Forget the Future

Summary: Harry is ripped from a future where the world lies in the power of the dark one, but where he is happy. Called to be a saviour in the past he builds himself his army of future followers but can't forget those ones he left behind.

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It seemed as if everything was falling into place. The majority of his team was together working- not exactly in unity but towards a common goal and that for Harry was an immense sign of relief. But call him Mr Pessimistic but the more things began to fit into place the more wary Harry became. Not really unusual for one who had practically been raised in a war zone. Plus with Umbridge around it wasn't exactly difficult to keep his guard up.

The nights remained the hardest. During the day he could get himself lost in the training and the reading and the work but at night it was only him and his thoughts- a dangerous place. At night when he was supposed to be resting his mind would remain on high alert. Who was manning the post? If it was one of the girls he forced himself to sleep light- or not at all just in case.Did they remember to activate all the charms? Did they need reinforcing? The answers were all of course unimportant since he wasn't exactly in a war zone. But his mind would not believe it. Harry knew that above all the mind was the most treacherous part of the body and Voldemort problem. Yes Harry knew that the myth was that old Voldie didn't have a heart he traded that in for immortality well actually for horcruxes but they amounted to the same. But before he sold his soul for shiny toys he had had a heart abet a broken and twisted one a heart nonetheless. A heart that treasured power and pretty dabbles, that was his weakness. So even when he sold his heart his mind remembered this lo- desire and tricked him into becoming more consumed by his greed. The way of defeating Voldemort was never about hitting the body that housed the soul but the brain- the mind. The mind makes fools of every man and that would be the way to take him down.

Constant vigilance. Harry remembered Moody telling him and he had never forgotten it. He was relatively safe here and didn't have to worry about whether he would wake up or whether his friends would wake up. The biggest threat here was him and he knew it. His control of his magic was becoming pitiful and he found himself all too often using his mental powers to calm himself down. His head constantly throbbed at the excessive strain he was putting his body through and his magic bubbled along his veins, fighting against the constraints that he had slammed down. More often than he would have liked he began casting wandless magic in his sleep and sometimes during day dreams. Fortunately he got a handle on it before anyone other than his friends spotted it. But his lack of control was worrying he had never felt so inhuman so out of touch with himself. He could cause the future to remain the same or even worst if he did not get a handle on himself.

"Potter" said Draco as he came slamming into the room of requirement

Harry barely turned to face him "what?" he asked as he sent out rapid hexes into the dummy

"I don't think this is going to work." He looked much better than he had months before. The cold sneer was back and his eyes hardened in resentment.

"What?" Harry repeated

"This" said Draco "there's just too many of you" he shivered "do you know how disgusted I feel. I swear the slytherin's can tell I've been associating with youwhat if I catch something like oh, what if I start thinking noble thoughts or what if I decide that I want to do something brave" the you dripped with disgust as if he was talking about something vile

Harry lips curled "trust me Draco even after all those years in the future you still couldn't be considered a Gryffindor" but someone brave… he added to himself. Draco would prove himself to be far braver that any of them thought possible. Even now he didn't seem to understand that he was being brave by risking- going against all he'd been taught. He would have called it self preservation but Harry new better.

Meanwhile the answer seemed to appease Draco as he took out his wand and began practicing across the room from Harry. A part of the room which he had dubbed for slytherin's alone which of course meant for him only.

"Still. Is there nobody else who's less noble? This goody goody attitude is starting to grate on my nerves and I swear the other day they tried to involve me in some ritualistic practice"

"They were simply trying to form a group hug"

Draco huffed "and I didn't see you partake in that. What do you fancy yourself to good- or shall I say to bad for that now. Besides there were way too many arms and legs in my vicinity to be harmless… that ginger one I think she wants to kill me. She keeps touching me"

This time Harry let a full smile cross his features "Ginny's a bit enthusiastic you get use to her"

"Oh god I do don't I" he turned to Harry and frowned "I just don't get you lot. I mean I've done some less than nice things to you and your all with the hugging and the touching- I just wish there was still that hate"

"Do you still hate us?"

"Of course" said Draco without any hesitation "you are all I hate and loaf in the world"

"That answer came a little to quickly sorta like a programmed response"

Draco blinked "so"

"I'm just saying if maybe you thought about it a bit more you may find us… tolerable"

Draco huffed quietly for a moment and then shook that idea of "So why are you hiding away in here?"

