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The curse of theā€¦

Chapter 1- the curse of the phantom seat

I heard Charlie's cruiser pull away. I took one last look at my hair in the mirror, it would have to do. I set stairs trying to be careful not to fall. I would have liked to get to get to school in one piece, one alive piece. But as I was halfway down the stairs I heard a small knock at the door. Edward. My heart gave a small flutter and my feet sped up to reach the door. Unfortunately the rest of my body didn't. My foot missed the next step. I felt my body fly upwards and then my head fell towards the stairs. Fortunately I missed the stairs, however I didn't miss the floor. I hit the floor with a soft thud. As I did hit the floor I heard Edward call.

"Bella?" I gave a small groan in reply and struggled into a sitting position. Within a few seconds Edward was by my side.

"How did you get in here?" I asked.

"Bella, you just fell down the stairs and you wondering how I got in?" I nodded. He shook his head and muttered.

"Unbelievable." I got up, nothing hurt extremely.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"I think so." I replied, okay so I'd probably have a massive bruise tomorrow. But that was tomorrow.

"Okay." He didn't sound convinced, "Let's go then." I unlocked the door; I still understand how Edward got it. I stepped out of the door. It was raining, typical. He opened the side door of his car.

"Thanks." I sat down in the passenger seat. He slid into the drivers seat and started the engine. The gentle purr was calming, but I preferred the roar of my truck. I felt a tiny tug on my hair; I turned to smile at Edward. But he was looking at the road and his hands were firmly on the steering wheel. I thought nothing of it and pushed it from my mind. But then I felt a sharp tug on my hair.

"Ow." I said and rubbed my head where my hair had been pulled.

"What's wrong Bella?" Edward said looking at me.

"You just pulled my hair." I said. He seemed shocked and surprised.

"I didn't." He replied.

"There's no one else in the car." I retorted.

"Well I didn't do it." I gave up, there was no point arguing. I stared out the window away from Edward. I saw a small movement out of the corner of my eye, did the chair just move?

No, your seeing things Bella. Perhaps I had hit my head. I went to lift my hand to rub my head, but it wouldn't move. I looked at my hand.

Oh my god! Please say I'm dreaming. I blinked. No it was real. My hand had disappeared into the fabric of the chair. There was just the rest of my arm, my hand was missing. I turned and looked at my other hand that too was missing. I tried to pull them out of the chair. All I felt was pain in my arms.

Perhaps if I shut my eyes and open them everything will be back to normal. I closed my eyes and started counting.










10 I took a deep breath and open my eyes. It had worked in a sense. Yes my hands were still gone, but it was different. My arms had gone too. I started to panic. I tried to tell Edward, but I couldn't seem to make a noise. Edward was humming along with the song on the CD, he didn't see my struggling. I started to disappear more. My legs, chest and then my head. I was completely immerged in the chair. I couldn't breath.

"Bella?" I heard Edward call out. I tried to push myself to the surface. I felt one of my fingers break through.

"Bella, what's happened?" Edward sounded scared; well he wasn't as scared as me. My lungs cried out for air. But my mouth and nose was covered in the fabric of the chair. I felt Edward grab my finger.

"I'll get you out of their Bella." He cried. I pushed my whole hand out and he grabbed it and pulled. My face came free. I took a big gulp of the air.

"What happened, Bella?" Edward asked. I was about to answer when something tightened around my neck. I clawed at my throat; the fabric of the chair was chocking me. Edward pushed my hands aside and broke the fabric around my neck. He then pulled me out of the car and onto the ground.

"Bella, are you alright?" I nodded. At least I could breathe now.

"What happened?" He asked me. Would he believe me? I'll take a shot.

"Your car seat tried to kill me."

"Oh." Well he sort of believed me.