Forget the Future

Summary: Harry is ripped from a future where the world lies in the power of the dark one, but where he is happy. Called to be a saviour in the past he builds himself his army of future followers but can't forget those ones he left behind.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognisable characters they are the property of J.K. Rowling and other affiliated members. I am but a lowly student with time on her hand and a wild imagination.

A/N: The story will not feature any OCs expect in dream sequence! Random or no pairing but may on request.

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Time Napped

"Albus please" pleaded Professor McGonagall as she followed him around the office but he was too busy drawing symbols around the room and paid little attention to her. "Albus" she repeated more firmly "this is the work of a mad man."

Stopping suddenly he faced McGonagall "this is the only way there are dark times ahead with Voldemort free and his death eaters around we have no choice."

"There is always a choice" she said stubbornly "is that not what we tell our students."

He shook his head regrettably "Sometimes there is simply not," he moved passed her "I would like you to trust me."

McGonagall stared aimlessly at him unsure but then remembered who this man was and gave him a compliant smile.

"Please would you get Potter for me" he said grateful for her trust "I must begin in peace"

"Al" she started but thinking better of it she shook her head "fine" and with a sweep of her cloak she was out the room.

Albus stared around his room and picked up a book and with that he began the spell one that would ensure the victory of the side of light.

Future 2021

Harry crouched low behind some bushes his partner close behind him. He scanned the area and counted the number of enemies. He looked down at his watch and waited for the signal. A yellow light obstructed his vision for a second and as it cleared he saw Hermione and Draco flying on a broom. He grinned remembered the times when she couldn't stand the sight of them. His eyes then shifted to the left and Ginny and Neville joined the fight but this time from the ground they had been using dissolution charms to conceal themselves against the walls of the cavern.

He waited for the last team and soon enough Luna and Ron joined the fight, he watched as a multi-colouring spell spattered his enemies and laughed at Luna's brilliance she had come a long way and most of the more flamboyant spells that they used were her work. A noise behind him alerted him back to his partner who was creeping forward theirs eyes met and a quick nod from Harry let them know it was time to move. They stood suddenly and apparated into the middle of the fight a shockwave of pure magical energy slammed outwards as they touched ground sending some men flying backwards. Now Harry had to time his act perfectly, his friends were to make themselves get boxed in and when their enemies had all there backs turned Harry would use the chaining curse which would shoot a bolt of magic through each person causing them to be immobilised and then while his team mates apparated out he would use the obliteratas curse killing them instantly. His eyes watched as he saw his friends move closer their backs facing each other as they faced down the enemy, Harry stood his wand held out the curse on his lips when he fell to the ground and collapsed a scream was on his lips as he felt his soul being ripped from his body.


Harry screamed as he felt himself stop. His breathing was laboured and yet as he looked at his hands he could see that he was not flesh. He wondered faintly what dark magicks were at work and prayed that the others were ok. He lifted his head up and was shocked to see the face of his old long time dead professor.

"What?" croaked Harry as he stared at Albus face

"Wonderful" said Albus "it worked"

Harry picked himself up from the floor "what dark magicks is this?"

"Dark magic Harry" he laughed "certainly not. Even in my old age I would not fall to the seduction of the dark arts- even if a few of the spells have tickled my fancy"

"Who are you?" repeated Harry his eyes never leaving the man speaking. His arms moved to his trousers pocket for his wand which was not there, he risked a moment to glance down and then flicked them back up to the man

"Aah yes" said Albus as he took a seat "I will get to that but, how have you been?"

Harry remained mute.

"Aah I see you have become warily over the years which proves that what I am doing is all the more correct"

"What are you doing?"

A knock on the door made Albus smile wider "aah yes there they are I think this will clear everything up… do come in" he called out.

Harry's eyes shifted quickly to the door and for the second time in a day he felt his eyes widen, there in front of him stood his younger self.

"What have you done" Harry roared as he strolled towards Dumbledore. Though he could not touch anything he attempted to grip Dumbledore robes in a threatening manner. "Explain now"

The anger on Harry's face made Dumbledore falter this was not the same person as the one that stood in his doorway, this person was dangerous no longer a boy but a man hardened by war death and hate.

