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Kagato: From Light to Shadows Chapter 1: An Angel Is Born

The Science Academy:

In her small quarters aboard the science academy, Washu, greatest scientific genius ever, is in the middle of something very important. Something that she feels requires her complete and total attention. It is not some awe-inspiring experiment, but in her mind, it is something much greater. For tonight is the first night she has ever spent with her new daughter, a small child whose birth would astonish anyone who saw this tiny child. Coarse silver spiked hair covered the miniscule girl's head, as she lay on her back, sleeping soundly.

She's Perfect, Washu thought finding no better word to describe this child, her child. Looking at her newborn daughter filled the super genius with a feeling of complete and total peace. Ever since the day, so many years ago, when she had lost her first child due to the father's rank in society, Washu had waited for the day when she might have a child to help fill that gapping hole in her soul, and now after so many years, she had that child. Gently extending one hand, the small scientist brushed back a few strands of hair from her daughter's face. "And what are going to call you? Huh?" she asked the sleeping youth, as if she would receive an answer. "You're such a little angel, maybe that should be your name, Angel."

As she continued to study the sleeping girl, Washu made an 'hmm' sound as she considered the name. "Yes, I think that's what I should call you, Angel."

Suddenly the magic of the moment was interrupted as the door to Washu's quarters slid open, and a figure hurriedly scrambled inside. Looking up, an angry expression covering her once serene face, the small woman was not surprised to see her lab aid, a young man with a pasty white complexion, called Kagato, coming into her room.

"What is it, Kagato?" The emerald eyed woman asked in an angered tone, "Can't you see I'm busy?"

"Yes, of course." The lithe man declared nervously. "But Professor Washu, I think you should -"

Clearing her throat loudly the red-haired woman merely looked at the nervous youth as she motioned with a quick head nod to the sleeping child.

"Ah, forgive me," he replied in a softer tone. "But as I was saying, Professor Washu…."

Once again Washu cleared her throat, making it obvious something was bothering her.

Stopping once again, Kagato could only look at his mentor with a concerned expression. "Is something wrong Professor?"

"You have a lot to learn yet, Kagato." The little woman stated as she advanced on his position. "First of all, remember that I do not like to be called Professor Washu. When you address me, you should always call me…"

"Little Washu," the two said in unison. The young aid couldn't believe his forgetfulness, even thought he had only been her assistant for just over a month, one of the few things she had stressed to him was to always call her Little Washu.

"Once again forgive me, Little Washu, but if you'll come with me, I want to show you my new particle accelerator. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with some of my modifications. You see I…." Sadly the pale skinned man was unable to finish his explanation, as Washu opened the door.

"I'm sure you're alterations are wonderful, Kagato, but they will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm busy right now." Washu declared, putting her hand on the small of his back as she pushed him gently towards the open door.

"But it will only take a few minutes," the young man shouted, trying to plead his case. "Please Little Washu, I've worked so very hard on this experiment, and…"

Kagato's plea may have fallen on deaf ears with Washu, but to another they were unblockable. The tiny infant was jostled awake by the sudden shout from the youth in the lab coat, and she was not happy. Screeching at the top of her lungs, in a nearly deafening tone, Washu's child was quick to voice her anger.

"Now look what you've done," the emerald-eyed woman snapped at the young man. "You've gone and woke up Angel. I hope you're happy!"

"Angel?" Kagato stated in a shocked tone as he followed his mentor with his hands on his ears. "I would say she's trying to summon demons with a scream like that."

"She's just upset," Washu declared picking up her little girl. "There, there, little Angel. Everything will be all right. Just calm down now, okay?" Now in her mother's arms, the golden-eyed youth merely stared back and forth from her mom to the other figure beside her. The crisis at hand now averted, the emerald-eyed scientist now spoke with a smile, and "She seems to be interested in you, Kagato. Would you like to hold her?"

Before the man with yellow-eyes could reply, the naked infant was thrust into his hands. It was truly an amusing sight to behold. Holding her at arms length, Kagato inspected the little girl; while she glared at him with hate filled eyes. "Hello, there little one," the young man said pulling her closer to himself. "How are you today, huh? Were you the one making all that noise? No, it couldn't have been-" Then it happened. As if to express her anger towards this man, Washu's child answered nature's call, all over Kagato's lab coat.

With a stunned look at the defiant child, Kagato merely watched the horrible event take place. Barely containing her laughter, Washu quickly snatched her daughter back from his arms. "Sorry about that. But I think you should go now, you'll want to get that cleaned up as soon as possible, I imagine."

"Yes…" he said sounding as if his mind was a million miles away, as he still held his arms outstretched before him. "I'll see you tomorrow, Little Washu…." Having said that, the young man, still shocked by the recent events, slowly made his way to the door.

As soon as the entrance to her quarters was once again sealed shut, the young Washu unleashed a rapturous laughter. After a few moments, her little daughter also giggled as well. "My but you do have a mean streak, don't you, Angel? Why are you being so mean to Kagato? He may not be the coolest guy, but he has a good heart."

