Townsend, Montana... A few weeks later.

A cloud of dust and sand kicked up as a dozen motorcycles raged down the main interstate crossing through Townsend. It's been one full month and the Black Scorpion Crew has come for their regular raid of the town. Through his sunglasses, the man on point could see someone standing right in the middle of the road up ahead. "Hey, there's some nut job on the road!" he screamed back.

Another showed little sympathy for whoever it was. "So what? I say whoever runs him down can get themselves a flat screen," he laughed out. While he laughed at his own sadism, something struck two of the bikers in the chest, causing them to fall off their bikes. Soon the entire bike convoy found themselves weaving left and right, avoiding a sudden hail of green fire coming straight at them. "The hell is that man!?"

As they continued trying to avoid the onslaught, two more bikers crashed into each other and wiped out, taking out one more behind them. Soon the point-man got a clearer sight of what was up ahead. "Hey! That dude's a chick and she's throwing fireballs at us!"

"A chick? Fireballs?! When the hell did this town get themselves a Super Mario chick? That's it, ram the bitch!" In desperation, the rest of the bikers revved their iron horses as hard as they could, trying to gun it straight into the lady attacking them. She stopped throwing her green projectiles at them but seemed to stand there, waiting for them. The loud one moved himself to the center of the pack. "That's it, she's mine!" The woman started running at him while he wailed out a war cry as he raced toward her. Just a few feet before they could collide, the lady stranger leapt off the ground and dropped kicked her vehicle riding foe right in the face, knocking him off his bike and right into the pavement.

The rest of the bikers slammed the brakes and screeched a full one-eighty turn, stunned to see not only their buddy's loss in a joust by someone on foot but the rest of their fallen comrades littered across the landscape. "Holy... shit... that woman ain't human..." one of the remaining bikers said.

The lady picked herself off the ground and patted the dirt off her blue jeans and brown suede bomber jacket before turning to the bikers. It was hard to tell what her expression was behind her aviators but she was defiantly confident. "Attention idiots and dumbasses!" she shouted out.

One of the bikers turned to the other. "You think she means us?"

"I'm guessing you all got through grade school through social promotion, so let me explain your sitch. You WERE twelve. I blasted two of you, three of you wiped out on your own, and I just drop-kicked your poet laureate here. That's six, six of you flea bags down, six of you left. So now that you're up to speed, I'm going to be generous and let you go," she said. Two of them decided to take a run at her and both sped their bikes toward her. Once they were close, however, she jumped straight up and did a split kick, knocking them both out in one shot. She landed on her feet with no problem and stared back to the remaining group. "Now there's four of you. Anyone else feeling lucky?"

Two of the bikers, wising up, took off in the other direction, away from the town and the fight but the others got off their bikes and grabbed their weapons. One grabbed a lead pipe and the other a length of chain. They both advanced cautiously toward this mystery woman, who so far seemed unimpressed. The one with the pipe rushed at her, holding it high until he was stopped dead in his tracks. She had made a quick hop forward and drove a knee hard between his legs, freezing him in pain. She takes two casual steps back before launching him with a spinning back kick. Now it was just her and the biker with the chain. Trying to keep his distance, he swings his length of metal at her but she catches it with no trouble. Her hand then flashed with a green glow, slowly heating the chain until the biker had to let it go, screaming in pain as the flesh of his palm was now searing. She sighed, almost sounding bored before pointing her glowing hand at him like a gun and then firing a green blast to the back of his head as he tried to run. Now all the bikers were sprawled on the ground, save the two smart enough to escape. It was only then when a police car rolled up. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" asked the local sheriff.

"I say it's your biker problem turned into your hospital's problem. You can thank me by paying Martha what I owe her."

"Well this is fine and dandy work for a two meal tab, you sure there's nothing more you want from this little kind act?"

The woman looked down around her feet and lifted up one of the still running bikes. "Tell Jack he can keep my junker. If he still wants payment, he's got nine bikes he can pawn himself."

The sheriff stepped over one of the fallen but still squirming bikers and made his way to the lady. "Well, how about I keep under my hat that a certain ex-supervillain passed through my town in disguise?" he asked. She paused for a moment but mounted her newly procured bike. The sheriff then extend his hand. "Maybe a hand shake to sweeten the deal then? You did just save our town."

She turned toward him and slapped his hand away. "Keep the change." After that she just rode off into the horizon.

