A NaruSasu/SasuNaru fanfiction.

Part nine – Final Chapter!!

Well, here it is, the last chapter, in which, Naruto and Sasuke FINALLY get it going!


Soo…. They've just left the party right.

Through a window.

And are now heading back to Naruto´s place.

Because it's the closest.

I've done my best to make this as lemonish as I could, and I hope you'll like it. I got a lot of requests that told me to make it long, soooo… ;)

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Chapter. 8 – Secrets of the Night

The air was fresh. The night breeze rustled the leaves gently, whispering between the trees in their own mysterious language while the full moon painted the night in silver, causing the rooftops to shimmer and shine like the stars above them.

There was no movement and not a sound was heard.

Then two shadows darted across the face of the moon. The pair jumped over the roofs of Konoha in silence, heading in the direction of the park in the middle of Konoha.

Had a by passer noticed them he wouldn't have thought much about it, but had he looked closer he would have seen that the two shadows were holding hands and if he had looked even closer yet he could se that the smaller of the two, a blond person, were glancing over at the other, trying to catch the person's eye.

When they passed through the park the blond suddenly pounced the other and pushed him against a tree nearby and then firmly placed his lips over the others.

The taller person seemed a bit annoyed by the attack at first, but then he submitted into the kiss and leaned back against the tree trunk with a content sigh.

The blond seemed perfectly pleased with this and deepened the kiss, making it fiercer while he slowly sneaked his hands underneath the other's shirt, erupting a gasp from his victim. His started rubbing his body against the other boy, doing quiet whimpering sounds in the back of his throat and smiled at the response he got.

Then he suddenly broke away with a smirk, leaving the other, cheeks flushed, gasping for air.

"What was that for?" Sasuke asked, raising one of his brows. Naruto shrugged.

"Nothing. I was just getting bored."

"Is that so?" Against his will Sasuke smiled. He grabbed Naruto´s tank top and pulled him back into a new kiss, not too unlike the previous one.

"How about now?" he asked when they broke apart, panting for air.

Without bothering to answer Naruto looked him into the eyes and then let his hand slide in between Sasuke´s legs and started rubbing gently against his dick.

Sasuke gasped and threw his head back. Naruto saw the chance and lowered his head too slowly run his tongue over the exposed piece of skin. Sasuke moaned and pushed himself against Naruto´s hand. Naruto rubbed harder, sometimes grabbing the hardening through the fabric, squeezing it gently before letting it go.

Sasuke glared at him hazily underneath half closed eyelids and reached for Naruto´s hand to make him continue, but the blond just grabbed him and leaned in closer with a slight vicious smile.

"You know… you look really cute when you're desperate," he whispered into the Uchiha´s ear before he flicked the lobe with his tongue, causing the raven to shiver.

"Don't sound so cocky, Dobe." He reached down with his free hand and grabbed the hardening between Naruto´s own legs.

"I'm not the only one being desperate here."

Naruto´s grin grew wider.

"Oh, just you wait. I'll have you begging me to fuck you once we get to my place."

"Hn. Right. And what makes you think I'll let you top?"

Naruto pressed himself closer, locking Sasuke against the tree, brushing his lips gently over Sasuke´s.

"What makes you think I'll ask?"

Sasuke tightened his grip around Naruto and smirked when the blond moaned hoarsely.

"I don't. But if one of us is going to be begging, it will be you."

He released his grip and darted away in the direction of Naruto´s house again. Naruto looked after him.

"Well, we'll just have too wait and see about that, wont we…"


They reached Naruto´s apartment shortly after and Naruto picked up the key from his pocket and stuck it into the lock.

"Hurry up." Sasuke urged at him. Naruto fumbled with the lock when he felt Sasuke´s hands slowly run down his back and underneath his shirt. Finally the door opened and they went inside.

The door barely had time to close properly before Naruto got slammed up against the wall for the second time that evening, Sasuke´s hungry lips covering his and hands pulling at his clothes. He tensed when he felt Sasuke´s hand close around his lower regions.

"Sasuke…" he moaned.

"What?" The Uchiha sounded bit annoyed.

"I… don't want to do it… in the hallway you know…"

Sasuke smiled at him.

"Then were do you suggest?"

Naruto took his hand and pulled him into the kitchen and from there into the bedroom and closed the door behind them. Sasuke raised a brow.

"Why did you do that? We're alone."

