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A few miles south of Reno, Nevada... three months after the Lorwardian invasion.

It's half past eleven in the evening in a dive bar and everyone's has stopped coddling their watered down drinks to watch as the establishment's bouncer, a middle aged woman in jeans and a black shirt with an ice cold stare and the build of what might've been an olympian gymnast just past her prime, holding down a rowdy patron more than twice her size by twisting his arm behind his back and slamming him down on the pool table. To anyone else, this would seem impossible but to the regulars who knew better, it was just a matter of seeing wether or not this man will leave with a broken arm. "Let me go, you ragged, old-!" the drunk slurred out before giving out a pain filled bellow.

The woman feigned a sigh of remorse but didn't loosen her grip. "Oh, I'm sorry, was that too rough? I guess it's just my case of I-don't-give-a-damn-itis. Now you can walk out of here or tossed out the window, your choice."

While she and most of the bar was focused on the drunk in pain, they weren't able to see his friend grabbing a pool cue from the second table and making his way behind her, poised to strike. The bartender saw him out the corner of his eye and screamed out a warning. "Sheila, look out!"

She snapped her head around to the side in time to see the sneak raise the cue over his head. Before a nasty scene could unfold, a flash of green light made most everyone jump in surprise. The pool cue, now turning into a crumbling pile of cinder in the would-be assailant's hand, has become the new center of attention, quickly followed by the figure standing by the door wearing a bike helmet with the visor down, an arm extended outward, and smoke trailing off the fingers.

Sheila glanced at the figure only for a moment before giving out a quiet scoff. She pulled her drunken rabble-rouser off the table and shoved him toward the door. "You're lucky tonight, now get before change my mind."

The man stumbled a few steps forward, looking back between Sheila and the door in a state of inebriated confusion. This state of disorientation was interrupted when the helmeted newcomer tripped him as he was wavering by. After he fell flat on his face, landing so hard that his nose began to bleed, the drunk looked up, snarling in anger like some feral mutt. "You son of a-!" he began, before he stopped dead in mid-sentence. The biker's left hand, perched a few inches from the lowered visor, began to flicker and ebb with a green light. The light exposed a faint image of what was inside; mainly a cold, vicious glare, the kind of glare Sheila shot at him when he began making trouble just moments ago. This made him scamper out the front door on his hands and knees, panting heavily with fear.

With the drunk gone, the biker turned attention to the other man, the man still positioned as if he was going to assault someone with the pool cue, though there was barely enough of it left to hold with one hand. With a hand still glowing with fiery green light, the biker said only one word; "Leave," in a strong, unnerving, and noticeably female voice.

The man dropped the charred remains of his make-shift weapon and bolted out the door, taking a detour around some tables as not to directly go past the biker. Sheila, not waiting for the entire skeptical to end, sits herself at the bar and picks up what was left of the drunk's drink for herself. She could hear, as she chugged down the throat burning booze, footsteps approaching her from her side. "If you're looking for appreciation, I'd appreciate it if you just drop whatever it is you came for and let me be," she said, her eyes fixed on the liquor.

The biker grabbed her helmet and pulled it up off her head, whipping a head of long, full black hair around before sitting next to Sheila. "What's wrong? Can't I drop into a dive bar in the middle of a desert to see my own mother? Or is it you're still upset that I turned out to be a more famous Shego then you?"

Old Family Ties and New Beginnings

Chapter 1 - The Ladies Go

The bartender pauses as he stands in front of the two raven haired women sitting next to each other. With both their eyes fixed intensely forward, as so not to even glance at one another, and with matching expressions of bitterness, it was like watching the same person from two different points in time sitting shoulder to shoulder. He slowly places a chilled green glass bottle in front of Shego. "You wanted the Heineken, right?"

Shego looked at it before slowly sliding it toward her and to the side. "Well I asked for your best import but I guess I should've expected this," she remarks, slightly annoyed.

"What's wrong, superpowers made your stomach soft too?" Sheila asked snidely.

Shego snapped around her chair to face Sheila, knocking the bottle on it's side. "Seriously! What is your deal? I'm here less than five minutes and you'd rather my head pop off then even look at me!"