The sheriff waited for the dust from the lady's getaway before he pulled out his cell phone and made a call. "Yeah, this is Eastwood. She just left right now, guess you were right about her still being in Montana. How long? Oh... well I'd say she only blew past here... about an hour or so, I barely noticed her but she decided to clean house with a few local bikers before leaving. Yeah, well you just come down here fast if you want all that genetic material of her's you all are so excited for." He hangs up and sighs with some regret. "Damn it... God damn... bribing... crooks..." was all he could choke out of himself before smashing his own cell phone to the ground and stormed back into his patrol car. Obviously, he had second thoughts about his actions.

The Kim Possible characters are owned by Disney: Shego, Kim, Ron, Rufus, Wade, Global Justice, and any other that has or will appear or be mentioned. The only original characters are Sheila Go, the inbred hicks of the Black Scorpion Crew, and everyone you'll see near the end.

Old Family Ties and New Beginnings

Epilogue - Catching Up

Kim and Ron were on their way back to her campus in Vassar College from Ron's local community college. Since the only schools that would accept Ron were colleges open to the public and Kim decided to attend one of the Seven Sisters, they decided that moving to New York state together so they can stay close was the best choice. "You know what Kim, life is good," said Ron, leaning his chair back.

Kim smirked and looked at him while waiting at a red light. "And why's that, Ron?" she asked, not expecting anything particularly deep or thought provoking from him.

"Think about it; you and me are in New York, on our own, pursuing higher education while saving the world on a daily basis. Not to mention no Barkin, no mom pushing me to do chores, no Bonnie."

"No Bonnie I'm enjoying but I'm sure you miss Middleton just as much as I do."

"Well, yeah but it kinda loses the drama when you remember you can call in one of your bazillion favors to catch a quick ride home."

"Well, I guess you have a point there. Anyway, let's just turn on the radio. It's still a long drive," Kim commented before switching on to a talk station.

She had tuned in just in time to hear the opening music for a national talk show. "Good morning, USA! I'm Emilia Becket and today on Coffee Chat I have crime buster, team leader, all-around icon for powerful, mature women everywhere; Shego, no, not that Shego, but the original Shego, mother and team leader of Team Go, Sheila Go!"

"Thank you, Emilia. Hello American, bonjour, and all that lovely stuff."

Kim reached over and slapped Ron's knee to get his attention. "Ron, it's Sheila!" Ron pulled his chair back into place and listened intently with Kim.

"Well, you certainly have exploded in the media this past month, haven't you Sheila?"

"Oh Emilia, it's no big deal. I just think with all the negativity in the news lately, seeing Team Go save the day is nothing more than just rating boosts."

"You're being modest Sheila, trust me, the coverage is well earned. It's been too long since your sons have been this effective, no offense."

"Oh, none taken, I understand. The boys are just lovely but they always did lack focus. Having a Shego, whether it be their sister or their own mother, just keeps the team together and on task. That's really all you've been seeing lately; the old team back together."

"Now, you and your boys certainly do get the job done but what about the accusations that you yourself engage in a more violent brand of justice when you fight crime."

"You mean do I have an excuse for it? Well I'm not going to apologize for it but I will say this; I don't have powers, I can't just hold someone down like Hego. If it's me and a criminal, I have to put him down and make sure he stays down. So far, it's worked for me."

"A lot of people out there think this might just be the start of another Shego gone bad."

"Now, I'm going to be very nice right now and assume that you're not one of those people Emilia, because that's small minded thinking right there. All my life I've gone around picking fights, doesn't make you evil, just makes you prone to excessive violence. I guess passing the mantle of Shego on to my daughter also passed on the taste for violence as well."

Ron turned to Kim to give her his thoughts on what he was hearing. "Wow, she really doesn't back down, does she?"

Kim hushed Ron. "I'm trying to listen Ron."

"Speaking of which, what about their sister, your daughter. We certainly remember her involvement, months ago, in the thwarting of an alien invasion along with Kim Possible, former evil scientist, Dr. Drew 'Drakken' Lipsky, and... oh, it seems my producers did not write down the name of the little blonde boy."

"Oh, I can help you with that Emilia; I met with Kim Possible quite recently and her towheaded companion."

"You've met with Kim Possible?"

"Yes, very... lovely young woman, personal friend of mine, really. The blonde boy is actually her boyfriend, his name is... Donald I believe. Yes, Donald Probable."

Ron almost threw himself onto the radio. "Ron Stoppable! Ronald Stoppable! How can you mess that up!?"

