Title: Kiss

30 Kisses Prompt #30: Kiss

Rating: PG, sap

Summary: After Rin's wedding, Obito steals away with a bottle of sake and gets thoughtful. Kakashi joins him, and they talk about the future. This really is unrepentingly sappy. I'm sorry if it gives you cavities. Kind of. 8D

Note: This is the last of the 30 Kisses. To everyone who has read, commented, added alerts to, enjoyed and whatever else, than you. I know it's taken me a very long time to finish these, but I'm really, really happy that I could have shared with all of you thirty stories about two of my favorite fictional characters. It has been great, and I'm pretty sure that this won't be the last Obito and Kakashi story that you will see from me. Until we meet again, dearest readers, enjoy, and thank you.

Kakashi found him sitting on top of the giant carving of their sensei's head, bottle beside him. The sun was setting, casting his friend in a warm, purplish light, and Kakashi felt the corners of his mouth turn up at the sight. In the dying light of day, Obito looked good, and Kakashi found himself understanding a little better what was so attractive about Obito. He wasn't as handsome as the rest of his clan, but the traces of nobility came out in his face and his build, lending a certain grace and charm to his movement. Plain but attractive.

Obito would have hated that assessment.

"I thought I'd find you here," Kakashi said, jumping down to his friend's side. "Steal that from the reception?"

"Ahh, yeah," Obito said, blushing. Kakashi wasn't certain if it was from the alcohol or from the setting sun. He reached across Obito's lap. And grabbed the bottle.

"No cup?" Kakashi asked.

"What are you? A girl?" Obito asked. "Come on, drink like a man! From the bottle!" He grabbed the bottle around Kakashi's hand, and shoved it at him. "Drink, man. We're celebrating."

Kakashi pushed down his mask, and took a sip. He was not a fan of sake, but found whatever was in the pilfered bottle was sweet and smooth. He looked at Obito, not entirely surprised the smile didn't reach his eyes.

"You all right?" Kakashi asked, setting the bottle down, away from Obito. He didn't want to have to drag his friend all the way home from this distance. The home they shared was a thirty minute walk away without drunken stumbling. He didn't care to find out how far it would be if Obito couldn't walk on his own feet.

"I'm fine," Obito said. "Why didn't you come to the wedding? Rin wanted you there."

"You know I don't like weddings," Kakashi replied.

"I know," Obito replied. He leaned on Kakashi's shoulder, and put his arm around his friend's waist, pulling him close. "I wanted you there, though. I was lonely, without you. It didn't seem right."

"Obito," Kakashi said, softly. "I didn't think you wanted me there."

"What? Why would you think that?" Obito looked up at Kakashi, confused. "Kakashi, I love you. And the three of us were a team. You should have been there."

"You loved her too," he replied, looking off into the distance. "I remember the way you reacted when that invitation came, so I didn't want to . . . I don't know, Obito. It didn't feel right."

"Loved. Past tense, you moron," Obito said, lifting his head to nose Kakashi's cheek. "You never asked why I reacted like that, you just assumed, like you always do, that you knew why I was upset."

"I'm not a moron, you idiot," Kakashi grumbled, turning his face to look at Obito. "You were just so unhappy when it came . . . what was I supposed to think?"

Obito reached up, and stroked Kakashi's face gently. Leaning against Kakashi's forehead, Obito shook his head gently. "You didn't need to think, just ask," he said. "I was sad, yeah, but not because she wasn't marrying me. I mean, I am a little jealous that it's not me getting married. But . . ."


"It's not her that I want to marry," he said softly. Obito leaned forward to kiss Kakashi, but was stopped by Kakashi's finger pressing against his lips.

"Oh?" Kakashi asked. His finger didn't move until Obito pulled his head back. "Who do you want to marry, Obito?"

Obito reached his hand up to rest on the side of Kakashi's neck, thumb stroking his cheek. "It's obvious, isn't it?" he said. "There's only one person in the world I want to marry. But if I asked you, would you say no?"


"Marry me, Kakashi," Obito whispered, leaning close and kissing him. "Please?"

Kakashi stared at Obito, confused at the request. It seemed nonsensical to get married to him, if nothing could come of it. No children, certainly, and anything that either of them would want to be passed on to the other after death could be written into a will.