Sheila snapped around herself, edging closer until they were almost glaring at one another with their noses pressed together. "My deal? Oh, where do I start? My own daughter leaving town at sixteen? Dragging my namesake through the mud as second banana to a series of failed attempts to global domination?"

Shego smirked cruelly or as much of a smirk as she could muster despite her animosity. "Good name? Oh, that's rich. Sheila Go, the great Shego, Go-City's first female to be arrested for bare knuckle brawling, in a bar, underage, caught kicking a fallen man in the teeth."

"At least I get my hands dirty when I fight. I don't stay a safe distance, tossing magic firebombs or whatever it is your hands do. But I don't blame you; you can't even beat a preppie cheerleader hand to hand."

Shego growled, igniting her hands while Sheila returned the growl, pulling up a clenched fist. The bartender quickly tried to diffuse the tension by slamming a baseball bat on the bar in front of them. "Alright Sheila, you might be my best bouncer and she might be your daughter but I might be a dumbass of a bartender if I'm gonna let this continue in my place of business."

Sheila responded by pushing her drink off the bar, smashing into the floor, before storming off. Out in the cold desert night, she stomped her way toward the patch of dirt and gravel that was the parking lot. A bolt of Shego's energy blasted in front of her feet, causing her to pause a moment before continuing. A second bolt crashed an inch from her feet but Sheila never broke stride. "If you're going to do that, you can at least hit me and prove you're not a complete foul up."

Shego, roaring out in frustration, rushes at her mother and tackles her from behind. This soon exploded into a full blown tussle with punching, kneeing, and calming down to a stand still test of strength, their fingers interlocked in a futile attempt to overpower the other. "What the hell is wrong with you, you old bag! I came all this way just to talk!" Shego screamed, a tiny trail of blood still dripping fresh down her chin.

Sheila grunted, the sudden fall and hard knee above her pelvis gave her powerful aching pains in her mid section. "Well, you never wanted to talk to me when you got your powers. What's changed all of a sudden little miss 'I'm a former superheroine'?"

Shego groaned out in agonizing frustration. "What's changed?! I'm in my mid twenties, I've spent most of my professional career as a criminal with a mama's boy with blue skin and to top it all off, my most shining moment just happened when I took part in SAVING the world! Read my lips; I need HELP!"

Sheila's expression of primal rage slowly subdued to a calm, half blank stare. She released her grip and Shego did as well. "Alright, I'm listening honey..."

Meanwhile, on the final night of a two week cruise, Ron Stoppable looks out over the stateroom balcony, watching the stars reflect off the pacific ocean's surface. His attention was diverted when he felt a hand gently press against the back of his night shirt. He turned around to see Kim wearing an unfastened bathrobe over her own sleeping clothes and a sleepy look on her face. "Come on Ron, it's late and we'll be home tomorrow. Get some sleep," she told him, smiling gently.

Ron smiled back and held Kim softly. "Come on KP, we graduated high school, saved the world from aliens, and just had a two week vacation with just you, me, no family, and, best of all, no missions," he said. "We have to enjoy every moment we have left."

Kim giggled quietly and kissed the tip of Ron's nose. "I've enjoyed this too, but I know what's happening here. You're about to freak out that once this cruise is over, everything is going to change. Trust me, college will not change what we have."

Ron sighed smiling, looking at Kim bathed in the night light. "I guess I am worried about college but I'm going to miss this change. The whole you and me with no global emergency. College I can handle...I think, but I know, once we're back on land, it starts all over again; the globe hopping, the crazy villains, me losing pants after pants for no good reason, even when that rope wasn't even attached-"

Kim decided to stop his ranting before it got out of control by suddenly kissing him deeply in the lips. Ron's body slowly melted as they both gave a quiet moan of satisfaction before breaking the kiss. "Last day on vacation Ron, don't blow it now by losing your head."

Kim slowly dragged Ron back into the stateroom, falling back on the bed and pulling him down with her. They both laughed a bit and eventually they slid underneath the covers and curled up next to each other. " was good while it lasted..." Ron lamented.

