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Jadis looked down on the site of the great battle that had been raging for the past three days. Her sister had fought and her win seemed to be near at hand. Jadis's soldiers had fallen, her attempts to strike back had failed, and her options were running thin. She had one last defense. She had only planned to use it as a last resort. The time to use it seemed to be close at hand. Her fool of a sister knew she would, and yet still she pushed to win. No matter. Her sister would soon see the error of her ways, but by then it would be too late, and Charn would belong to Jadis.

She turned as the door burst open, the towering figure of her sister in the doorway. She stood and looked at the cold, terrible eyes, took in the expression of her triumphant face, the proud look impressed on her features, the devious smile playing on her lips. Her sister let out a slight, mocking chuckle as she uttered a single word: "Victory."

Ah, the irony. For Jadis knew that this was indeed a victory. Things would not play out the way her sister thought it might. Now was the time to use that secret she had endured so much to learn. Now was the time to bring out the ultimate blow against her sister. It was time to use the Deplorable Word.

An evil grin slowly spread across Jadis's face as she said slowly, "Yes, victory." A sly look came into her eyes before she added, "But not yours." She threw her head back and screamed to the heavens the Word that she knew would destroy all but her, the Word that held so much devastating power in it that it could drain an entire world of life by merely uttering it. And she said it with all the force she could muster:


For a moment Jadis's sister only stood, a somewhat perplexed expression on her face. Then horror slowly began to seep in as realization sunk in. She had been such a fool! She had known Jadis had the knowledge of the Deplorable Word, and that must have been what she had just used. Though she had no idea of what in Charn 'marysue' meant, horrendous images of all-too-perfect girls, clad in a most abysmal shade of hot pink, sparkling much more than the stars (and much more than they ought to), screaming something in terrible high-pitched voices about their 'twoo wuv' began to flood her mind. The pain they brought with them was far too much for her to bear. She fell to her knees, howling from the pain, willing the butterfly-and-glitter filled images to leave her, and willing to do almost anything for them to happen. Her last vision was of the evil, triumphant smirk on Jadis's face before the sheer pain rended her from life. She collapsed on the ground, and was soon nothing more than a pile of dust.

And all across Charn, her followers, the animals, every living thing save Jadis followed suit.

Such was the fate of Charn. It was once great, but evil took hold of it. Such greatness, and in one moment, two women blotted it out forever.

One was Jadis, the last Queen, but the Queen of the world.

And the second was Mary Sue, able to destroy an entire world with her presence.

A/N: Okay, really didn't expect to write this one. I once read something that said at some point, all fanfic authors write either a Mary Sue or an anti-Sue. I guess that's true, to a point. Definitely an unusual deviance from my usual style, but I have to admit I had fun with it, Sue-disliker that I am, and if someone finds it humorous, well, I suppose I've done my job. Thanks to my friends on The Lion's Call forums for inadvertently sparking this one with some discussion over there.