1HI everyone!..okay so I just love the book outsiders and sadly I don't own anything..nope..its all S.E Hinton's work..but anyways..I just found this website...didn't know they had 1 4 the outsiders. So I've written stories for Supernatural and I think it's a bout time I do one for the outsiders..so I hope u like it...all reviews welcome!

It takes place when Pony is sick after Johnny' and Dally's death.

What's wrong with Pony?

Soda couldn't release the undying feeling that something worse was wrong with his baby brother. It had been over a week and Pony still wasn't getting better if anything he was getting worse..much worse. So Soda sat in a chair across from the bed that held his restless, sick brother, Ponyboy Curtis.

"Geez Pony what's wrong with you?"

He was talking to himself so was surprised when he heard a small whisper of a voice he knew to be Pony's.


"Pony?..oh god Pony had me scared to death. How you feeling?"

"Not good." Pony barley got out his sentence before he went into a coughing fit. By this time he had was curled into a small ball turned away from Soda.

Soda was sitting on the bed next to Pony rubbing his back when he listened to Pony's coughs. They sounded wet. Like he was vomiting as he coughed and sure enough after Soda thought this Pony lent over the side of the bed away from Soda and threw up. But the usual gut retching smell of vomit didn't hit Soda instead it was an all to familiar sent of blood. He slowly turned Pony so he was looking at his face and there he saw the blood dripping from his lips. He grabbed a cloth quickly wiping it away before turning the light on. As he peered over the bed his thoughts were confirmed as he saw the blood. His feeling was right something was terribly wrong with Pony.

"Sh!t Pony. This ain't good buddy. I think you need a hospital kiddo." so Soda strode of without hesitation telling Darry to get the car ready to take Pony to the hospital. At first Darry wanted to carry Pony to the car but he knew that from the look of Soda they needed to get to the hospital fast.

"Soda what's wrong?"

"I don't know Darry. He's coughing and puking blood..internal bleeding...I don't know I just know some things wrong." Soda's concern was laid out in his words and with shaky hands threw Darry the keys before returning to Ponyboy. As gently as he could he picked Pony up. He had lost weight so wasn't to heavy to carry. So he left the house with Pony in his arms. And the three Curtis brother's drove of to the hospital with one extremely sick in the backseat being held by one of his big brothers.

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