"I'm not hiding" defended Harry

He raised his brow a smirk appearing "That answer came a little too quickly"

"I'm not hiding I'm brushing up on my skills." He said forcing himself to appear less defensive

"But I thought you and the trio did everything together"

"We are separate people you know"

"So then who is it that gets in between the trio then?"

"What do you mean?" he asked as he stopped

"I have eyes you know. I see the distance between you guys"

"There is no distance… I just" he paused "why are you watching us anyway"

"Keep your friend-enemies close Potter"

"There is no one- nothing" he corrected quickly "we are all close in the future war does that"

"War can also break bonds Potter. So tell me who threatens to break you apart"


"Harry your not seriously going are you?" asked Ron as he watched Harry search the room for his potions kit


"But you can't trust her" he turned to Hermione "tell him Mione"

Hermione took a step forward "his right she's been with them for a long time she could be leading you into a trap"

Harry picked up his kit and straightened "she's not" and then checked to make sure it was fully stocked once satisfied he closed it and placed it in his robes "she not" he repeated.

"And how do you know" Ron demanded "it's no time to be loosing you head over a piece of skirt"

Harry stiffened "it's not about that and you know it"

Hermione gasped "you slept with her already. Oh Harry" When he looked at her he saw pity and he instantly went on the defensive

"It's not even about that. She has some information we need it and so I'm going"

"Harry if it's because of Ginny and Draco"

Harry's eyes toughened "it's not about that. You know I'm happy for them besides Ginny and I was over a long time ago"

"Bleeding hell, you've gone and fallen for her" said Ron

"I haven't she has info"

"Fine then let someone else go instead" Hermione reasoned as she took a step closer

"It has to be me"

"Then it's a trap. If we all can't go then-"

"You can't go because you don't trust her" he yelled "and I don't have time to start going over this with you"

"Harry" began Hermione "that's hardly fair"

"Do you trust me" he asked his eyes shifting between the two of them and he saw the hesitation "fine" he began walking towards the door "this isn't the first time you've bailed on me"

Ron faced reddened as he saw the hurt look on Hermione's face "that's right unfair mate"

"You were supposed to be my friends. Do you think it's too much to ask for some trust? I have never asked you to put yourself on the lines for me I made you choose. You know that nothing it more important to me than trying to keep you safe and when I try to, you question me. What is it that you want from me? Not to take any chances. To stay here and plan while people are dying? To see me break down perhaps"

"Harry stop" Hermione said almost in tears "you just don't let anybody in anymore"

He turned to face them his own face angry "let you into what. What do you want me to share with you? My guilt? I am not the little boy that you knew"

"Your damn right you're not" snapped Ron "I think Malfoy's beginning to rub of on you because I don't know when you thought it was alright to lay into your friends. This is not cool"

"Cool? Do you think I'm tying to win a popularity contest? This is war and I won't let anybody else die if I can help it"

"But what if you go and die. Then who do we have" asked Hermione

"You seem to think I'm a bit of a loose cannon. Why don't you write a plan see how that works out for you? After all it doesn't seem like I'm much help to the world I'm certainly not enough to trust"


"I think I better go hand over my soul to the devil" he said curtly before walking out the door

"Damn it Potter" yelled Draco "do I always seem to make you nostalgic?" because if I do I can leave"


"Damn it quit with the apologises quite frankly they make me uncomfortable and I'm not sure what to do with them"

Harry didn't have time to respond because Hermione and Ron came into the room.

"Sorry I'm later" began Hermione

"I had to go track her down at the library" Ron sniggered "you know has she gets when she's around books"

Hermione threw him a dirty look "I was just looking up some spells that I thought we could try" she took the paper out of her bag and walked over to Harry "maybe there are some you could suggest and if there not on their I'll look it up for you"

Harry smiled "I'll sure they'll all be fine. I trust you explicitly" Hermione beamed as Harry thoughts trailed of.


"Was that dark magic" asked a furious Hermione

"It was magic Hermione"

"But it was dark arts"

"We need to know this stuff to defend against it"

"We never need to before"

"Well we do now" he looked up from his book "trust me I can handle it"

"Harry please just be careful" she bit her lip in worry

He rolled his eyes sure that there would be nothing to worry about.

He didn't know how wrong he would be. If only he had trust Hermione.

When Harry came round Neville and Luna were also present. He really needed to focus on the future.

