The Boy of Her Dreams

"Sakura, time to get up!" her mother called from downstairs.

Sakura Haruno was a new girl at Konoha Academy High. Her mom got up early to make her fathers lunch for work, so she woke up too. Her father was a concrete worker and mother worked at a fashion magazine. She got up and took a shower and got dressed. She had a tight black shirt with a black mid-thigh skirt and she let her bubble-gum colored hair half way down her back. She grabbed her bag and left after breakfast.

After walking to school she went strait to the office to get her schedule since she was early. She talked with the principal, Tsunade, for a while until she needed to go to class. Apparently they got along well till the bell rang and Sakura had to go to class. The halls were crowded and she ended up bumping into a girl and knocking her books all over the floor.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you".

"I…I't o…okay." the girl stuttered.

"I'm sakura. Who are you?" she asked the shy girl.

"H…Hinata. Nice to meet you. Your new here aren't you?" Hinata replied.

"Yeah. Hey, do you know were room 101 is? I need to get to class." she asked.

"Of course that's my first class to, I'll take you." Hinata told her.

The two walked to class and to none of our surprise, the teacher, Kakashi, was late. Sakura asked why he wasn't there. Hinata explained that he was always late so they pretty much had free time.

"Sakura these are my friends. Meet naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru, Neji, Ino, Tenten and the leader of our group Gaara. Later you'll meet the other two, Kankuro and Temari." Hinata told her.

"Hey everyone." everyone said hey except one annoying blond.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki, dattebayo!" he said yelling at her.

"Shut up you baka." Kiba told him.

'What an idiot, I can tell you that now.'

'I'll say'

Kakashi finaly came 15 minutes before class ended. He told sakura to introduce herself then told the class to continue whatever they were doing.

"Sakura let me see your schedule." Ino said.

"Okay, here it is." sakura's schedule read…

1st period: homeroom - Kakashi

2nd period: history - Iruka

3rd period: math - Ibiki


4th period: art - Anko

5th period: science - Orochimaru

6th period: language - kurenai

7th period: gym -gai

"Interesting, you have a lot of classes with us. Next class you have with Naruto, Neji, me and Gaara. We'll meet up wit…rrrriiinnngggg" before she could finish the bell rang.

"Come on we can walk to class together sakura." Ino told her as they went to class.

Wait until you read my next chapter… its just as good. just so you know this is the classes the all have…

1st period: everyone except Kankuro and Temari

2nd period: Sakura, Ino, Neji, naruto and Gaara

3rd period: everyone

4th period: everyone

5th period: Sakura, Neji and Gaara

6th period: Sakura Hinata Ino Tenten Temari

7th period: everyone

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