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Hello, everybody! Thanks for the reviews! Chapter 2: At the Park.

It was the day that Cody was going to go out with Theo. Zack, once again, gave him the warning.

"Don't go Cod----."

"It's a prank!" Cody exclaimed. Karry came back and gave Cody lunch before he left. Cody walked out of the door with Theo and headed to the park to play baseball. Cody had changed these days.. he would study less and go out and play.

He met the Droo Crew who were also friends with Theo.. and then the danger began.

"I remember this idiot!" Droo said, "beat him!"

"Cody, this was all a scam, we brought you here because.. we wanted to beat you up!" Theo said. They all laughed and started kicking Cody.

"What the hell are you guys talking about?" Cody asked trying to restle himself with the crew, "I thought we were friends because you've been my friend for 2 weeks now."

"I was using you Cody!" Theo shouted and laughed. They all began to beat him. Zack came hurrying to the park after Cody and hid behind the bushes.. but he was too late to do anything. The crew had beaten Cody. While the fight was going on, Cody was shouting, "Please! Why isn't Zack here.. I need Zack.. why didn't I listen to him?" Cody asked miserably over the shouting boys kicking and howling with laughter. Zack heard this. He didn't know what the hell to do. He couldn't go out there alone. It was too late! "The other twin, that dweeb!" Droo said, "Does he make you feel better?" Some of the boys got injured in the fight. Cody had managed to kick them a couple of times but they had minor injuries. They all made whiney faces at him while beating him up. "Kill Theo!" Zack said in a loud whisper, "My brother." Someone managed to call 9-11. The police came to investigate but Cody couldn't really say much.. he was hurt! All that came out was, "Theo , Droo,". "This can't help," one of the officers said, "This is hopeless!" "He's hurt, what do you expect?" one of the officers replied. "I've never liked working with you," the first officer said.

"Same, you never do your job right," the second one said.

"I don't have time for this! Quick! The ambulance are on there way!" the first one replied. Then Zack finally came out of the bushes and told them the whole stories. "I've heard of that crew before, they are always up to mischief, they broke the Typton!" and then the second one added, "We'll look in to this for ya! Don't you worry!" He seemed happy! Why the hell would this officer seem happy. Cody managed to say, "Sorry." Zack knew that he was reffering to him. "It's ok buddy!" Zack replied. The officers had left and Zack was alone in the park but now and then, people would come up to him and ask questions like, "Were you involved in beating this boy?" Zack really got annoyed at this but didn't say anything to them except for replying to their questions. The ambulance came and took Cody to the hospital. Zack asked, "Can I go to the hospital .. he is my brother."

"Sorry, he is badly hurt, besides, you cannot go in to the room at this time because of his injury, the doctors plan to work with him alone," one of the ambulance crew said over his shoulder.

Fuck, Zack thought! Why didn't I beat the crew up? This is all my fault and now my brother is hurt with severe injuries. He ran back to the hotel.

"Zack, I have told you a million times not to run in the lobby!" Mr. Moseby shouted. Zack told him the whole story. Mr. Moseby went to go get Karry. The whole staff planned to go see him. Why didn't his brother listen to him? He was sooo mad that his brother thought it was a prank. They all got in the limo and headed to the hospital.

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