3 Months Later

It was almost time for Christmas and Harry was happy with the way things were progressing. He was getting a grip on his powers and he was finding a way to reconnect to his friends and Draco in this time. Maybe in time he could forget the future.

As of now Harry was in defence against the dark arts, there were suppose to be reading a chapter in the book on how to defend against whesselbees which were harmless creatures. This class was boring since Harry was an expert in this subject. When Umbridge wasn't looking he began to flick through the book, looking for some spell that he had forgotten to teach his friend. His hand stopped on a page with a small paragraph on the effects of dark magic on wizards. His mind had recently been thinking about dark magic…

"Mr Potter"

Harry blinked to find Umbrige in front of him

"Is my class that boring Potter?" she repeated

Harry fought the urge to say yes but instead choose to remain silent.

"That'll be a detention tonight what you say this evening with me writing lines" she smiled cheerfully as he looked back down at his book and sighed.

Ron gave him a sympathetic smile which Harry ignored, today was going to be a trial some day, which it proved to be when he was cornered by Cho Chang as he was making his way to the R.O.R.

"Harry" she called and he frozen to his spot mentally going over how painful this conversation would be. Slowly he turned to face her.


"What you doing?" she asked appearing to try and be casual

"Stuff" he said

"Look I was wondering if you know the next visit to Hogsmead we could hang out" she clutched the strap of her bag in a nervous manner.

Inwardly Harry groaned "I would love to but I'm busy that visit maybe next time"

Her face broke out into a shy but big grin "next time Harry. Valentines' next time"

Harry's eyes widened "look I didn't mean to"

"Its ok I'd love to go with you" she said giving him a peck on the check as she left leaving Harry speechless. Even with the years he had added he still couldn't speak to girls.

"Oi what's wrong Harry" Ron asked as Harry entered the Room

"Nothing!" he said "Cho thinks I asked her out on Valentines Day"

"Oh and she turned you down" said Luna kindly while Ron muttered something about girls being mental.

"No, she didn't, and I didn't really ask her she sorta thinks I asked her and then skipped away before I could say otherwise"

"What are you complaining about you were all into Cho during the Yule Ball- what changed?" Ron turned to face Harry as if he was the one that was mental.

Hermione huffed "it's been years since then for him not simply months. I suppose he got over her"

"Whose better than Cho?" said Ron in disbelieve. Ginny smacked him in the head with her wand and he moaned in pain "what's that for"

"For being insensitive to the other girls in the room"

He cast a look at Hermione who was avoided his gaze "oh come on its not like you girls care about that stuff"

"What stuff" questioned Hermione "whether boys think we're attract enough"

"Well yeah"

"You are the most…."

Draco who had just come into the room laughed "every time I come into here your arguing. Just make out with each other already the tension is making us all feel sick"

"I don't- she don't" they stuttered turning red in embarrassment

Feeling pity for them Ginny turned to Draco "we were talking about how Cho thinks Harry invited her out on Valentines Day"

"And you don't want to go" he asked in disbelief "your not queer in the future are you? Although it would explain a lot"

Harry frowned "no I'm not. I just don't like her anymore beside I know who she ends up being with in the future"

"That must suck. I mean all these girls and you can't be with any of them" he said unsympathetically "well that's more for me"

"Not really since I know who you end up with"

Draco paled "I don't end up with anyone. Draco Malfoy does not get tied down"

Harry grinned "yes yes you do. I would beware because they could be any of the girls you decide to date now"

"Shut up you're lying" he said furiously

"Oh no, I'm really not." So Harry could be a little childish if felt good to let go once in a while.

"Hum" said Luna "I forgot about that. You know who all of us end up with in the future. Is it weird?"

"Weird? A little I suppose but if it was meant to be it'll happen"

Curious Hermione leaned in closer "you're not tempted at all to push people together" he shook his head "even your own relationship. I mean you don't want to date Cho because of obviously your future relationships. So does that mean you're never going to date until you meet that person who you're with in the future? Because in a way you are trying to cause it to happen, you could easily be happy in this world with someone new because maybe whoever your with in that world suited the you in that world"

"He is the him in that world" said Draco "it's just that she won't be the her she is in this world"

Hermione looked thoughtful "your right of course" she turned to Harry in expectation

"I- it's complicated" he settled "I don't know what's going to happen but I do know it's never going to be me and Cho"

"But you were happy" she insisted "don't you want to be happy"

"Things were always complicated between us" he said more to himself "right now if I saw her it could mess things up pretty badly. I need to be focused and she" he trailed of "look forget about that. What's important is that we're all set for the DA meeting in Hogsmead"

Ginny nodded and then cast a glance at Draco "you coming"

"What to be in public with you guys don't be funny. I can't afford to hang out with you anymore than I have to- I might catch something" Ginny's face fell

"Right of course"

"But I'll make such that the slytherin's are away from there." He seemed to wonder of "I may have to snog and hex a few people though"

Ginny brisked "like whom"

"Who what would I hex?"

