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Hermione was sitting by the Common room fire, reading as usual. Ron came up and sat next to her. Harry was off somewhere with Ginny.

It would take a bit for Ron to get used to the idea of his best mate going out with his baby sister, but he figured if he approved Ginny going out with anybody he would like it to be someone who valued his opinion the way a best mate would.

He looked over at Hermione, marveling at her beauty. How could he be so lucky that he could call himself the best friend of such a beautiful creature? There were times though that he doubted that they could ever be more than friends.

Did he dare close the small gap between them? Put his arm around her shoulder and put his face in her hair like he wanted too? How would she react to that?

Hermione closed her book and looked up at Ron and smiled. For a second, Ron thought his heart had melted. "I'm glad you broke up with Lavender," she said. "She wasn't the right kind of girl for you."

"How do you know what kind of girl is best for me?" Ron asked. Immediately he wanted to kick himself. It surprised even him how tactless he could be sometimes.

"I just do," Hermione said simply.

"What about you?" Ron asked. "Do you know what kinds of guys are right for you?"

Hermione looked off into space and her beautiful eyes glazed over with a dreamy look.

"Oh. I don't know. Sometimes I think I go for the amazing Quidditch players," Hermione said dreamily.

Ron felt his stomach drop. Who did she like? Krum? Or Harry even? Ron couldn't help but wish he had never asked the stupid question. What had he wanted her to say? 'Oh, Ron! You're the only one that's right for me.'

Hermione stood, looked at Ron and smiled. "The guy I like right now is definitely a 'Keeper,' though," She said.

Kissing him gently on the cheek, she quickly went up to the girls dormitory, letting her words sink into the love struck redhead below.