Rating: M (For Language and situation)

Spoilers: None

Pairings: Tosh/Ianto

Summary: Jack finds out what the mice get up to when the he's out of town.

Disclaimer: I own none of it

Authors Notes: Number three (and the last I think) of the Tosh/Ianto Pranks trilogy, because roseyangel asked for it.


Jack was bored, very bored, so bored that he was actually reviewing the CCTV footage of what happened in the hub while he was in London. He'd seen Gwen and Owen leave early, looking at the time stamp he judged it to be about ten minutes after he'd left, he hadn't even got to the station by then and the staff were sloping off early. He fast forwarded past the parts where Ianto was tidying up and Tosh was typing up a report on her computer. He hit the play button when he saw Ianto leave something on Tosh's desk, the camera switched to her walking to the archives, Ianto must have been spying on her, he smirked, Ianto was full of surprises. He watched as Tosh got wet when the sprinklers turned on, Ianto must have set her up, he was indeed full of surprises. He leaned closer to the screen in anticipation as he watched Tosh peel her top off and flick water at Ianto, who chased her down the corridor towards the boiler room, he scrabbled to find the footage from the boiler room, he wasn't disappointed. He started to watch from the beginning as he saw Ianto slam the door and crook his finger in a 'Come Hither' gesture at Tosh, she shook her head cheekily, he stalked towards her and grabbed her, kissing her hard as he backed her against the wall. Jack licked his lips and briefly wondered if he should really be watching this, he leaned closer to the monitor and watched Tosh pull Ianto's shirt off, he, in turn unhooked her bra, pulled it down her arms and threw it on the floor. Tosh ran her nails down his back as he undid the button on her trousers and slowly pushed them over her hips as...the screen went blank,

"WHAT? no for fucks sake no. No. No. No. No. No, this can't happen, not now" screamed Jack. Gwen, Owen and Tosh turned to look at Jack's office, Gwen and Owen looked at each other and shrugged, wondering what had caused their boss's outburst, Tosh knew better,

"Ianto, where do you fancy going for lunch" she asked, over the Bluetooth

"I think it had better be somewhere far away" he said with a chuckle.

"I know a nice Chinese place on the outskirts of the city" she replied

"Ok" he said

"I'm on my way, I'll meet you out front, he's not happy" she said

"Serves him right" he said, laughing. Jack stormed out into the hub

"Where the fuck is Tosh?" he yelled

"Lunch" said Gwen

"What about Ianto?" Jack said, Owen looked at his watch

"He's gone for lunch too" he said.

"Where do they normally go?" asked Jack

"Tosh goes to the sushi bar across the way and Ianto usually goes to the coffee shop round the corner" replied Gwen

"Right" said Jack as he headed for the lift, determined to get one of them back to fix the screen and then explain themselves. Owen looked at Gwen

"What the fuck's going on?" he asked, Gwen shook her head and sighed

"I haven't a clue, but something odd's been going on for a few days" she said

"I don't suppose they'll tell us anyway" Owen replied as he went back to his paperwork.