Author: SimplyKelp
Rating: pg
Pairing: MichaelRyan
Summary: Ryan knew he never would. Still, the thought was nice. Drabble. MichaelRyan. Slash!
Warning: this is slash, if you don't like it, please don't read it.
Disclaimer: I'm playing with someone else's toys- but it's okay, they're in roughly the same condition I found them…
Note: After a few hour Office marathon, I decided to look to see if there were any good fics (and there were…), but I was sadly disappointed to find no slash! So I whipped this up, and have ideas for other actual stories, because you can't have fan fiction without slash!

One thing about Michael Scott was that he never could stand a silence. He always had his two cents to put in. Sometimes, if he couldn't think of something to say, Michael would just make silly noises like a three-year-old until someone said something.

Usually Michael didn't bother Ryan, but sometimes, he wished he could do something to shut his boss up. He fancied just walking up to Michael- while he was spouting nonsense that no doubt was of utmost importance- and kissing him. Right in front of everyone. But Ryan knew he never would. Still, the thought was nice.