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The Way I Dreamed It

Part 3

Epilogue III - Chapter 39

Days later

Naruto was sitting was sitting in the kitchen table, he was looking down on the table at what was sitting infront of him then he looked up to Sasa and Emi who were sitting on the other side of the table facing him with big smiles on their faces.

"You girls still haven't gotten ready right?" asked Naruto.

"No . . . not yet" said Sasa.

"But we did take a bath already" added Emi.

"Why do you asked dad" asked Saya.

"Well becuse I know how dirty you girls get when we do this andI don't want you to get dirty after your all nice and ready" said Naruto.

They all looked up at the ceiling, they could hear some one up stairs going back and forward as if they were doing what ever it was they weredoing in a hurry.

"Alright girls . . . . we have to do this fast before mom comes down and sees us Ok" said Naruto.

"Right" replied said Emi.

"Bring it" said Saya.

"This is going to end the same way it always does" replied Naruto.

Naruto then turned his head to his left side of the table where Tetsuo was standing on chair, bending over and supporting himself on the table. Tetsuo was all dressed up in a kimono and well groomed, he was ready for what was going to take place soon.

"I'm ready" said Naruto and Tetsuo noddedat him. Naruto then turned to the girls, who turned to Testuo.

"We're ready" they said in unisen and Tetsuo nodded again.

The girls then turned back to Naruto as they stared each other down as they waited for Tetsuo to say go.

"GOU" yelled Tetsuo as the other three started to eat as much ramen as they could in fifteen minutes. They ate as fast as they could all the while they had their eyes glued on Tetsuo who at any minute would call it.

Tetsuo would turn his head from one side of the table to the other trying to see every bowl they they each downed, then he looked at the watch missing the last part.

The bowls piled up as they downed the last they had in their mouths knowing it would be time soon, "SCHTAAAAP!"yelled Tetsuo.

"!EMI, SAYA!" The four heard Hinata scream.

"Hurry count, mom is going to be here any moment" said Naruto.

"Ok here we go. . . . . .1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12" counted Sasa.

Emi crossed her fingers and counter hers, "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11,that makes 23" counted Emi.

"Alright 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15 . . ." Naruto continued to count all the while Emi and Sasa began to smile slowly as they counted along with Naruto and theycould see that Naruto wasn't going to have enough to beat them.

". . . . 16-17-18-19-20-21-21-22" Finished Naruto who wasn't bothered at all by the outcome.

"YEAH . . we won" yelled both girls with joy, theri attention quickly changed to the person who had just entered the kitchen.

"Emi, Saya what are you two doing? Your suppose to be getting ready, did you take a bath already?" said Hinata who came in to the kitchen with Shin in her arms.

"Yes mom we took a bath" responded both girls.

"But . . . look at you . . . your faces are covered with ramen and your still not dressed, it's almost time to leave" said Hinata.

"Mom we won, we beat dad" said Emi.

"Good and your prize for winning . . . . . . . . you get to go and get cleaned up . . . come on" said Hinata as the girls got up and left.

Hinata walked up to Tetsuo with a playful mad face, "What about you mister are you still clean?" she asked, Tetsuo straighten up and spread his arms as he nodded.

"Good . . . . that's whatI like about you . . . you always do waht mommy tells you . . right" she said and kissed him on the cheek and Tetsuo just said, "Yaah" Hinata then went up to Naruto.

"Naruto can you take him so I can go help the girls finish getting ready" asked Hinata.

"Of course" said Naruto as he took a well dressed and groomed Shin.

Naruto then saw Tetsuo walk up to him and then reach for two bowls that were sitting on a chair next to Naruto, the bowls were on the chair and hiden under the table.

"Dadee" said Tetsuo as he showed Naruto the bowls and then placed them next to Naruto's stack of bowls telling him he forgot to count those two.

"I know . . . I just thought I'd let them win for once" said Naruto.

"I tell you those girls really need to learn how to eat much cleaner . . . right? . . . I mean look at me not a single drop of ramen on me . . . and I'm already dressed" said Naruto to Tetsuo.

"Well looks like yet agian we're going to have to wait for the ladies to finish getting ready" said Naruto while Tetsuo just nodded at him.

While the girls got ready Naruto cleaned the mess made by them, then after several minutes the three girls came in to the kitchen were Naruto and the boys were waiting.

"Well" said Hinata as she got Naruto's attention.

"Wow you three look great" said Naruto.

"Thanks dad" said Emi.