At that moment, the young man's words echoed in her super brain. Angel? I would say she's trying to summon demons with a scream like that.

"I know what I'll call you, it's much more fitting a name," Washu declared as she set the little silver-haired child back in her crib. "Ryoko. Yes, I think that is a much more fitting name. Do you know what it means," she asked leaning over the edge of the crib, "It means devil caller, and I think so far, you've more than earned that name…."

At that Moment in the Hallway:

I can't believe it! She peed on me! Kagato said, still stunned by the recent turn of events. I've never been that popular with the ladies, but I would have hoped for a better first meeting than that. Continuing to focus on his own problems, the young lab aid was suddenly stopped, as he ran into something, or rather someone.

"Watch where you're going you incompetent fool!" a fat old scientist, with a truly bizarre hairstyle, which made him look like an octopus, declared as he tried in vain to stand back up. "Why I… oh it's you…." The old man said as he noticed who had knocked him down, interest now lacing his voice.

Dr. Clay Kagato thought dismally as he offered his hand to the downed man. I really don't need this, not now. Even thought he could not stand the sight of this man, Kagato no stranger to proper etiquette. He had always wanted to become royalty, or at least famous, and he knew that if he kept studying with people like Washu, he couldn't help but achieve his goal. "I am sorry, Doctor. I just came from Washu's, and I-"

"And how is my archrival?" The fat man in the red robes asked, dusting himself off trying to appear uninterested while he glanced at Kagato with his bizarre black eye. "Up to anything I should know about?"

Sighing, the pale skinned man looked past his current distraction towards his quarters, "She's taking care of her newborn child right now. If you must know."

"Now Kagato," Clay replied sounding hurt as he put his arm around the young man's neck as if they were old friends. "Have you given any thought to my offer? You are capable of so much more, and I think that-" Pausing the old man sniffed the air three times. "What is that horrible smell? It smells like someone wet themselves…."

The normally calm youth's face contorted, he had been delayed long enough, and he was in no mood to be mocked. "Listen Doctor," he said in a controlled tone as he removed Clay's flabby arm from his neck. "I really have no desire to work for you. I am perfectly happy with Washu. Now if you'll excuse me…." With that the young man walked away, his head held high as he continued to his quarters.

"Well my offer still stands, boy." Clay yelled after him a vicious smile, like that of a beast about to kill its prey, on his face. "If you ever change your mind, you'll know where I am."

I know were you should be. Kagato darkly thought as he walked away, but I don't think you want to hear that. Glancing at a clock on his way down the hall, the young man's jaw dropped. Oh no! I didn't realize it was so late. I have to hurry; I can't let her see me like this.

Sadly the young man's fears came to pass, as a melodious voice echoed behind him. "Kagato! Hello!"

Tucking his head down, the young man continued to walk faster.

"Hey! Wait up!" the voice asked again this time more frantically.

It's no use; she knows I can hear her. He told himself as he slowed to a creep. Damn!

A few moments later, the owner of the voice came up beside him, it was none other than the woman he had been trying to avoid, Ayshisca, a noble woman from Jurai. Yet despite her title, she was not heir to the throne. The king's newborn daughter, Princess Ayeka, now held that position.

"Hi, Lady Ayshisca. How are you today?" He asked nervously, trying to remain calm. Of all the people at the science academy, this woman, with hair that glistened a beautiful mauve and eyes that reminded him of an endless meadow of dark purple violets, always made the young scientist feel uncomfortable. True she was not the most physically attractive, busty, or slim woman on the floating space station, but in his yellow eyes, no one could match her. In Kagato's opinion, she was the very image of loveliness. What she lacked in physical appearance, she more than made up for in her kind heart, and noble soul.

"Kagato," she replied in a mockingly angered tone, "You know I keep telling you that it's just Ayshisca. There's no need to go by titles. I'm just a student here like you are. Besides, I'm really impressed by what you did back there, not many students would turn down an opportunity to study with Dr. Clay. But then again not too many are fortunate enough to work with the great Professor Washu. You must be something pretty special."

Kagato blushed, unsure what to say. Holding his head high, trying to show the confidence he lacked, he spoke, "Actually it's Little Washu. She gets mad if you call her professor."

"I see," the young mauve-haired woman replied sounding very impressed. Suddenly she noticed something she hadn't before. "Hey, what's that on your coat? Did you spill something on yourself?"

"It's nothing really, just an accident with Angel." He replied as he walked with the woman of his dreams. "She was mad at me for some reason, and did this to me. It's nothing to worry about, really."

"Oh. Is Angel your girlfriend?" She said sadly. "Well, maybe I can meet her sometime, and you can tell me how your alterations on the Particle Accelerator are coming along, okay?"