"I brought you back from the future in hopes that you could change the future. I know with certainty that a war is coming and at present we cannot win without some extra help on our side"

"So you thought you'll play with my life" he roared "I am not your tool Dumbledore I have not been for a long time, I insist you send me back right now"

Dumbledore sat calmly back down, "I cannot that is the problem with this spell there is no way to reverse it"

"What" roared Harry again "do you understand what you have done, there are people that rely on me, they will die without me"

"It can be changed Harry, you can save everyone"

"I was happy" said Harry as he looked down and to his side, "sure some of the people I loved and cared about were dead and sure there was still a war going on- but I was happy. I had a family and friends and I was loved". He looked back at Dumbledore fury in his eyes "You have no idea what you have done, what you have sentenced me to."

Dumbledore leaned closer unafraid by what he saw in the man, "Why can you not see the good in this Harry this is for the best?"

Defeated slightly Harry sank to the floor "I cannot exist without them"

"Whatever do you mean" asked McGonagall who had been watching the boy closely.

But Harry continued oblivious "So what was your plan? I tell you everything and you change it" his tone was bitter

"Not exactly the only way for you to continue to exist- for you will die if you are not bound with your present day body. Both parties must be willing for the unity and if not you will fade away into existence"

"So I must join" he jerked his head to his younger self his stepped back in alarm "him and all my memories will transfer to him" he laughed "in hopes that you make his life easier. Your plan is flawed because if he has my memories then he'll see all that I've been through, he'll feel them as if they are his own; my loss my hate my anger will be his. So much for saving his innocent soul the things I've done is enough to make even you turn your head. Are you willing to torture him on behalf of everyone else?"

"That is a decision you both must make"

Harry stood "Aah yes your most infamous manipulative tactics pretend there is a choice to be made when really you have manoeuvred us into having none. If I agree to this I want nothing to do with you"

"Harry" began Dumbledore sure he would be able to sooth the man's temper.

"I am no longer your man Dumbledore" he turned slowly. It pained him to say this to a man who he had respected for so long but a man who had now ruined his life once more.

"Boy" he said to his younger self "let's go to the lake it has been a long time since I've seen it"

Younger Harry watched both Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore before following himself out the door.

Professor McGonagall looked at Dumbledore "I hope it will be worth it"

"It will be" said Dumbledore firmly "it must be" he repeated.


Young Harry sat besides the river casting anxious gazes towards his older self, he knew of the possibilities of magic but even this was unbelievable. His older self had messier and longer black hair which would not suit the younger Harry but fit the older rougher Harry. His build was wider and muscular and he wore no glasses. His clothing were tattered but still managed to look fitting, even his mannerisms had changed. He was confident and bold and had a sureness about him that Harry himself could only imagine to have. But his eyes were hollow and there seemed to be a pain in them.

They sat in silence corporeal besides incorporeal.

"So what do you think?" said Harry softly

"I don't know" replied the older Harry "do we have any choice either I exist or I don't there isn't much choice. It is you that has to agree"

"I have no choice either I can't just let myself not exist and plus if I can save people with your knowledge then I will. If I had this knowledge before the cup-" he paused

"So it's your 4th year Cedric's dead then" Harry nodded "then I guess we have no choice but… there are things about my memories that may be hard to take"

"I'll deal with them" he said quickly

"There is this pain that I-we'll have to live with"

"Worst than a constant connection to Voldemort"

"Worst than that, it's a pain that feels as if you're missing half your soul I can feel it even in my incorporeal state I do not know how a 14 year old will handle it"

"I can handle the pain."

The other Harry nodded knowingly but otherwise remained silent "I'm giving you one last chance"

"I said I'll handle it"

Harry nodded "fine" but sat in silence looking around "it's weird to be back here back to where it begun and ended"

"You said you were happy" said Harry suddenly as he looked at himself "how can you say you were happy when you told Dumbledore that you've seen so many bad things?"