"Well . . . should we go" said Naruto.

"Lets" replied Hinata.

They all nodded ready to leave.

Many of the streets of Konoha were empty not a sigle person in sight and every shop was closed, but in other parts of the village the streets were buzzing as dozens and dozens of people made their way thought the streets.

The merchants and many other people still had their stands open as they sold food, jewellery, and other goods to those that passed by, the merchants would wait till everyone passed by so they could close up and head in the same direction as everyone else.

As everyone made their way towards the center of the village the number of people began to increase. One could guess that everyone was present, everyone was gathered in front of the Hokoga tower. The entire place was covered with noise as everyone spoke their thoughts.

The crowed began to slowly quiet down noticing that Tsunade had made her way to the balcony.

"We are all here to celebrate the beginning of a new era that Konoha will enter in to, I step down knowing that Konoha is in safe hands as it always has been" she said as she slowly stepped aside, she then looked back and nodded.

Slowly Naruto holding on to Tetsuo by his hand, Hinata carrying Shin, Says, and Emi came in to view and everyone cheered instantly.

Naruto rose one arms as everyone quieted down.

"I want to thank everyone for coming to support us today . . . . . . as Tsunade said today we start a new era . . . a new era with an old tradition. . . and that tradition is doing what past Hokages did, I to WILL follow them and protect this village with all my power AND THAT will not change no matter what" said Naruto as cheered again.

After several minutes the crowed went about their bisuness after the annoucement was made, some still stayed behind.

Naruto felt his free hand be grabbed and squeezed by Hinata's free hand, Naruto turned to look at her and at that moment he realized that this had been everything he had ever dreamed of, not standing here being announced as Hokage but standing here with Hinata and his family by his side.

What made Naruto smile a bigger grin was the fact that it wasn't just his dream. Naruto knew that it was Hinata's dream to be by his side and start a family with him, so with everything said and done both of their dreams had come to be a reality.

'This . . . this is everything I ever wanted . . . . I just hope this isn't a dream' thought Naruto who felt a sharp pain in his hand. Naruto looked down to see that Hinata had pinched his knowing exactly what he was thinking.

"Your not dream. . . . this is all real" she said.

Naruto quickly leaned over and kissed Hinata who returned the kiss, and after twenty second they both felt some small weak slaps on their cheeks, they then realized that they were sqeezing Shin who wanted some breathing room. They seperated as they smiled and laughed at Shin's antics.

"Pinch me" said Hinata as she looked at Naruto, she too wanted to comfirm that all this was real and not just a dream. She had been fooled once and did not want it to happen again.

"Ouch" sqealed Hinata feeling two sharp pains on each of her arms, both Emi and Saya had pinched her.

"You said to pinch you" said Emi.

Hinata reached out and hugged Saya with her free arms and Naruto did the same with Emi and Tetsuo, then they leaned in and kissed again only to hear what was left of the crowed, which was made up of just their friends, cheer yet again.

When they seperated they looked at each other, "I love you Hinata"

"And I love you"



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And Now here's a small preview of my next story.

The third made his way towards the site were it all happened, he still couldn't believe what he and everyone else that was still alive had witness. He was old and knew that the best thing he could have done was take his place, but alas he did not let him.

When the third Hokage arrived at the location he noticed that he was not the first, it seemed as if every singleshinobi in the front line that was still alive was there. The third Hokage cleared his throat making his presences known, when theshinobis took notice of him they cleared a path for him.

The third walked passed everyonetill he arrivedat the site, when his eyes fell to the lifeless body of the fourth Hokage he quickly turned around and stared at everyone.

"Where is he?" asked the third.

"He wasn't here when we arrived Hokage-sama" replied a shinobi.

The third continued to stare at everyone almost as if he didn't believe what that one shinobi had said.

"Hokage-sama it's true I was the first one here and he wan't here" said Kakashi.

"A baby don't just get up and walk off . . . . some one must have taken him" said the Hokage.

"You think some one kidnapped him" said Gai.

"Well if it wasn't that what else do you suppose happened to him" replied the Hokage.

No one answered as they just looked at the third wondering what he was going to say next.

"Gai I want you to take the body of the fourth to the hospital, when you done join in on what i'm going to say next. . . ." Gai picked up the body and waited for the Hokage to speak.

". . . . . .I want you all to search the entire village and with in an eight mile radius out side of Konoha, I want an up date every hour, we will be out here looking for all night long . . . . .I want that baby found" said the third.

"Yes sir" replied everyone.


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