Guest appearances by: Lin-Lynn35

It was now three months into the school year. The freshman basketball tryouts had been the week before and the team listings had been posted all over the school.

Freshman Basketball Team

Bobby Lashley

Matt Hardy

Mark Callaway

Paul London

Shawn Michaels

Freshman backup team

Johnny Nitro

Brian Kendrick

Chavo Guerrero

Rob Van Dam

Adam Copeland

Naturally there were protests from those who didn't make the team.

"Aww! Come on! I know I did better than him!"

"Are you joking he can't even play basketball!"

The team had practices every Monday Wednesday and Friday of the week. Austin was the coach.

"Come on ladies run it!" Austin shouted to the team at large. They were all worn out by the end of the first week of practices. How they were going to be ready to play the TNA Wolverines was anybody's guess.

"I don't think I can take much more of this" Matt groaned collapsing on the locker room floor after that Monday's practice.

"Come on Hardy suck it up" Mark said helping Matt to his feet "At least Austin's not the total hard-ass he was last week"

This was true. The team was steadily getting better and the Coach was going easier on them.

"Good job today men" Austin joined his team in the locker room "okay we've only got two weeks before we play TNA High. You think you're ready?"

"Yes Sir!" the team chanted

"That's what I like to hear" Austin said they all piled their hands "One-Two-Three-"

"GO TIGERS!" they broke up.

At the same time the freshman cheerleaders list was posted al over the school

Freshman Cheerleader Squad

Lilian Garcia

Mickie James

Vickie Lara

Sharmell Sullivan

Torrie Wilson

WWE High School Mascot

Melina Perez

"What the hell happened?!" Melina shrieked "How did I end up as mascot?!"

"Hmm. Let's think" Mickie said "maybe it's because you screwed up half your routine?"

"Or because you showed up late for the tryouts?" Torrie suggested

"Or maybe it's because you just flat out bombed" Vickie added.

The other girls burst out laughing. It felt good to give Melina just a small taste of what she had put them through since middle school.

"So I heard you made the basketball team" Sara said catching up with Mark after school that day "They're saying TNA High is going to take us down though."

"Maybe" Mark replied "Maybe not"

During all of this Shawn and Paul were coming up with a plan to humiliate the rival school. But so far they had nothing.

"Come on man think!" Paul said as they sat around Paul's kitchen table "I'm sure if we put our one and a half heads together we can come up with something!"

"Wait" Shawn said "Who has half a head?"


At the end of that week was the pep rally. Everyone was to be released at three-thirty to go to the gym. By the time the final bell rang every one was gone leaving a flurry of papers in their wake.

Inside the gym it was almost like Candice's party except minus the dancing kids.

The Student Council president Shane McMahon walked across the gym floor with vague applause from the crowd. Shane was always so full of himself and thought he could boss any one around because he was the principal's son.

"What's going on WWE high?!" Shane yelled into the mic

The crowd went nuts and started cheering at this.

"I Love You Shane!" I girl in the bleachers yelled. She was wearing an 'I love Shane T-shirt'

"What are you doing here?!" Shane yelled horrified "I had a restraining order on you Lin-Lynn!"

"That was only in California" The girl called Lin-Lynn said jumping off the bleachers "and Texas and Ohio" she charged at him "But not in Connecticut! Buahahahaha!"

"SECURITY!" Shane screamed. Two big security guards appeared and caught Lin-Lynn by the arms just before she made it to Shane and hauled her away.

"I'll have you someday Shane Brandon McMahon!" Lin-Lynn screamed "They can't keep me in the mental institution forever!"

"I can't believe she found him again" Stephanie sighed slapping a hand to her forehead

"Who was that?" Paul asked.

"Her name's Lin-Lynn" Steph replied "She's from the Philippines. She's crazy in love with my brother"

"Oh" Paul laughed.

At the game two weeks later-

"Okay were screwed" Matt Hardy concluded

The team had just seen their opponents the TNA Wolverines. The Team consisted of Chris "Abyss" Parks, Dustin Rhodes, Christian Cage, Robert Roode, and Judas Mesias. All of them were huge. The Tigers looked at each other. Only Mark was the same size as the Abyss guy.

"I wonder why they call him Abyss?" Shawn wondered out loud

"Because I heard when you look in to his eyes you're staring in to the black abyss of his soul" Paul London replied trembling.

"Guys come on now" Austin said joining the guys "We can do this. You just have to believe in yourselves"

The boys looked at each other with blank looks like 'what does believe mean?'

An hour later- The score was already 10-74. The Tigers were indeed screwed.

"We've only got five minutes left" Bobby sighed wiping his face with a towel. "Let's just try and keep them under eighty"

"Yeah" the others dragged themselves out of the locker room.

"Hey Mark?" A quiet voice said from the side. It was Sara.

"I just wanted to say good luck" she said blushing. She walked up to him and gave him a light kiss on the cheek.

Mark heard whistling and clapping from behind him. The team had seen the whole thing.

For the rest of the game Mark played the best game he could even if the Tigers only lost by three points that night it was worth it.

Final Score: 75-74