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The curse of the…

Chapter 3-The curse of the evil ankle bitter

I was finally alouded to leave the hospital. I had a pot on my leg; I'd broken it, when I'd asked Edward how that had happened he had gone unusually quiet. They'd given me crutches as I left the hospital. I stared at Edward as they gave them me.

"Edward I can't have crutches, I can barely walk without falling normally, but with these. They're death traps." He stared at me. In the end I ended hopping out on the crutches. As I thought I would I fell just as I got out of the hospital, Edward did catch me, but I hit him with the crutches on the way down.

"Don't say I didn't tell you." I said to him. Charlie was waiting for me outside.

"I've got a surprise for you at home, Bella." He said as I got in the car. I groaned I hated surprises. Edward smiled and laughed at me as we drove away.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

"Close your eyes Bella." I heard Charlie as I stepped out of the car. He wanted me to walk up to the house with crutches with my eyes shut, it was impossible. Well for me anyway. But I did what he said and as I thought after a few steps I fell. I heard Charlie gasp as he saw me falling to the floor. Luckily he moved quickly and caught me before the floor did too much damage. I went to open my eyes.

"No, not yet." Charlie said, I guessed I hadn't done too much damage when I'd fallen then. I heard Charlie jiggling his keys as he opened the door.

"Shush." I heard Charlie saying to someone or something.

"Okay Bella, you can open your eyes now." There was scuffling on the floor below me as I opened me eyes. I as set my eyes on my surprise I let out a small squeal.

"I love him." I said to Charlie, he blushed at me words. I crouched down. In front of me was my surprise. It was a dog and he was so cute. He had scruffy fur, which was brown, white and black. He was prefect. I started to stroke him and he barked happily. But as Charlie started to stroke him, he growled. But he ignored him.

"I got him off some people who were moving out of town. His name is scruffy and there was something else they said about him." Scruffy had enough of Charlie stroking him and walked behind him and bit him on the ankle. Charlie bit his lip to stop him swearing. His ankle started to bleed, Scruffy started to bark happily, I couldn't help but smile.

"I remember," Charlie said through gasps of pain "They said he liked to bite people on the ankles." I tried to stop but I couldn't. I heard a knock at the door. I quickly, well as quickly as possible moved to the door and opened it. It was Edward.

"Dad can I take Scruffy to show the Cullen's?" I asked.

"Sure." He answered while trying to stop the bleeding. I was still shaking with laughter as I exited the house with scruffy. Edward looked at Scruffy.

"Alice saw him coming, she also saw something else but she refused to tell any of us and she's been blocking her thoughts from me since." He seemed puzzled, but he didn't show it long he bend down and stroked Scruffy. Scruffy started growling again.

"Edward…" I started to warn him. But it was too late; Scruffy walked behind him and bit him on the ankle. I half expected Scruffy to yelp, but it was Edward that yelped. I stared at him.

"Bella, your dog hurts." He wined.

"Edward you're a vampire."

"It still hurt." He said quieter. I shook my head and got into the car as Edward opened my door. I sat Scruffy on my lap. Edward got in a few seconds later rubbing his ankle giving scruffy the evils.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

As I stepped out of the car Edward grabbed me and carried me into the house. Scruffy walked besides us his eyes not leaving my face. It was a bit creepy but I pushed it from my mind. Edward opened the door and I saw that the Cullen's were stood there waiting for us. Emmett was the first to speak.

"I see you got a new dog." He started to laugh. Edward sent him a death glare.

"If looks could kill." He said. I was totally confused.

"A new dog, what do my you mean a new dog." I asked. Edward glared at Emmett. Emmett opened his mouth to speak when Edward cut across him.

"Emmett calls me a dog."

"Do I need to know why?" I asked, Emmett's face lit up at this.

" Oh yes. Let me tell it, what happened you see was me and Edward were walking along when we came across 2-" Edward was over by Emmett in microseconds with his hand over his mouth.

"She doesn't need to know, if you tell her Mr. Sniffles gets it." Emmett nodded. Edward slowly took his hand away and then returned to stand by me.

"Who's Mr. Sniffles?" I asked quietly. Edward shook with laughter.

"Mr. Sniffles is… well let's just say he's a bear that helps him sleep." Emmett obviously heard this and scowled at Edward. Emmett bend down and began to stroke Scruffy, again he began to growl. I went to warn him, when Edward stopped me.

"He's kind of cute." He said, then without warning Scruffy ran behind Emmett and bit him sharply on the ankle.

"Ow!" He said, he looked to Rosalie for comfort. She raised one eyebrow at him.

"It hurt." He moaned. She shook her head. Edward tugged on my arm and pulled me to one side.

"Come on Bella I want to go somewhere." I didn't really seem like I had a choice, so I went with him anyway, leaving Scruffy with the Cullen's.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

Edward POV

Bella and me were sat in the meadow enjoying each other's company. It was nice, but then Alice came running up to us.

"Edward, can I talk to Bella?" But her thoughts said different story.

'Edward you need to go back to the house. I'll distract Bella.'

"Okay. I'll meet you back at the house." I kissed Bella softly on the cheek and headed back to the house. I wondered what it was. But when I was not far from the house I heard the problem. Something had happened to Bella's dog. Scruffy was howling loudly. As I entered the room he was in the problem was obvious. There was a small amount of blood on the floor. Jasper stood over Scruffy. I looked at him, then the dig, him and the dog again.

"Bella's going to kill you." I said.

"I'm already dead." He replied. He had a good point.

"Why did you bite him anyway?" I asked.

"He bit me first." I answered. I raised my eyebrow.

"Well what are we going to do?" He asked me. I shook my hands.

"No, Not we, you." I said. But then he turned his puppy dog eyes on me and at the same time I felt waves of guilt hit me.

"Oh fine. I'll help." I said throwing my hands up in defeat. Jasper's face lit up in seconds. Scruffy's howls began to quieten down as calming waves filled the room. I picked him up. It was like mission impossible. Jasper checked every corner.

"Go, go, go." I ran with Jasper not far in front. We reached the basement. Jasper took Scruffy off me and shut the door behind him. Now all I had to do was make something up for Bella.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

"Edward." I heard Bella call. I ran upstairs and stood in front of her. I smiled. Alice stood guiltily behind her.

'I'm sorry, she did the puppy dog eyes.' Alice said with her thoughts and before I could say anything she had disappeared. I looked at Bella. Oh no, she knew. What could I do?

"Edward. Where's Scruffy?"


Edward started to squirm, and then words exploded from his mouth. He spoke so fast; I was surprised I actually understand him.

"It was Jasper's fault. He bit him. I didn't so anything. He hid Scruffy in the basement. I was only there because he dragged me…" I burst out laughing. Edward stopped speaking and trailed off. He looked at me, puzzled.

"You're not mad?" He asked,

"No." I answered. How could I be mad at him, anyway his blabbering was kind of cute.

"But what am I meant to tell Charlie?" I asked. Edward looked at me.

"Hmmmm." He said stroking his chin. I sat down and waited, 5 minutes later he said.

"I've got it." I stood up.

"Say that because we've never had a pet, you offered that we could look after it. Say Alice was excited." He finished.

"Edward, will Scruffy be a vampire dog?" I asked. He nodded. Oh great, now had a vampire as a boyfriend and as a dog.

"Does that mean if he bites me I'll be a vampire?" Edward turned as I ran down to the basement.