Kim sleepily kissed Ron and closed her eyes. "Trust me Ron, it's not like something major is going to happen tomorrow."

It was past midnight as Shego and Sheila sat side by side on a cliff, looking into vast horizon of the Nevada desert. The pain from the earlier scuffle gave them both something to concentrate on instead of each other. "So, what's on your mind Shelly?"

Shego smirked to herself but didn't turn to let her mother see it. "I haven't used that name for a long time, can you just call me Shego?" she asked.

"Alright, it'll be hard for me though. It'll feel like I'm talking to myself."

"Mom, you haven't been Shego since Hector was born, you told me that once."

"Well, I haven't gone by Shego since then but in my head... I guess I never stopped being Shego."

"Anyway, I just feel like I've hit some kind of wall. Drakken, as lame as he was at the whole world domination business, he was the only piece of stability I had in life. It sounds pathetic but I needed him, I burned pretty much every bridge I've crossed in life; my family, the team, my home town. I had nothing... really solid in my life. I thought working for Dr. D could be that thing, hell, it felt more like a job since I got paid to work. But ever since those aliens, him getting that world peace prize and ...ugh... that awkward hug moment with those flower things growing out of him."

Sheila cocked her head slightly toward Shego. "He had what growing out of where?"

Shego just waved her hand briefly. "It's not worth getting into. Anyway, since then he's pretty much given up the whole evil game and... I just couldn't stick around. I tried doing some solo stuff but after the first month... it felt... different. I don't know, it's like there's a hole in me."

"I think I know what you mean. After I was released for that bar fight, mom and dad, your grandparents, wouldn't let me come back home. So I tried making money getting into fights and doing some petty thug work but I couldn't shake that empty feeling. When I hit about your age I met your father and it helped... but I didn't really feel whole until you were born."

"Wait a minute, back up. What do you mean, until I was born? What about Hector or Melvin, or the twins?"

"Oh I love the boys, sure, even if Hector was overbearing, Melvin was so melodramatic and Winston and Wesley were a handful. But having you, a daughter... it just clicked, you know. But when you got those powers and starting thinking you were second to Hector, you started to break away from me. The day you left ripped out whatever plugged that hole and, well, here we are."

"So you thought it was my powers that made me pull away from you and leave to become evil?"

Sheila shrugged. "It's a comfortable lie, I admit. But I know it's because you have too much of me in you. Doing good, being tied down to moral codes and all that garbage, it isn't your style. You wanted freedom and a chance to stand out, to be tog dog. I just wanted to be their when you made it."

Shego sighs. ", I have to say, this whole bonding... thing... whatever, better than I expected. But that still doesn't help with my problem."

"You mean what to do with your life now that you got pretty much nothing?"

"Yeah mom, that problem. It's not like I can do what you did and have a bunch of kids until I get the one I like. Even if I could, that sure didn't work out so well for you."

"I'm going to ignore that last part because it's been a long time and we've already had a scuffle. All I'm going to say is get a goal. Just find something that drives you, something out of reach. But make it something you can actually build a life on; my goal of trying to be number one by smacking around anything standing in front of me didn't exactly fulfill me as much as I hoped."

Shego groaned and leaned back until she was laying on sand and cold rock. "Are you trying to tell me I should settle down?"

Sheila slowly stood up as she continued talking. "Hell no, just find something you think will make you truly happy inside and get it. I'd do that too if it wasn't too late for me."

Shego pivoted her head and looked up toward Sheila. "What are you talking about?"

Sheila sighed and looked down at her daughter. "Look at me, I've gotten old. I'm damn near fifty and I'm tossing drunks in a dive bar in a town, just outside the town people go to when they can't afford Las Vegas. I'm too old to make any life altering decisions for the better but I sure as hell going to live long enough to suffer THIS damned life." There was a silent pause between them for some time until Sheila started walking back to the parking area. "Well, good luck finding yourself Shelly, sorry, Shego."

Shego quickly raised back to her feet and caught up to her mother by the time she dropped a hand on one of the handlebars of her restored 1970s Harley Super Glide. "Mom, how about you and I have some... quality time together?"

