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Title: What Dreams May Come

Rating: M

Extra: Sequel Teaser

Why does this keep happening to me? Is there some great cosmic law that Natsuki must get tied up at least once a month?

Shizuru walked through the door to Natsuki's room at this moment. Seeing Natsuki tied down to her bed, Shizuru paused and raised an eyebrow. "Ara ara, what has Natsuki gotten herself into now?"

"Shizuru!" Natsuki said. Her arms instinctively tried to move out towards the girl, but the restraints on her wrists held them back. "I don't know, I just woke up, and I was tied down to my bed. Could you just untie me please, Shizuru?"

"Ara, now why would I want to do that?" Shizuru said. As she approached Natsuki, she was able to catch a devious glint in her eyes. She reached Natsuki's bed and bent over it, placing one hand on each side of her head as she moved her face down to mere inches away from Natsuki's. "I finally have Natsuki right where I want her."

Natsuki heard the sound of a zipper from behind the door, and it opened a moment later.

"Shi-Shizuru…" Natsuki was stunned by the sight. Shizuru had donned a pair of skin-tight black leather pants, accompanied with a dark blue leather vest which was disturbingly form-fitting on her. In fact, it seemed to even work to emphasize her form in just the right places…

Shizuru cocked her head, and an expression of concern rose on her face. "Ara, is Natsuki alright?"

"Y-yeah," Natsuki said, barely able to vocalize the words. Just a blush, I'm sure. Nothing worse than what she usually does to me, but still… Why did it take me so long to notice how sexy she is?

Shizuru took a couple of steps towards Natsuki and bent her head down a bit. "Oh my, Natsuki. I think your nose is bleeding. Are you sure you're alright?"

"Oh, I guess you haven't checked your mail yet today," Shizuru said, a mischievous glint in her eye hinting that it probably wouldn't be in the mail in any case. "But ignorance of the rules is no excuse. You owe me one article of clothing for getting a question wrong."

"What!?" A blush rose to Natsuki's face as she figured out Shizuru's game. Thoughts telling her that as she knew geometry, she had nothing to worry about warred in her mind with the realization of how dirty Shizuru's mind could secretly be. A wave of nervous shivers coursed through her body as she started to worry about what else Shizuru might think up.

"Ara, but those are the rules," Shizuru said, putting on her best pout and puppy-dog eyes. "When you got the last question right, I took off my glasses, so now it's your turn. Are you really going to make your girlfriend spend a week in torture waiting to pleasure you back without even giving her the slightest chance at some fun in the meantime? Ikezu." Shizuru punctuated this with a sad sniff.

Shizuru caught a small twinkle in her eye which she identified as one of the indications of true happiness in her mother. "You've been practically glowing since I came through the door. You're either taking some drug, or you're madly in love, and I know I've taught you better than to do any drugs…"

A small warmth spread to Shizuru's cheeks as her mother was able to jump straight to the correct answer. Despite her best efforts, she was never able to hide anything from the woman. No point hiding back her giddiness any longer, then. She allowed a loving smile to creep across her face as her thoughts drifted to Natsuki and the fact that they were finally a couple. Allowing her happiness to show through in her eyes as they met her mother's, she said, "It's unbelievable, Mama. I've never felt this way before."

Shizuru felt a pang of pride as she saw her mother's face light up in happiness and one of her rare genuine smiles cross it. The happier she was for her daughter, the more likely she'd be able to take the news of just who her daughter was in love with well. "Isn't it? I felt just the same way with your father when he first won me over, and it's never quite faded away since." She leaned forward, a grin on her face that echoed the one Shizuru used whenever she was in one of her mischievous moods, and said, "So. Tell me about this boy."

And there it is. Shizuru figured her mother would have caught her slight flinch at the word "boy," but doubted her mind would jump to the correct answer. With a deep breath, she plunged in, "Well, first of all… it isn't a boy."

With a soft moan, Natsuki opened up her lips to grant the tongue entry. The tongue poked its way through the small opening she provided… and then vanished, along with the pleasant sensation of Shizuru's lips.

"Ah?" Natsuki moaned in disappointment as she opened her eyes to look at Shizuru. The woman's face was completely unreadable, and she said nothing as she gave Natsuki a moment to regain her senses.

"Perhaps we should move inside," Shizuru suggested.

"Wha-?" Natsuki said. The meaning of the words was fighting against the dazed state of her mind, but it was losing out. All she wanted was to be absorbed into Shizuru in every way possible, and she couldn't figure out why the other girl wasn't letting her in.

"Ara, or would Natsuki prefer for anyone who comes down this hallway to be able to see us enjoying each other?" Shizuru teased. "I don't think I'd mind that. I quite like the idea of letting other people know of what a great girlfriend I have."

That got through to her. As her face lit up in embarrassment over how she'd fallen into the other girl's trap all too willingly – not that she regretted it in the slightest – Natsuki grabbed a hold over her body and pushed away from Shizuru and back into her dorm. She nearly stumbled over her own legs, which had lost all strength in the process of their kiss. "Baka!" she said as she regained her balance and crossed her arms, trying to sound annoyed but coming across more as amused.

The pressure of Shizuru against her back increased slightly as Shizuru's head stretched as far forward as possible. Knowing what must have been Shizuru's goal, Natsuki turned her head around to bring her lips within reach of her lover's. Her eyes caught a quick glimpse of Shizuru's beautiful face before the sensation of soft lips against her own made her eyelids drift shut as she focused on the kiss.

Shizuru's lips moved against hers gently – too gently. A sob made its way out of Natsuki's mouth and into the kiss before she could stop it, and she soon felt the salty taste of her tears leaking into her mouth. She was beyond caring about how she was baring all of her emotions to Shizuru so easily; it was only right after what her lover had just done for her. She didn't even know what emotion it might be she was experiencing. It just seemed like her love had been concentrated in her until it started to burst out.

Natsuki pulled back from the kiss just enough so she could let this out. She had to say the words. She opened her eyes and looked down into Shizuru's, which were now curiously looking back at her for the reason she'd stopped their kiss. Watching every slight movement and change of emotion in them, she said, "I love you, Shizuru." Another sob broke out of her mouth. "I love you so much."

The emotion in Shizuru's eyes caused an aching need to shoot through Natsuki's heart. Even in their lovemaking the previous week, she didn't think she'd ever seen such pure love in her eyes. "I love you too, Natsuki," Shizuru said, quite unnecessarily.

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