Not to mention the fact that Kakashi was fairly certain there was no formal way of getting married.

"Obito, I don't think that's quite, ahh, legal, I suppose," Kakashi said. "Unless you just want to say that we're married. I . . . Obito, what the hell do you mean, marry you?"

Obito rolled his eyes, and scooted his body over. With a dramatic flop, he rested his head in Kakashi's lap, and took his hand and held it. "What I mean is this," Obito said. "Nothing formal, that's ridiculous. We could never wear rings anyway, not on missions. So none of that. I just want to know that if you could marry me, you would. That's all." Obito raised their hands to his mouth, and kissed Kakashi's fingers. "Nothing serious. Just an agreement that if we break up, I get the dogs and you get the cats, and we both get a new apartment."

"You do not get my dogs, moron," Kakashi said, snorting. "And I certainly don't want your mangy cats."

"This coming from the man who takes the cats with him to the onsen."

"Because they hate water," Kakashi said, gloating. "You keep the cats."

"And the dogs too," Obito replied.

"Over my dead body," Kakashi replied.

"We could fight for them," Obito said. "I mean, if we're breaking up, I'm sure we're already fighting. Might as well make it a legitimate fight as well. May the best ninja get all the cool shit he wants."

Kakashi rolled his eyes. "Fine. If we break up, we can fight. Over everything."

"That might actually be fun," Obito said. "Figuring out each fight and location, and what it's over. It could save our marriage, in the end."

"You're an idiot," Kakashi replied.

"And you're my loving wife that married me."

"I. Am. Not. Your. Wife," Kakashi replied. "You're the wife."

"You look better in a nurse's uniform then I do," Obito replied. "Skirts and heels become you."

"Shut up, or I'm going to be a widower," Kakashi replied.

Obito laughed, and cuddled up closer to Kakashi. "I'm glad you're so willing to be my life partner," Obito said. Letting go of Kakashi's hand, he rolled over in his lap, and hugged him. "I love you. There's no one else that I'd rather marry."

"And no one else would marry you," Kakashi said, fingers ruffling through Obito's hair. "Get the hell off of my lap."

"Why? I'm comfy here," Obito replied, snuggling.

Kakashi sighed, and lifted Obito's chin upwards. "Aren't you supposed to start the marriage off with a kiss?" he asked.

Pulling himself up slowly, Obito sat up in Kakashi's lap, his legs swung over his lover's lap. Kakashi wrapped his arms around Obito's body as Obito put his arms around Kakashi's neck. Leaning close, Obito gently brushed their noses together, smiling.

"I love you," Obito said, quietly. "Will you marry me?"

"Yes," Kakashi replied. "Will you marry me?"

"Oh yeah." Obito finished his words with a kiss, pulling Kakashi tight against him. Slow and gentle, their bodies pressed together warmly against the cool night air as their tongues danced around each other.

Breaking their kiss with many smaller kisses after, they sat close, not saying anything. Below, they heard the quiet rumble of the village as the day came to a close, people below heading out on missions or out to meet friends, or coming home.

"So, we should fight over the dogs when we get home," Obito said, grinning. "Though I think Pakkun would just come with me. He likes me."

"You do not get Pakkun," Kakashi replied. "Maybe Bull, but not Pakkun. He's a good tracker. And I like his paws."

"Pakkun likes me better," Obito said, grinning. Kakashi rolled his eyes.

"We could just fight here," Kakashi said. "I'm sure sensei wouldn't mind."

"He might if you get his rocky hair a mess," Obito replied. "Not to mention indecency fines."

"Oh, so that's how you're judging the winner of that fight?"

"Oh yeah. Might be hard though, I always feel like a winner after sex with you," Obito replied.

"Funny," Kakashi said. "I feel the same way about you."

"Maybe we should just go with who tops. I always win there," Obito replied.

Kakashi snorted. "Always?"

"A few notable and wonderful exceptions aside," Obito said. He ginned, and kissed Kakashi again. "I know what you like."

"Do you?" he asked. "Prove it."

"First one home gets the dogs," Obito said. He jumped off Kakashi's lap, and started running and leaping towards their home.

"Idiot," Kakashi mumbled. Getting to his feet, he picked up the remains of Obito's pity party, and followed after him. "You can't give someone else your summon animals that easily."