"Old habit…" Naruto walked up to the raven haired boy, not bothering to turn the lights on. Slowly he raised his hand and gently brushed the bangs away from the Uchiha´s face, gazing into the onyx black eyes. He stroke his fingers over the pale cheeks and Sasuke leaned into the touch with a shiver. Naruto pulled him closer and kissed him gently on the forehead, then on the cheeks, leaving a trail of soft kisses down to the neck. He slowly started to unbutton Sasuke´s shirt, scraping his fingers over his abdomen. In return Sasuke silently slipped his fingers underneath Naruto´s clothes and started moving his hands up and down the back, tugging the top upwards and slipping it over Naruto´s head and throwing it on the floor. Naruto did the same to Sasuke´s own shirt before kissing him again, moving slowly towards the bed. He was just about to turn and push Sasuke down onto it when Sasuke shoved him down instead and straddled his hips with a grin.

"What? You still thought you'd get to top?"

He bent down and kissed the tanned chest beneath him. Naruto sighed and shivered when Sasuke´s tongue circled around one of his nipples that hardened underneath the slick touch.

He could feel Sasuke´s erection press against his thigh and he reached down and rubbed against it with the palm of his hand. Sasuke´s breath hitched and he leaned his head against Naruto´s shoulder with a moan. Slowly he started rocking against the hand touching him, breathing and moaning into Naruto´s ear. Arousal travelling up and down his spine as the rubbing became faster. He couldn't take it much longer. He pulled away and started to fumble with the zipper to Naruto´s jeans. He could feel the blondes hardening through the rough fabric and the thought of it made his own manhood twitch.

"Get them off…" Naruto whispered hazily.

"I'm trying."

The zipper went down and Sasuke pulled the jeans of together with the boxers, tossing them aside to join the other pieces of clothing on the floor and then did the same to his own.

He pulled Naruto´s head closer and kissed him hungrily as he let his hand slid down the blonde's stomach, making swirls around the kyuubi-seal, causing Naruto´s hips to buck.

"Ahh!… Bastard!"

Sasuke smiled. He knew what kind of reaction this caused the other boy, and he had a lot of teasing to get revenge for. He lowered his head and let his tongue slide over the seal, nipping at it with his lips.

"Aahh! Oh god… Sas-aah!" He squealed when Sasuke ran his teeth over the sensitive skin.

That´s for the twister-game you bastard…

He lifted one of his hands and stroked over Naruto´s fully erected length and then closed his hand around it.

"Shh... You'll love this." Sasuke assured him and turned so that he was standing on all four head-down on the bed with his face above Naruto´s member.

"Wha-what are you doing?"

"Just lay still…"

The sensation was a fact. Naruto felt himself get surrounded by the slick warmth that was Sasuke´s mouth and gasped loudly when he felt the tip of the tongue play over the head of his member, running over the slit slowly. Sasuke´s mouth started moving, up and down, taking Naruto deeper and further with each dip.

"Ooh… God!" Naruto wriggled and turned, not sure of what to do with himself. The feeling was overwhelming. His hands grappled the pillow and the sheets and his eyes stared mesmerized at what Sasuke was doing to him. Then Sasuke suddenly stopped and looked at him. Slowly he moved his legs and placed them on each side of Naruto´s head.

"Your turn." He said with a smirk before he lowered his head and licked at Naruto´s dick again.

Half aware of what he was doing, Naruto let his tongue slide over Sasuke´s erection and felt a jolt of pleasure when he heard Sasuke moan. The vibrations sent trembles through his body and he did it again.

It was even better then before. The feeling of sucking Sasuke and being sucked at the same time was completely mind-blowing. He couldn't help but to moan and buck his hips up against Sasuke´s mouth and almost screamed when Sasuke took him deep down in his throat.

The same thing went for Sasuke when Naruto returned the favour, whimpering loudly, sending those blissful vibrations through his shaft.

He could feel the orgasm starting to build in the pit of his stomach when Naruto began to suck faster, moving his hand to match the movements of his mouth.

"Na-naruto… Stop. I'm…I'm gonna…!"

With a cry Sasuke came inside Naruto´s mouth, throwing his head back as a twitch travelled through his body. Naruto sucked eagerly, milking the last of the orgasm out before flipping the raven over.

Sasuke´s limp body collapsed at Naruto´s side, his body blank from sweat reflecting in the moonlight flowing through the window, chest heaving swiftly and his usually perfectly styled hair in a mess.

Naruto thought he looked much sexier this way.

"Did it feel good?" he asked with a grin. Sasuke glare at him underneath half closed eyelids.

