annoying looking over my shoulder.

One reviewer said it sounded like a kiddish version...maybe that's a good thing, since when I look at Kyo, I see a child behind his scars...a very cute child...-squeals and hugs kid Kyo-


Kyonkichi, Tohru's knight in shining armor.

Chapter Twenty-Three: Just Let Me Cry


AKITO: VII (seven)

NOTES: It must suck to know you're going to die soon...



Sorry. That was my alter-egomaniac. It's God...Akito...the bane of the Jyunnishi...the head of the Sohmas...etc...

Chapter Twenty-Four: Drift


HATORI: I (one)

KYOKO: VI (six)

NOTES: Drift is talking a bit about her "Butterfly" persona, a bit about the many ways she's been in life. (You guys know it's not Hatori by now, right?) I actually wrote this one a long time ago, in autumn, when my mom missed her turn-off driving me to gymnastics, so we had to circle back around on the highway. It was possibly the most peaceful thing in the world.


Honda Kyoko, Tohru's mother, the Red Butterfly, my person idol. Except for the whole drugs-and-beatings thing...


So many people guessed! Yay! That makes me happy!

People who want their loved ones to be happy no matter what.

Bad past / Broken up inside.

Future hope.

Vundervul guesses, mine children. They all do fit, and very well, although the theme I had in mind was:

High Impact.

All the characters have a high impact on Tohru. Shigure gives her a home and a foster-family, Kyo falls in love with and marries her, Akito tries to destroy her and is responsible for many actions the Sohmas take regarding her, and Kyoko is her mother and her guide.

Still, your guesses are better than mine. .'

...-bursts into tears-...