Donatello's idea chapter 2 December the 1.

Donatello took the biggest responsibility for the Swedish Christmas thing. After all, it was his idea. Raphael got sent to the surface to look for April, their " key" when it came to shopping. He did this way:

April had just arisen from bed and had a peaceful breakfast. She went to the room where you can't send someone else instead of you. ( The toilette.) When she opened the door she saw a red ninja turtle standing there waiting. He was standing really close to the door and she wasn't used to finding mutant turtles in her bathroom. She screamed to the surprise. Raph didn't start with "Hi". He said:

" I knew it, everyone comes here sooner or later."

" Yes, but when you do, you usually want to be alone!" she countered.

" Thake it easy, I'm just gonna leave this shopping list from Don. He thinks we need all this to create a Swedish Christmas. "

"Does he really need all this stuff?" April said after getting another shock after seeing the length of the list.

" Don't ask me, I'm just the messenger. But if you'll bring the stuff to the lair am sure he'll tell ya." And with that he was gone.

April just sighed and shook her head.

Meanwhile, they had started a real clean up in the lair. Leo cleaned the dojo, while Donatello ran around the lair picking up stuff and putting them in their right place. Mikey were scouring the floor. He put the scouring brushes on his feet and danced around the lair in his attempt to make it clean. Maybe, that wasn't his most brilliant idea because he fell every now and then. The next day, his but hurt like hell. To bad for him, back to the cleaning day.

When Raph entered the lair the first thing he knew was that he had a duster in his hand. His sensei put it there with the lame explanation that his back hurt and he was getting old. He told Rapfael where he had cleaned and then ordered him to do the rest of the house. Before Rapf could complain he was left alone with his duster. Mikey who had learned the technique a lot better skated to his older brother with the words:

"Ey lazy-boy. Don't stand there all day we've got work to do!"

Then he got chased all around the house. Leo was just about to stop them when he himself got stopped. By Donatello.

" No, Leo can't you see that if they chase around a little bit longer, this lair is going to be shiny!"

" You got a point there, didn't think of that."

"Are you finished with the dojo?" Don asked.

" Yes!" The blue turtle answered proudly.

" Good, let's wait for April then. Don said, after he surprisingly saw that he to were finished with his job.

A few hours later, April entered the turtlehouse with all the stuff. She brought Casey to carry all the bags. You could barley see the muscular man behind the mountain of shoppingbags.

The turtles freed him from the stuff he'd been carrying, and Don instructed everyone to put things in it's right place. Earlier that day he'd cleaned the big kitchen, but after April and Caseys arrival the table was filled again. This time with craft things.

April was their teacher, since no one of them rarely used a scissor for example. Don was the best craft worker since he did a lot of cutting and pasting in his technological stuff. Rapf liked working on the Christmas cards. Especially the varnishing, cus there you could get burned.

Mikey was a fast learner and folded figures. You know the ones that hold each others hands. Well he did a lot of them, and soon they filled the most part of the table.

Leo however wasn't good at craftwork at all. He cut his folded figures apart and burnt his fingers on the varnish. This just wasn't his thing.

" And I who thought it was impossible to teach mutant ninja turtles to do craft work.!" April said.

Finally Don Yawned and said:

" Noep, enough for tonight boys and girl. Let's go to bed! We can finish this tomorrow." Leo who had started to improve didn't want to quit. But he had to give in.

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