"I don't bleeding care who you hex" she stood up "whose throats are you planning to shove your tongue down"

Draco blinked in sheer surprise "that's a bit vulgar isn't it. And why do you care"

Her face flamed as she realised everyone was watching her. Quickly she picked up her bag "I don't" and swung it over her shoulder as she stalked out the room.

He watched her go "that was a bit" his faced twisted into confusion and then into realization. He looked over at Harry who grinned. "No way in hell" he said as he got up "no way" he repeated and then shivered "what was I thinking" he asked and then turned "no don't answer that. I've got to get out of here before I" he stopped and walked out the room.

Harry eyes trailed after them. Something strange was going on. He noticed something strange going on with all of his friends recently. He had been getting along much better with them now but as he thought about it, it wasn't because he was changing but because they were. He looked around the room and noticed that they were becoming more like their future selves as time passed. He should have noticed it sooner but he had been so wrapped up in his own personal anguish that he had missed his friends' transformation. Since when did Ginny like Draco? Since when was Draco that easy to persuade? Why were Luna and Neville sitting so close together? And how come Hermione and Ron had suddenly become a twosome?

Harry worried was it his doing? He had the power to manipulate people into doing whatever he wanted by thought. Had he been channelling his emotions and desires to his friends? But most importantly what was he going to do about it? The only thing that came from him using his powers unconsciously was trouble…

She smiled a slow sort of amused smile "easy there"

His green eyes flashed "why aren't you afraid of me"

She shrugged and twirled her wand over each of her fingers before looking up at him "seems like your afraid of yourself for the both of us"

He stared at her his eyes eerily dark in the shadows of the room, his expression furious "damn it" he yelled "I am dangerous! You saw what I can do. You saw how all I had to do was think about hurting that guy and I did. That was dark magic" he paced "I was almost consumed by the feel of it" he turned to face her "I almost hurt you. I wanted to hurt you" he repeated as he looked away and closed his eyes. He felt a hand on his shoulder and enjoyed the warmth of it before harshly moving away.

He moved feet away from her. One hand rested on the wall as he fought to gain control. His breathing was laboured "don't touch me- I can't think when you do and I can't control the darkness in me"

She moved back to the wall and began twisting her wand "I guess dark magic is like heroin takes a while to flush from your system"

Harry forced a laugh as adrenaline pulsed through his veins and his breathing slowed "when my friends told me that I shouldn't touch dark magic I told them I could handle it. I can't. Draco told me how hard it would be to stop using it; I thought he was joking" he laughed a dry laugh "but I get it now and merlin I wish I didn't." he shook of the tone of anguish and self-pity and continued.

"It's always going to be there, there's always going to be a part of me that I will be afraid of, a part of me that I will be tempted to draw out and justify the use of using, a part of me that I'm always going to have to hide. I'm never going to feel like me ever again"

"I'm sorry" she whispered, her voice feeling like velvet across his skin

"Be smart and stay away from me" he pleaded

"I can't" she said "you know I can't"

He slid down to the floor and traced his hand across the cold tiles "I'm dangerous"

"So am I" she said wolfishly with a grin

He ignored her "you could go to one of the safe houses or I could fix one up for you or I could"

"Or you could stop being a coward and we can go find your friends and"

"I'm not being a coward" he growled "I am trying to protect you- them. I can control myself better when I'm alone"

"So that's what your life is going to be like then- alone" she accused

"If I have to"

"Coward" she repeated in a tone that made Harry jump up and stalk over to her. His eyes were hooded but his magic was flaring around him displaying his anger.

"Stop calling me that. I am trying to protect you"

She shoved him backwards "no you're not your trying to protect yourself. You're afraid of being rejected by your friends if you go back and ask for forgiveness- you're afraid of you're feelings" she tore into him "What you can use the dark arts as if it was breathing but your afraid to feel?" her tone was mocking and bitter and it slashed at him

"Shut up" he bit out and shoved her hard against the wall. He was so angry that he didn't even hear her hiss in pain. His green eyes scorched from under his lashes his glare deadly.

