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Chapter 9- Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Martha did not get any sleep that night. Her brain was exploding with all the nasty things she had thought and done to Rose. Shame and mortification overwhelmed her. Bu next morning, the exhausted woman had decided it was time to speak with the Doctor. And ask him to take her home.

Slowly and hesitantly Martha walked into the console room, hoping that the Doctor wouldn't be there, that she'd never have to say the words she was about to. Unfortunately, Martha saw the Doctor was there when she nearly fell down a hole in the floor panels; he was crouched at the bottom of the recess tinkering with wires and contraptions as usual.

"Doctor?" she called down quietly, maybe he wouldn't hear. A handsome, angular face with wild brown hair popped up and smiled widely at his friend, before he pulled himself up and stood facing Martha. With a swift movement he moved off, gathering his scattered tools and bundling them into a messy pile within a box, then he headed off towards the control panel, fixing the floor panel as he did so. She remained frozen to the spot as she stared at his back sadly.

"You alright Martha?" He had turned to look at her again. Why did he have to make things so difficult?! Taking a deep but shaky breath she gulped down the bile rising sickeningly in her throaty and began to speak hurriedly to get the ordeal over with,

"I...I want you to take me home." The Doctor tried to interrupt but she stopped him with her best scary glare and continued, "I've neglected my studies and my family long enough. I need to get back to my reality. As much as I love all this, I can't do it anymore...I don't expect you to understand."

"No I do," he interjected, his face was stony, but his eyes pained.

"You're angry," Martha said worriedly.

"No!" He cried, which made her look even more worried, "No," he repeated, this time in a more calm and controlled manner. He stared at her face, "I don't blame you, this life drives most people away after a while."

"It didn't drive a certain someone away and I'm happy for you both," she offered a real but downcast smirk, "But it's really time for me to move on." She watched him give few small nods and glance down at the floor. Moving uncertainly towards her friend, she put her arms warily around him and hugged him; he hugged back, but half-heartedly, and as she wiped the tears from her eyes she whispered, "Thank you for everything. I've loved it, every bit." He threw her an unbelieving look and she chortled sorrowfully, "Well most of it!" Martha risked a friendly peck on the cheek, before turning and walking briskly away into the heart of the ship.

Rose Tyler found the Doctor slumped in the chair in the control room, looking miserable and surprised, even a tad of guilt glinted in those gorgeous eyes. Her smiles faded as she sat down beside him and he did not even look at her, as he answered the unspoken question that hung between them,

"Martha's leaving." A look of understanding crossed her face and she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close as he rested his head on her breast. Rose felt every muscle in his body untense as he melted into her embrace, she sighed but remained quiet.

"She wants to go home, back to her family, back to her education. Says she can't cope with this life anymore." Rubbing his back soothingly she kept her silence, staying passive and patient. "I want her to do what she feels is right, but I don't want her to leave because you're back and we're together and she's uncomfortable."

"And you think that's the real reason?" Rose finally said, the Doctor nodded against her chest, he wasn't crying but she could tell he was upset. "She helped you find your way through." He nodded again and buried his head into the crook of her neck. A moment of absolute quiet passed between them when only the whir of the TARDIS could be heard. "Do you want me to talk to her?" Pulling back the Doctor stared into his dear -one's eyes and was nearly bowled over by how much trust and love he found in those beautiful pools of colour. "I'm not going to force her to stay, just find out what she's really thinking," she insisted calmly, honestly. His silence endured. "Please let me help," she pleaded. With a soft-eyed, loving look he ran a finger down her balmy cheek and whispered,

"I should just take her home." Rose pecked him on his lips and stood up,

"It's your choice." And without another word she breezed off down the corridor, a sly smile on her face,"But I'm going to give a little helping hand anyway."

BASH! Martha paused from packing her suitcase and stared at the door with fear in her eyes. BASH! There it was again. Taking a few paces forwards, her trembling hand reached out and turned the doorknob, it swung open to reveal Rose. Martha gulped, she was silent. Rose stood completely still, her face entirely passive. Without talking Martha stepped aside and let the blonde in, before she closed the door. Martha pushed her case off her bed, sat down in its pace and stared at her feet as Rose settled herself on the fluffy carpet.

"Is he angry?" Rose gazed up at her with kind eyes,

"Not at all. He's upset because you're leaving yes, but he's not angry." Martha sighed,

"You can't convince me to stay. I've made my choice."

"I'm not here to convince you to stay." A probing look appeared in the medical student's eyes. "I'm here to find out why you're going." Martha opened her mouth to speak but Rose had not finished, "The REAL reason. And whatever my relationship is with the Doctor, I'm not going to report back to him or anything. I'm here because I love him, but also because you're my friend and I'm worried about you." Surprisingly, all of a sudden Martha's shoulders shuddered and slumped, her head dropped into her hands; Rose quickly stood and rushed to the Young woman, putting a comforting arm about her shoulder.

"I'm sorry," Martha sat back up and wiped her eyes, not looking at the blonde,

"What for?" Rose genuinely no clue what Martha could be sorry for.

"I've been awful to you recently. How can you call me your friend?"

"One, I liked you from the moment I met you. And I'm sorry that I was jealous about you travelling with the Doctor and all. But, I knew if the Doctor picked you, you had to be great! And two, you have not been awful; talk about the overstatement of the year!" Martha stared at her, a little upset smile on her lips and for a few minutes there was silence. "The Doctor thinks you're leaving because ...of us." The other woman's eyes fell shamefully to the floor as she stammered,

"W-well, it's not just that. I really should get back and spend time with my family and my studies."

"But you shouldn't leave on our account. I'd love you to stay and I know the Doctor would too. But if you've definitely made up your mind to go then I don't want to force you to stay." Pausing she stared straight ahead and shrugged, "But why don't you stick around for one more trip. Could be fun." Martha gave a chuckle and nodded,

"If my last trips are anything to go by then we'll probably end up being chased by monsters and running for our lives." Laughter filled the room and the two leaned against each other giggling madly. "Do I take that as a yes then?"

"I think so," Martha said as she finished laughing and smiled widely. Slapping her legs loudly as she stood, Rose grinned and held out her hand for the other woman to shake.


"Oh yeah," and they shook hands firmly beaming as they did so; Rose was delighted and she pulled Martha into a huge hug of gratitude. When she let go she couldn't help but shout, "GREAT! We better go and tell the Doctor, he'll be ecstatic!" And taking a firm hold of Martha's hand she led her away from her half-packed case and bad thoughts.

Rose and Martha walked arm in arm into the control room, chatting away like two old school friends, laughing away at memories of adventures and the Doctor's odd traits. The Time Lord stared blankly at the two females, his hand poised over the glowing control panel comically. Still chuckling loudly his partner let go of her friend and walked over to him,

"Martha's decided to stick around for one more trip." He stared at his friend in surprise in his eyes but a grin on his lips,

"Really?" Martha nodded. With a massive jump he gave a happy scream of FANTASTIC! And swept both Rose and Martha in to an enormous hug, all three of them laughed and the TARDIS hummed gladly. Then they broke apart and as Rose and Martha collapsed onto the seat, the Doctor pranced about the console, setting co-ordinates and preparing to set off across the stars.

"As it's your final journey, you can decide where we go, Miss Jones. But first we need to make a quick pit stop!"

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