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Chapter 1- Rose

The Doctor and Martha were thrown about inside the TARDIS; so much that Martha swore she'd be black and blue by the end. Lights flashed on and off as they were slammed into the control panel and then back again. Martha cursed. The Doctor laughed. The TARDIS sounded like it was also chuckling, but Martha supposed she could be imagining it. The whole craft tilted from side to side like a ship in a rolling sea. The floor was vibrating so much that it was getting incredibly difficult to speak properly, and the noise was unbelievable: an alarm screamed, and a blinding red light began to flash warningly. Suddenly Martha found herself on the floor, rolling about in sync with the craft. Glancing around she eventually managed to spot the Doctor also on the floor, holding onto a nearby rail with all his might. Then, as suddenly as it had descended into chaos, everything became still and silent. The TARDIS was lit normally once more and there were no flashing lights or screeching sirens; the floor was still and in its correct place, not jumping about like bouncy balls. And the ship did not slant, pitch or tip any longer. Springing up, the Doctor ran full pelt to the door, screwed his eyes tightly shut and whispered something under his breath, before he pulled on the door and... Stepped out onto this new world.

The Doctor was jumping up and down ecstatically as Martha exited the TARDIS. He bounded up with the largest grin ever and hugged her; she smiled back, unable to help herself. It was contagious. When he let her go, she peered about,

"Looks much the same as my Earth," she observed. Laughing madly, the Time Lord pointed to the overcast sky above,

"Except for those!"

Martha chuckled, "Yeah the huge zeppelins are an exception!" They laughed together for a while, but the Doctor quickly lost interest and began stealing anxious glances up the deserted alley they'd landed in. Martha broke the silence,

"How are we going to find her?"

"I don't know. I suppose I just kind of thought we'd arrive where she was. There's a whole Earth to search. But Torchwood would be a good place to start." Their thoughts were interrupted by the sound of heavy feet running, and a figure appeared at the bottom of the long alley. Whoever it was sprinted past them, panting, and throwing their head back to peer over their shoulder as an angry shout sounded close by,

"STOP! STOP RIGHT NOW!" Another figure appeared at the other end of the alleyway, blocking the way so the escapee couldn't pass. It was a female, dressed in a tight fitting black jacket, blue jeans and trainers; her blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Martha wondered who she could be. She looked back at her friend and discovered he was staring at the woman proudly.

"Rose," he mumbled softly.