"No, she's not my girl-friend, she's Washu's daughter. For some reason the little girl doesn't care much for me. But, I should be free all night." the young man said still sounding nervous, "I just have to be at Washu's quarters tomorrow morning to meet her and Angel."

"Your not good with kids? Well that's shocking! I thought the great, Kagato could do anything." Ayshisca stated placing a hand on the young man's arm. The young man flinched, as he felt her silky skin press against him.

"We just got off on the wrong foot," he said quickly. "I woke her up from her nap, and she peed on me. If you'll excuse me, I want to get this cleaned out of my lab coat before it stains."

Realizing the situation embarrassed her comrade, Ayshisca did her best to not laugh, yet there was something extremely funny about a tiny infant deciding to pee on a grown man for waking her up. "Ok, well then I guess I'll see you later! Not all of us are super genius's who can go with no sleep for days at a time like you, Kagato." With a final wave, the young woman with light purple hair walked away, once again leaving Kagato alone with his thoughts. "I'll see you at the food court in say three hours? I want to catch a quick nap, and get cleaned up."

"Alright," the white haired youth shouted waving back at the Jurain noble. "See you there."

Three hours later:

The Food Court:

Kagato sat in a booth for two in the food court. He had arrived a half hour ago, dressed in his finest clothes, which consisted of a long forest green cloak, and a nobleman's attire. The white skinned man sat nervously drumming his fingers on the table, waiting for his guest to arrive.

"My, and don't we look nice," Ayshisca declared as she walked up happily, wearing a simple light purple shirt, which matched her eyes, and a pair of jean shorts. "What's the occasion? Is today something special?"

Realizing he had over dressed, Kagato did his best to stall. "Not really, I just figured I dress up today."

"Oh really," the mauve-haired woman slyly replied. "So tell me what have you been doing? Has Washu examined your new experiment yet?"

"No, not yet. She was too busy with her daughter to take time to look at my experiments." Looking at her with his yellow eyes full of fear, the nervous youth came to a mental decision. I've wanted to ask her out, since that day years ago, when I first met her. Well, I might as well just come right out and say it. "Listen Ayshisca, there's this showing of a new Neutron based Warp shield tomorrow, and I was just wondering…."

"Sure," the young Jurain replied quickly, "I'd love to go with you. It'd be fun, almost like a date!"

Stunned, having not expected this reaction, Kagato merely stared at her. Finally after long moments, he was able to regain his breath. "Great… so I'll see you tomorrow?" He asked rising to his feet, as he prepared to leave.

"Sure," she said trailing off at the end, "just one thing…."

"Which is?"

"Weren't we supposed to eat?"

"Oh yeah," the pale skinned man laughed nervously, placing a hand behind his head nervously. "Sorry…."

"You know I'm glad you asked me to go with you." The Jurain Noble said picking up a menu from the table. "I've been hoping we could spend more time together. Ever since we met, on the day I arrived, you've always been the nicest and friendliest person here. Even before you knew I was of the house of Jurai. But anyway, I know that sounds silly to you. So what do you say, should we have the special, or just some noodles?"

Sadly, the white-haired lab aide's mind wasn't staying with the conversation. "I feel the same way, as you do."

"About what?" Ayshisca asked. "You think we should get the special?"

"Huh?" Kagato declared coming into the moment, "The Special? What are you talking about, I… Oh! Yeah, I could go for that right about now."

The young girl giggled, "That's what I like about you, Kagato, you're so quick to make decisions."

"I guess so," he remarked, a slight chuckle in his voice. "But since we've decided on what we're gonna order, let me tell you about my particle accelerator…."

Next Time: I know nothing major happened in this chapter, did it? Well this was merely to set the stage, and show off a few characters. In Chapter 2, Eight years have passed ( Thus making Ryoko into an 8 years old girl). Kagato has become a better friend, and assistant, to Washu. Plus, another character from the Tenchi Muyo saga enters into our story, namely Ryo-Ohki!

Wait and see the sparks fly between Ryoko and Kagato, as he meets her in at an awkward time, in

Chapter 02: A Walk in the Park

For your viewing pleasure a scene from next time:

"Ryoko!" Kagato shouted a stunned look on his face. "What are you doing here? It's way past your bedtime."

"I know, but Weeoh-Ohki and I are gonna pway some before I go home."

"I take it your mommy doesn't know anything about this, does she little Ryoko?" Ayshisca asked behind over to pat the little girl's spiny hair.

"No. Washu said to go to bed, but I ain't tired. Hey, lady! Did you know Kagato weally wikes you!" the silver haired child asked, smiling wickedly.

The young lab aide's face instantly changed from it's usual pale to bright red. "Excuse me, Ayshisca, Ryoko," he said hissing the little girl's, who smiled winningly at him, name, "but I suddenly wouldn't mind having a glass of Saki. Would you care to join me, Ayshica?"

"YAY! SAKI!" Ryoko shouted. "Kagato's gonna give us Saki, Weeoh-Ohki!"