Donatellos idea: Chapter 1

Donatello sat by his computer. As usual. He had sat there for four months! With exception for food, sleep and training times.

When they defeated the Foot clan and their leader Shredder the turtles had nothing to do. Mikey teased Raph who started causing troubles, until Leo forced them to stop. This happened almost every day. Just as often as Donnie sat by his computer. (And now we're back where we started.)

But so, one early Tuesday morning in late November, Donnie had an idea!

He had just done a lot of research on the subject of Christmas, and not just any Christmas. But a Swedish Christmas. He thought that it seemed pretty nice, and it could be fun with some change. He, his brothers and Splinter had still nothing to do, so why not!

He walked away from his computer, for the first time for four months. And gathered the whole family in the kitchen so they could hear about his brilliant idea.

"We are going to celebrate Christmas!" Don shouted out like a four year old.

"Say what?" Mikey asked.

"Christmas Michelangelo," said Leo. "You decorate the whole house in red and green, take in an Christmas tree and decorate that too. And then you wait for a red, fat man to climb down your chimney and he gives the good children presents."

"What do you have against red men?" Raph glared at Leo.

Leo ignored him and turned to Don.

"But then we have at least four big problems Don!

We have no chimney for Santa to climb through.

We don't have any decorations at all.

We don't have a Santa. (Because I don't think the real one would come to a bunch of ninja turtles who kicks butts every day, or at least used to.)

And if, against all odds, he should come, Raph would feel excluded 'cause Santa only gives presents to the good children."

Everyone laughed accept for Raphael who wrestled Leo down. Leo wanted to hear the rest of this so far nice conversation so he didn't fight back.

"I've got the answers to all your questions," Don said.

"1. We're going to have a Swedish Christmas. In Sweden Santa comes through the door.

Lets do it together. Some decoration we buy and some we make!

Santa isn't real, sorry Mikey, one of us have to play Santa. Any volunteers?" He looked out over the audience that consisted of three mutant turtles and one mutant rat.

"I can be Santa!" Splinter said, happy about the fact that his sons at last did something together again. "But I don't know how."

"I can help you!" said Donnie with a smile.

"And 4. We all give each other presents, then it's fair! But you should of course pretend it's from Santa. So what do you think?

"COWABUNGA! This is going to be soooo fun!" Mikey grinned with the happiest smile ever.

"I think it would be interesting to se how it works out," Leonardo said.

"Well why not?" said Raph and wondered if yesterdays fish bones still lay in the garbage, that would be a funny present for Mikey!

"Well I think it's a good idea. But I will meditate on it just to be on the safe side." Master Splinter started to go to his room.

"Well that was surprising," Don said quietly to his brothers.

"I heard that!"

"Sorry Splinter!" said Don a bit embarrassed, before he smiled again.

"But then it's settled. We are going to have a Swedish Christmas!"

Is there going to be a Christmas? The first one for the turtles? But more importantly, is Mikey going to get the fish bones?

You'll get the answers in the rest of Donatellos idea! Please leave a comment