Kim's minded drifted into another direction. "What did she mean by 'lovely'? And since when did she consider me her personal friend?"

"Well thank you for clarifying that but about your daughter. Do you think that one good deed, even something as significant as preventing a global crisis, absolves her of all her previous wrong doings?"

"Emilia, I've been on the wrong side of the law myself a few times. God knows I'm no saint but my ex-husband showed me there was another way and it was my daughter that helped me become the person I am today."

"So, what you're saying is, she deserves a second chance?"

"I can tell you for sure, Emilia, she's taking her second chance right now. My girl wants to reform but on her own terms; it's just that stubborn streak we Go women seem to have in us."

"Well I certainly hope she does turn it around. If this is the kind of turn around Team Go gets with just one Shego, I can't imagine with two."

"Keep your eyes open, you never know."

"Speaking of eyes, you really do your job saving the day with style, don't you?"

"Now, stop right there, you are being too kind."

"Well not just me, you seem to have quite the buzz about you. You just seem so young and fit for a mother of five, not to mention that white streak of hair, you make it work."

"Oh, you know how it is, it's not what you have, it's how you wear it."

"You've been a real pleasure Sheila, opps, I mean Shego, but we have to take a commercial break. This has been Coffee Chat with Emilia Becket, KBBY."

Kim reached for the knob and turned it off, sensing Ron's continued frustration over the nation-wide confusion of his name. "Well... at least she knew we're dating." she said.

Ron pouted. "No, you're dating 'Don Probable.' You would think that using mystic monkey powers to save the world would at least make my name a little easier to remember."

"Well, at least this Shego doesn't just refer to you as 'sidekick' or 'buffoon.'"

Ron sighed and tried to relax himself. "Yeah... that's kinda weird, isn't it? Now there's two women calling themselves Shego. That's kinda tricky, isn't it?"

Kim shook her head. "Not for me. Shego will always be Shego to me, no matter what Sheila wants to call herself."

"Still got Shego in your head, huh?"

Kim took a breath. "She's been out of sight for too long. No crimes, no spa runs, it's like she dropped off the map. And I still get these... major weird dreams. Give me the shakes."

"They're just dreams KP, not real. They can mean anything."

"So far they seem to mean that Shego wants to kill me. I don't know... maybe I'm still over reacting about our last encounter. Sure... she said some mean things but I saw that glimpse of good in her. I think she's just not sure of herself, not yet anyway."

Ron leaned over and kissed Kim sweetly. "Well don't worry Kim, I'll always be here for you, no matter what happens."

Kim smiled. "Thanks Ron, you have no idea how much that helps."

"Well what can I say, I'm just that kind of guy. And hey, with Team Go back in the game, maybe this can give us some more down time."

"I can use the down time, I have to email my paper to my English Literature professor."

"Why can't you just turn it into class?"

Kim tried to smile innocently. "Because my English Lit class is in... Oxford."

"Oxford? But how..."

"I know I promised not to overdo it but I was accepted to Oxford and I just couldn't make up my mind so Wade helped me out with the dean of admissions and now I'm taking Oxford classes electronically from my dorm room."

Ron threw his head back and groaned. "You enrolled into two schools? KP, you always do this, you always do more than you have to."

"Oh, come on Ron, it's no big. I can handle the workload and save the world and have enough time for us."

"I remember hearing something similar to this. I think it ended with you running a light speed."

"Ron, trust me, I can handle this."

"Fine, I guess I'm just freaking over nothing. If anyone can graduate from two colleges in different countries at once, it's you."

"Thank you, this commute is long enough without a guilt trip," she joked as they made their way back to the place they now called home.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Colorado, a man feverishly checked and double checked a number of detectors, scramblers, and every other sort of high-end gadget a man paranoid about his security would get to protect himself and his pricey mountain estate. His cell phone rang just then, the one he keeps aside for only a select number of callers. He raced to it, hoping this was the call that will solve everything. He picked it up, fumbling with it, until it opened and the call was accepted. "Yes, yes, it's me!"

"Tiamat! It's me, Benny!" It was Benny. He wasn't one of the select number of callers meant to call that phone but one of their lawyers.

"Benny... it's not that I don't like hearing from you but this is a private line... you know... for your superiors."

"Tiamat, about that. With this whole Global Justice crack down going on, the board has decided to cut their loses... namely you and TiamaCorp."