"You don't understand what its like to have this dark thing inside of you and then to have feeling complicate it. It's telling me to take what I want with force it's telling me to forget about consequences and if I slip for just one second I could literally force someone into doing it- wandless. If I let emotions get in the way we wouldn't be having this conversation"

"Yeah" she asked "why's that"

"Because you make me want to kill you, I'm trying to save you and you're making it a hell of a lot harder than it should be"

She smiled "you're letting emotions get in the way now and guess what I'm still alive. So" she drawled "I don't think you want to kill me bad enough"

"Oh I'm getting there" he hissed

"I know about giving into the darkness I lived amongst it for months. I saw the way it can take over people's minds, corrupting the body and destroying the soul a bit by bit. Hell I know how hard it is to fight"

"Then why are you making it so hard" he shouted his eyes boring into hers

"Because if I don't it would be too easy to give in. I wish that there was someone with me who could have tempted me beyond reason to struggle with it. There was no one and it's hard to fight by yourself and I was so tired…. When you found me I was going to kill myself I couldn't take it anymore the tug of war it was driving me insane slowly. You won't make it on your own"

"But you survived"

"Each day was a struggle don't you get it" she yelled finally breaking. It shocked Harry as he had never seen her lose her disposition, not once, not even when she faced her tortures face to face she remained calm and relaxed but she was finally breaking down. He wondered how much longer he would last

"This is something you can't do on your own" she said once she had calmed.

"I get it. I just- I can't…."

"You have to"

"It not that easy to fight!" he snapped "everyone out there expects me to win, to solve the problems and I can't afford to lose focus anymore. I've let this go on to long. I've let myself my desire my"

"You're only human"

His eyes darkened "maybe that's the problem"

"Dark magic isn't the answer"

"Maybe for me"

"Its make you feel less human- then how will you be any better than Voldemort"

The air cracked with magic "I am nothing like him" he hissed

She tilted her head in defiance "Then don't run from this- from me"

The change in the air was so sudden and yet to subtly that it took Harry a while to realise that he had slammed his lips on her. He hesitated wanting to pull back as he felt his magic begin to build up and try to gain some control. But as her lips warmed over his he found himself responding his hand dropped to her hips trapping her between him and the wall that they found themselves against. Blood boiled under his skin and he felt his magic explode around them shattering the glass and yet he could not stop. Anger changed just as swiftly to passion as the mood had minutes before. That was her power it seemed to make him feel so many things. He was aggressive and dominant as he pressed against her and heard her moan. He pulled back and gasped for breathe. He had kissed her before but not like this not when he was so out of control. He looked up at her afraid that he would see fear in her eyes but all he saw was passion filled eyes, and something else that he couldn't recognise. His jaw clenched in restraint and he watched a lazy smile appear across her face

"you can't do this alone without breaking. You'll need a way to find release… my way would have been death maybe yours could be something else".

He waited for a moment and then pulled back from her- reluctantly. She motioned to say something else when he held up a hand "give me a moment" he closed his eyes and waited till he was sure that he had his power back in control and that he wouldn't push her back into the wall as soon as he opened them. He opened them a grin appearing across his face "you've made your point. Although you're being awfully suggestive"

She shrugged "you've proven you have some control, and get that thought out of you head all I meant was maybe with your friends you'll find something else. So what do you say we go find your friends" he hesitated and she continued "you blew our roof and the windows we're going to need a place to stay?"

"I just hope that their building is made of stronger stuff- we can't have this happening again"

"You getting angry is quite likely, me kissing you" she paused "I don't know"

Harry moved over "you can't resist me" he whispered as they apparated away.

That was the day that led Harry on to the path to figuring out what the second part of the prophesy meant. That love was the key. Dark magic was much more powerful than normal magical and love was the only way that you could began to control it and not let it control you.

But right now Harry was in trouble. Big trouble. Just what had he missed when he had been consumed by his future? Just who else had been infected by him? How long would he hold out till he exploded? It was time he thought to get back into the real world. It was time to forget the future. If he didn't then nothing else matter because he wouldn't be around to change it and neither would his friends... their was only one way to go when magic become to much to contain. Voldermore was one example and the other well the other was dead... power corrupts but total power gets you killed.

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