Title: Daughters of Darkness

Pairings: Spike & Xander & Dean

Rating: R

Crossovers: Buffy/Angel/Supernatural/Harry Potter

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 5/?

Completed: No

Summery: Xander's life changes over night and only two people from his past can save him

Chapter Summery: Xander and the others get started on fixing up the mansion and the Pack when some strangers arrive in town. Angel gets more involved with the Pack

Authors Note:

Good morning Sunnydale

When Xander pulled up outside the mansion even Spike was impressed and he picked up Dru and carried her inside. Xander watched his mate with a smile until Tor met them.

"Xander….who let a vampire in to our home?" growled Tor as the others came running

"calm yourself Tor this is Spike and Drusilla, Spike is my mate and means us no harm but Drusilla is sick and needs help now" said Xander as Tor and the others settled and he and Kyle carried Drusilla up to one of the empty rooms close to Xander's.

"Ok now that everyone is ok Miko how are the girls?" Xander as Miko appeared freaking Spike out

"They are fine but refusing to go to bed until their Mommy and Daddy come say good night to them" giggle Miko

"See I told you my girls are smart" laughed Xander as he and Spike headed to see the girls before heading bed themselves.

Meanwhile as they slept another vampire couple were headed their way, one that Spike knew well and hadn't seen in years.

"Get your motor running

Cruising down the highway,

Looking for adventure

And whatever comes my way born to wild"

sang a young looking man, his white hair was quite a contrast to his crimson biker gear as he and his companion sped toward Sunnydale on their motorbike.

"Do you have to sing that song every time we ride Vin?" asked his younger red head companion behind him on the bike.

"Don't worry Dex we will be there soon my love" answered Vin as they past a sign saying Sunnydale two miles.

Xander stretched out in his bed as the memory of the night before came back to him, rolling over he smiled as he snuggled up to the cold body laying next o him. Xander ran his hand down Spikes arm and thigh as he wondered what he'd done to deserve such a hot lover.

"As much as I love you doing that Pet, it's too early for me to think about anything. Unless you want to be gritting the path with me come winter?" growled Spike playfully and he kissed Xander.

"I love you too Spike" laughed Xander as Spike pounced on his younger lover when suddenly Miko floated it.

"Sorry guy I really didn't want to interrupt but Xan Angel down stair and wants to talk to you" said Miko as she blushed

"thanks KO, well if Deadboy risks the sun to see me then I better grace him with my presence" laughed Xander as Miko left and he and Spike got dressed before heading down to meet Angel.

"Angelus bloody missed ya you big puff" laughed Spike as he hugged his sire

"I wish I could say the same, Xander I'm glad to see you've settled in well" said Angel as he and Xander shook hands.

"We're getting there but funds are limited, we're living off my death benefits from my parent's death last year and what little they left me. Plus what Tor and Ronda get from the state after they we're declared adults and allowed to get away from their abusive family. Mostly that going on food so we've not had chance to decorate or refurbish this place, Miko and Ophelia have tried to help out but she can't remember were her father hid his money" said Xander as they sat down.

"That's because I have it and it's yours if you want it? Plus since you're now mated with my son so to speak I have a wedding present for you" said Angel as he handed Spike a small ring

"Bloody hell Angelus is that what I think it is?" asked Spike exactly as he took the ring and put it on.

"Yes Spike it's the Gem of Amara, I expect it to be used properly especially now you have three girls to look after" said Angel as Xander looked stunned

"I know about the girls and I think it's time I started to get involved with help you lot, now Spike has that he will be able to go out in the light plus I had it duplicated for myself and for Drusilla. Spike how is she?"

"Still mad and getting worse, she getting weaker everyday" Spike said with a sigh

"We'll find a way to help her" said Angel as he looked at his son then Xander

"So can I meet my Granddaughters then?" asked Angel with a smile

"Yeah they should be up by now just let me check Ko" Xander smiled as Miko joined them

"Their up and wanting to play with everyone. Hi I'm Miko Myers" said Miko as she saw Angel

"Angelus Spikes father" said Angel with a smile

"Nice to meet you, Xander should I let the girls know your coming up?"

"Please" said Xander as she disappeared and they followed her upstairs.

The girls where bouncing round on the bed as they play fought with each other, they practically leapt at Xander and Spike as they entered their room.

"MOMMY DADDY play with us?" screamed the girls

"Mommy and Daddy have to go out but Granddaddy can play with you if you want?" Xander asked as the girls looked at Angel

"You Vamp? You no hurt us?"

"No I'd never hurt you girls your family" laughed Angel as the girls jumped on him.

"Now you three behave while we are out, Miko and Ophelia will be round if you need them Angel the girls can get them" said Xander as they left with the pack for town.

They all sat round eating and drinking coffee as they discussed their plans.

"Tor you and Kyle hit the hardware store, we need supplies to fix the roof, stairs and shit load of other things. Also see if you can find us an electrician to fix the wiring, Ronda, Heidi decorating is your thing. Just remember though there are other members of the house not just you two. The girl's playroom is yours to do with as you like but their room is Miko's chose but I think they like it just as it is anyway. Akasha , Spike and Myself will hit the Magic shop for supplies to keep the vineyard vamp free, who knows we might be able to get it working again soon make us some money. Giles will be coming round today it look at the girls, will pick him up after the magic shop.