Tiamat just stood there silently for several seconds, resuming the call after Benny asked if he was still there. "You... they can't do that. No, there's got to be a mistake, a joke, it's not funny. Benny, I am too frazzled here for jokes!"



"Can it, Duane! Everyone knows you're not a doctor. You dropped out of community college. You got lucky, yes, but I don't have to kiss your ass with this doctor crap anymore!"

"Benny... fine I'm sorry I snapped."

"You didn't just snap, MISTER Tiamat, you royally screwed up. If this was the local police, a DA, even the FBI, we would help you. But you really stepped in it this time."

"They've made problems like this go away before. You're a lawyer, you know they don't have a case against us."

"You broke into her house, Duane. Why couldn't you do this like all the other jobs?"

"This was different! She's insane! I couldn't do this one like the others! She's a criminal anyway, why are they helping her?"

"It's Global Justice, they don't need to follow the rules. Hell, they don't even need warrants and we can't fight them if we wanted to. And frankly, we decided we don't want to."

"You can't... you can't do this to me. I've made you billions."

"And we appreciate the money but we'd actually like to spend the money, not lose it going to jail. But look on the bright side; you're now the sole member of the TiamaCorp board of directors! You're in charge of your own multi-billion dollar research company now... hope you enjoy it before they haul you away."

"Look... you go to them, you tell them I have a plan to make this all right. I'm restarting Project PRISM, I can give us the kind of fire power that can take down Global Justice and any nation on the planet who would try and stop us!"

"Duane, its over! Don't call here, don't write, don't email, don't even think about meeting any of us face to face. You're cut off, all this is your responsibility now. Goodbye... Mr. Tiamat."

The line clicked dead after that, leaving only a dial tone echoing into Tiamat's ear. The gravity of the situation was crushing him, his phone slid off his hand and crashed to the floor. All he could do was stare out into the space in front of him with the unshakable feeling of dread consuming him. He didn't even hear the door open when his assistant came into the room. "Doctor Tiamat, we finally got a lead in Montana. It seems you were right about Shego still being there," she said, looking over some papers. After Tiamat didn't answer, she slowly approached him. "Doctor Tiamat?"

Tiamat finally succumbed to the stress and kicked over his desk in a fit of rage. "Damn Global Justice! Damn Kim Possible! Damn DNAmy! Damn the board! And damn you, Shego!" he cried out in a historical outburst.


He turned around and spat on his own imported carpet. "I've just been abandoned by the board of directors, they can't help me anymore! They're saving their own ass before Global Justice can swoop in and legally ruin TiamaCorp!"

His assistant stood there and seem to take her employer's ranting in stride. "Does this mean you want to cancel Project PRISM, Dr. Tiamat?"

Tiamat clasped his hands over his face and took a deep breath. "No... no, we need it now more than ever. Move everything and everyone into the Okinawa facility, I doubt GJ is watching it as closely as our Tahoe lab. This is my last shot, we'll either going to be bigger than the board itself after this or... well, we're going to jail anyway, might as well risk it all now."

"Understood doctor, I'll inform the team immediately."

"Now, you were saying something?"

"Yes sir, we found Shego, she passed through Townsend, Montana recently and we've secured her genetic material."

"Good, I knew she'd still be there."

"Not anymore, it seems. Our sensors picked up her flying disc just as our extraction team was in range. She seemed to be heading toward the Pacific."

"The Pacific? Do you think she knows already about Okinawa?"

"We're not even sure if she even cares about TiamaCorp at all, let alone the Okinawa site. Her behavior has gone against all our data on her recently."

"No matter, we have her DNA, we can handle her later if she decides to make trouble."

"Are you sure this is wise, doctor? It was you who canceled Project PRISM five years ago because you couldn't find the last component. What makes you think you can find it now?"

Tiamat tried to keep himself composed and in charge, he lost enough face already as it was. "Whether or not we find it doesn't matter anymore. I'll use the damn thing incomplete if I have to, I'm running low on options now."

"But you said-"

He snapped at her. "Forget what I said! Listen to what I am saying, Project PRISM will continue as planned!"

She nodded. "Yes doctor, of course." She turned on her heel and left the room as composed as she came in, despite the verbal abuse of her boss.

Tiamat threw his head back and took a few breaths, trying to calm himself. "Alright... I can do this. I have the first genetic sample... and once I get the others, I can beat this thing. I will show Global Justice AND those fat bastards that they can not mess with Doctor Duane Tiamat! And then, I will RULE THE WORLD!!!"