Harry shook his head from side to side in a thoughtful manner "I don't know. It was strange I didn't even know I could be happy I didn't know I could give like that and received like that. In this life all I have known is pain and loneliness but there- there I had people that understood that and somehow we made a place where it didn't exist." He turned to Harry "do you understand? Everything that I had been through thus far in my life suddenly seemed worth it, even Cedric's death while it wasn't right or acceptable it was just another thing that I had to endure to let me get to the good stuff to let me find home." His voice trailed of as he begun to reminisce;

Harry sat hidden in the shadows of a half desolate building, he was on guard duty and it was his job to make sure that nothing got in to harm his friends, his eyes darted about in alertness and he wondered how many people he wouldn't be able to save tonight, how many tortured souls would give into the darkness around and how many tears would be shed on such a beautiful night.

"Hey" her voice was soft and while Harry didn't turn around he smiled softly "I thought you were all asleep"

She moved closely "maybe you're asleep and this is a dream" her voice was low and husky as she slinked towards him, sitting down in front of him he linked their fingers as she rested her head against his chest.

"Trust me this isn't what I'd be dreaming about"

"Oh yeah" her voice was breathless and he could feel her body vibrate against his, the warmth seeping from her into him making him pull her closer despite the heat of the night.

"No" he looked down at her and she smiled letting him steal a quick kiss before looking over his shoulder.

"Guys" she said and Harry turned and watched his friends all of which were giving him some amusing glances.

"So what would you be dreaming about Potter" asked Draco and Hermione elbowed him in the stomach before moving forward,

"look Harry we know you don't like making a fuss but well we decided to anyway because today isn't just for you its for all of us"

Ron nodded "yeah mate, it means another year has gone by and well… we haven't kicked the bucket" he then sighed in defeat "and another year where I've failed to push Malfoy down a never ending well" he snapped his fingers "all I have to do is find one first"

Draco frowned but everyone else laughed aware that there was no more malice between the two while taking comfort in knowing that even the war couldn't stop them from being exactly who they were meant to be.

"Don't let me have to curse you weasel maybe this time I can curse you with a brain Merlin knows you haven't been using your thus far"

Ignoring them as best as she could Ginny moved closer "so we thought what was the best way to spend not dying and-" Neville removed from his robe a bottle of firewhisky "we thought getting drunk was in order"

"Right" said Ron who had finished arguing "alcohol" he waved his wand and suddenly everyone had a glass in their hand "to us" he said as he raised his glass and they all drank a shot glass amount.

Hermione waved her wand and refilled the glass and tilting her glass to Harry she nodded "And the man who united us" they all drank. Hermione then coughed and slumped to the floor where the others soon followed.

"To Gryffindor courage" began Neville and then looked at Draco "and Slytherin cunning" they drank.

"To having real friends" said Luna as the glasses was refilled and then drank.

"To cute boys" laughed Ginny and the girls joined in "no really to family" she finished sombrely. They drank and then turned to Draco who seemed to be thinking

"To" he began weighing each world carefully "to. Finding ourselves" he said finally and they all drank.

Hermione coloured "I don't think I can take much more of this"

"Just two more" said Ginny who was red faced.

Harry nodded to his partner and she began "to love…having it and giving it" they all raised their glasses and drank but ended up coughing.

"Come on Potter" said Draco and they all began to chant "Potter, Potter, Potter"

Harry laughed "only you could get them to call me that" he then looked up at the moon before looking back at his glass "I think you got them all" he said quietly "but" he swished his glass "we can always drink to what we're fighting for"

They all traded looks before raising their glasses "to freedom!"

"To freedom" Harry whispered and then drank for the last time.

The rest of the night passed by in a hazy of laughter and drunken stupor… only 3 people died that night and a candle was lit for each.


Harry stood "let's do this then"

Eager to follow younger Harry stood "Em how exactly do we do this"

He stopped and thought for a moment "I'll just walk into you, just try and will yourself to want me"

Younger Harry nodded and closed his eyes and waited.

A/N: The story will not feature any OCs expect in dream sequence!

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