Also if there's any cash left over from the shop today go get yourselves new clothes, since most of us only have what we are wearing that's not good" said Xander as the others agreed, slowly they finished up and went their own ways.

Meanwhile while Xander and Spike went off together the two strangers arrived in town this time they we're wearing helmets and their bodies were fully covered.

"Welcome to Sunnydale home of the Hellmouth and our new home" laughed Vin as he got off his bike and helped the Dex off. Dex sighed and stood with his arms raised

"What do you feel baby?"

"I feel free, what a rush, this place is buzzing with mystical energy, here try it" with that Vin came over and sunk his teeth into Dex's neck just as Xander and Spike where coming out of the Magic box, Spike shuddered as he felt someone walk over his grave.

"What is it Spike?" Xander asked with concern

"It nothing much a vampire gets this when his Chider is nearby or are about to mate" said Spike when suddenly someone yelled at him

"Ah William the bloody, bloody awful I should say" laughed Vin as he spotted Spike.

"Vin, Dex" said Spike spotting the two men and went over, Spike grabbed Vin in a bone braking hugged before speaking to him.

"It's Spike now" said Spike when suddenly Dex started to sway a bit.

"Where's the nearest vamp nests Spike? Dex needs blood or will I have to use you?" Snapped Vin as he carried his lover.

"Come on our cars over there so I can feed him there" said Spike as they headed to the car. Xander and Vin stood outside as Spike tended to Dex.

"He means you no harm all he is concerned for is me" said Vin

"Who are you?" asked Xander as Vin lit up his smoke.

"I am Vin and that is my mate Dex, Spike is my sire my mate Dex is the same as Drusilla. Humans tortured him to insanity and now he's ill" said Vin with a sigh

"So why do you'd return now of all times?" asked Xander

"The Master, his death has started a chain reaction that has summoned all those who have blood ties to the Order. This town is about to get croweded" laughed Vin

"That's all we need" laughed Spike as Dex got up and hugged Vin.

"We'd better get back to get Giles, Vin, Dex your welcome to join us the Master pet's got no chance to survive" growled Xander as they headed back to get Giles.

Xander stretched out as they arrived back at the mansion, Giles was taken by surprise when three Harpie females came racing down the stairs and launched themselves at Xander and Spike, followed by Angel looking flushed.

"Mommy, Daddy look Granddaddy let us paint, we did pictures for you and Daddy" said the girls and Xander picked them up and hugged his girls.

"Giles these are my girls Xev, Cleo and Kenya" said Xander as he sat in the main room where Giles looked the girls over.

"That tickles Mr Giles that is funny. Mommy he tickles" said Xev as she rolled off the couch and landed on the floor. She shook herself off and crawled over to Dex.

"You funny but you see like us, you see people who hurt and help them" said Xev as Dex picked her up and cuddled her.

"Yes pretty one I do, aren't you a sweet little thing. Bet your Mommy's proud of you?" said Dex as he played with Xev.

"Yes I am, Vin, Dex as I said your welcome to stay with us you too Spike. You and Dru are more then welcome but I'm afraid there are ground rules. From now on, it's animal blood from the butchers I afraid, until we can find a willing human source for you, though if must myself and my Pack are willing to accommodate your needed. You pull your weight round this place, until we can get the Gem of Amara duplicated again Vin, Dex you two are confined to the mansion during the day so my girls will be in your care. Most of us swear in this house but it is to be kept out of earshot of my daughters as it any and all thing sexual. After they've gone to bed then it's anyone game.

Also as of now, you no longer follow the Master or any other evil, we work with the Slayer against them. If any of this is a problem please leave now but I promise you'll see the wrong end of a stake in a day or so," growled Xander as Vin and Dex agreed.

Giles who'd been listening in on the conversation as he player with the girls took Xander to one side.

"You're telling me you have two vampires in there that haven't been staked?"

"Actually Spike and Drusilla are both vamps too G man, sorry should have told you, Spike and Dru are Angel's Childer. Vin and Dex are Spike's Childer. Vin told me that the Masters death has trigged so big vamp gathering and their all heading here. I don't know what for but I tell you is not going to be good and is going to have everything to do with the Annoying one, and news flash we're one Slayer short of having a Slayer" said Xander as Giles understood.

"I'll leave Buffy a message and consult my books tonight about any rituals to do with the Mater's death and Buffy. I will also look up mass gatherings of Vampires. I hope you know what your doing Xander? For all our sakes" said Giles as he shook Xander's hand and said his goodbyes.

"The Watcher looked nervous hope we didn't scare him too much?" laughed Spike

"you didn't he's just worried what a mass gatherings of vampires will do to the town, other then break the record for town with highest death toll for the 20th year running. We've got work to do to this place has to be made habitable now, no slinking off Deadboy father in law or not your helping too you can baby sit the girls with Miko and Ophelia" said Xander as the others took off to paint.

As night set in Xander put his girls to bed and the then returned to his Pack, Vin and Dex watched as they readyed themselves for the hunt.

"You two joining us tonight?" Xander asked Vin and Dex.

"I will be Dex isnt in any state to hunt yet..."

"Dru too, she can't hunt yet but I'm ok to hunt" added Spike

"No problem, they can help Miko and Ophilla watch the girls. come on we've got a town to look after" said Xander as he and the others hit the streets.