Sheila cocked an eyebrow up, turning her head to Shego. "What kind of quality time?"

Shego smirked and snapped her fingers. From some nearby bushes, a hidden speed bike starts it's engine and makes a moderate crawl to Shego's side. Shego lowered her head and slide the bike helmet back over her temple. "The fun kind."

Kim and Ron rolled their luggage out of customs as they made their way to the pier's exit. "Ah, it's good to be home," Ron sighed, feeling a lot less anxious about the future after last night's conversation with Kim. "I just wonder what kind of ride Wade's setting us up with get back to Middleton?"

Kim passed her hand through her hair, trying to collect her thoughts. "I think it's a Global Justice patrol craft. It should be waiting for us in zone F."

Ron took a deep breath and exhaled with a big smile. "Free rides, bombdiggity connections, and Bueno Nacho! Life really is sweet KP. Oh! It's the line! We step over it and we'll officially be out of international territory!"

Kim giggled and looked at him. "Yeah, so what?"

"Let's step over it together!"

"Oh come on Ron, it's just a little white line, it's not like-"

"Come on KP, this is the first time we're coming back without having chased down some crook or whatever. We'll do it on three."

Kim rolled her eyes but nodded. "Oh alright, on three."

They both raised their right foot.




As their feet touched into official U.S. soil, the Kimmunicator began to beep. Ron slapped both hands across his forehead and screamed out. "AH! I knew it! I knew this would happen! The second we came back, it all falls apart!"

Kim snapped at him. "Ron, chill! I'm sure Wade just wants to welcome us home!" Kim pulled the device from her pocket and looked into the screen. "What up, Wade?"

Wade was scratching behind his neck and smiling nervously. "Hey Kim, how was the cruise? You look really relaxed, really well rested.'

Kim lowered her eyebrows and began to lose patience. "Spit it out Wade, you're hiding something."

Wade dropped his arm and sighed with some guilt. "I hate to drop this on you but there's a break in genetic research center in the Lake Tahoe area."

Ron continued flipping out. "Oh! Oh, I knew it! The second we come back, we have to go on a mission! With the globe hopping, and the crazy villains, and losing my pants over, and over, and over again with no real reason!"

Kim snapped back at Ron. "Ron, please! Just calm down already!" She sighed and turned back to Wade. "Come on Wade, we just got back. Can't the police, or the military, or even GJ take care of it?"

Wade shook his head. "I would pass it along, but then I viewed some of the security tapes. Look who it is." The screen changed from Wade's room to a still capture of a black and white security tape with Shego pointing a glowing hand toward the camera, almost as if she was pointing right at Kim, and someone behind Shego that, despite the rising clouds of dust, looked just like her.

Kim blinked. "Wait...did I just see two Shegos?"

"I'm still trying to figure that out but you might figure it out yourself if you hurry. Your ride can take you right to the research center."

Something inside Ron snaps into place and he shoots back up to his feet with a victorious laugh. "HA! We can't go after Shego because Kim doesn't have her mission clothes or her crime fighting gear! Boo-ya! We can't go!"

Kim smiled at Ron nervously and reached into her rolling luggage case. Soon, she pulled out a folded set of mission clothes. "Sorry Ron, I couldn't go unprepared."

Ron groaned and finally slumped in defeat. "Figures... fine, let's get on with it." Kim rushed to the area marked off with an F on every column, toward the purple transport craft hovering an inch off the ground. Ron followed in a slower, more slumped pace. "The worst part is I didn't even get a chance to see-" Ron looked up as he heard the door hiss open and was greeted with a familiar tiny animal pouncing around his neck. "Rufus!"

Kim smiled and pulled Ron onto the transport. "You two can catch up on the ride to Tahoe." As the vehicle began to move, Kim began to wonder; who was Shego's new partner, why did they look alike, and why was Shego committing crimes after she did her part to save the world? Kim was hoping Shego would be able to turn a new leaf and maybe, as strange as it sounded to her, become more like Shego she befriended more than six months ago. Only time will tell if that hope is still alive or gone forever.