1 The First Day

"EDDIE DON'T!" Vickie Lara screamed "YOU'LL KILL YOURSELF!"

Her boyfriend Eddie Guerrero was climbing a tree at the corner of where they were supposed to wait for their bus to pick them up.

"Well it wouldn't be the first time" Eddie's best friend Chris Benoit said. He put a hand up to sheild the sun form his eyes so he could look up at his friend

"It never fails" Chavo Guerrero said "He jumps off that tree every year to try and break something so he'll miss the first day but-"

"AAAUUGGHH!" Eddie had taken the jump only to land flat on his face in the grass below

"-it never works" Chavo ran over to his brother to help him up.

"Haven't you realized that after five years of jumping off that tree that you've ended up putting a crater in the ground?" A boy with auburn hair said

"You think you're so smart ese?" Eddie asked walking over to Mark Calaway "I'd like to see you try it!"

"You talkin' to me Guerrero?" Mark snarled. The two boys glared each other down. Mark was easily a foot taler than Eddie, but Eddie was like a Chihuahua he din't care how small or how big he was he would take on anyone.

But Mark was a different story he knew how big he was. No one messed with him whoever did landed themselves a spot at the downtown cemetery. He had sent Jeff Hardy to the hospital with a borken arm and a concussion at the end of last year.

"Boys!" Vickie got between them and forced the guys apart "Come on now let's not start this year off with a black eye okay?"

"Yeah" Eddie grumbled still glaring up at Mark. He put an arm around Vickie and they walked off. Mark sat under a tree.

From around the corner a voice yelled "ARE YOU READY?!"

The others including Mark looked at each other and grinned. They all knew who that was.

"NO!" The voices yelled. Shawn Michaels and Paul Levesque ran around the corner to join the group "We said: ARE YOU READY?!"

"Not really" Chavo said nonchalantly.

"Yeah neither are we" Shawn said quickly dropping the act.

" Hey Paul" Chris said "What happened to that girl you were with last year?"

"Who? Joanie Laurer?" Paul asked " Oh I dumped her over the summer"

The group of boys (and Vickie) chatted untill the bus showed up then they all climbed on

Thirty-eight high school bound teenagers were screaming and yelling when they got on. Paper balls being thrown in every direction, even a basketball that cracked a window but nobody noticed.

"Hey Eddie!" Eddie's other friend Rey Mysterio called

"Hey Little Rey-rey" Eddie replied sitting across from him and Dave Batista with Chavo. Chris got the seat in front of them next to Jeff Hardy.

"Did you do your annual jump off the tree man?" Rey asked

Eddie nodded glumly. "Didn't work huh?" Eddie shook his head

"Hi Jeff" Chris said to Jeff who was still sporting a sling from the pounding he had gotten form Mark.

"'Sup?" Jeff replied not even looking at Chris. But he gave Mark a go-to-hell look when the passed by to go to the back of the bus.His favorite spot where no one could bother him. Mark dropped his backpack on the seat next to him and rested his head against the window and put his sunglasses on.

"Excue me can I sit here?"

Mark looked up at the sound of the voice and saw a tall pretty blond girl standing in the aisle next to him.

"Yeah sure" Mark shoved his backpack off the seat to make room for the girl and almost yelled because his backpack heavy with school suppiles landed hard on his foot

"You okay?" The girl asked sliding next in next to him.

"I'm fine" Mark replied his eyes watering form the pain.

"This is my first time here" the girl said " I just moved here from California over the summer, I'm nervous"

"Don't be" Mark said "I think everyone here is they just won't show it"

"GO GO GO GO!" The others were chanting some one had dared Chris Masters to drink an entire small bottle of Hot Sauce

"Ooookay" The girl said "I'm Sara by the way" she added.

"My name's Mark" Mark replied

Stacy Keibler had heard the whole thing. She leaned over to Lilian Garcia "Who's the new girl?"

"Huh?" Lilian followed Stacy's gaze to the back of the bus where Sara and Mark were sitting.

"Don't know" Lilian replied " But she's obviously got Mark's attention over there"

"Who does?" Milena Perez demanded barging in on their conversation. Stacy eyed her skeptically. "Why must you know everyone's business Perez?" she snapped.

"You're such a busybody" Maria Kanellis added.

"Was I talking to you Airhead?" Milena snarled her temper flaring up.

"Hey!" Maria cried "I'm not an Airhead! Do I look like an Airhead candy John?" she asked her boy friend with puppy dog eyes.

"Of course not" John Cena ressured Maria putting an arm around her "Hey Nitro!" Cena called.

"What?" Johnny Nitro looked up lazily.

"Your girlfriend's temper is heating up and we're all gonna die in the fire!"

"What do you want me to do about it?" Nitro yawned. Milena did this sort of stuff all the time.

"Well gee" Matt hardy said holding Milena back so she wouldn't claw Maria's eyes out "Maybe...oh i don't know...uh CALL OFF THE ATTACK?!" Matt shoved Milena at Nitro.

"H-hey guys?" Tommy Dreamer called as the bus pulled to a stop.

"We're here"


uh-oh they just got to the school. What sort of horrors await them on their first day of high-school? (suspence music plays)

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