"You…cheated…" he panted out.

"Cheated? I didn't know we had rules in the first place."

He rolled over to lie on top of the Uchiha and nuzzled his face into the crook of the pale neck.

"Baka… It's not about rules." Naruto smiled.

"I know." He rubbed his nose against the cursed seal. Sasuke hissed.

"Stop doing that!"

"Why? It's fun. Besides... it turns you on…"

"It does not!"

"Really? Then I guess it doesn't matter if I do this?" He flicked his tongue over the black mark. Sasuke moaned.

"Or this…" He brushed his teeth over the skin and bit at it slightly. Sasuke raised his hands to shove him off, but Naruto grabbed them.

"Uh-uh, don't think so, Sasuke." He lifted the caught wrists over Sasuke´s head and continued his ministration, enjoying the squirming his actions evoked at the dark haired teen beneath him.

"I know you like this, Sasuke. I still remember our first time…" He licked at the ear shell and breathed huskily into it.

"What are you talking about?" Sasuke felt his cheeks blush. He remembered, too well.

"Don't try to tell me you've forgotten it." He shifted his grip around Sasuke´s hands so that he could get one hand free and still hold the raven in place. He let the free hand roam slowly up and down the Uchiha´s body, bringing forth a tremble.

"I held your arms and I had you begging for it…" he whispered.

"Hn. Well, I hope you don't expect that to happen again." Naruto looked at him.

"Oh, but I do. I did it once. I can do it again."

"I doubt that." Sasuke felt the hairs on his neck stand up. There was a hunger in those blue eyes that he hadn't seen before. It was scary, but at the same time it turned him on to no end.

"Really? You shouldn't be… Not when all I have to do is this…"

Sasuke gasped when Naruto attacked his seal with his mouth. Licking, kissing, nipping and biting, all at once. He couldn't stand it, it was too much. His breathing hitched, hands clawed at the edge of the bed while he tried to keep his mind under control to no use. He was becoming hard again and he knew Naruto had counted it.

Suddenly Naruto stopped and looked down at him.

"Why… did you stop?" Sasuke asked throaty.

"You're so easy to fool its almost cute."


Naruto released his grip from Sasuke´s wrists and held both of his hands up in front of the Uchiha with a smirk. The thing was that Sasuke still couldn't move his hands.

"What the..?" He looked up and saw that both of his hands were securely tied around the edge of the bed with a thin belt. He turned back to a viciously smiling Naruto.

"Release me!" he ordered.

"Now, Sasuke. Where's your manners gone?" Naruto laid down beside him and started drawing invisible swirls on the flat stomach.

"I'm not going to tell you again, dobe. Let me go!"

"That's too bad…" Naruto drew his finger down to Sasuke´s inner thigh and continued doing his swirls. Sasuke hissed.

Naruto looked down on the body, almost as if hypnotized, moving his fingers in circles, writing invisible messages on the pale skin, ignoring the sounds coming from Sasuke.

He glanced at his victim when a feathery touch caused the raven to whimper loudly.

He stopped the swirling and raised his hand to Sasuke´s face, holding up three fingers in front of his mouth.

Sasuke stared at him in confusion.

"Suck them." Naruto ordered.


"Take them in your mouth."

"Why should I?"

Naruto leaned over him.

"Because if you don't I'll force you to. Now suck."

The sudden ferocity in Naruto´s voice came as a slight shock to Sasuke. The predatory look in those blue eyes were back and when their eyes met he felt pure ecstasy run through his body and settle in his stomach like a chidori gone wild. God Naruto was hot when he did that!

He took the fingers into his mouth and sucked at them, making sure they got real wet and slippery.

Naruto looked at him and licked his lips at the sight of the pink tongue molesting the digits and moaned quietly.

Then he took the fingers out and went down to position himself between Sasuke´s legs, spreading them firmly apart. He let one of his fingers caress the entrance and pushed it in slightly. Sasuke yelped and jerked away. Naruto grabbed him by the hip and pushed him down again, probing the finger in more resolutely, moving it around and stretching the hole before inserting a second one, scissoring the digits around.

"Relax…" he said softly.

"I-it feels weird…"

"Not for long, just relax."

Sasuke clenched his eyes shut when the third finger entered, trying to focus on something else then the horrible tension. The fingers wiggled inside him and suddenly they brushed against something, making him arch and grasp the edge of the bed with both hands.

Naruto smirked and hit the spot again.

"Aah! Fuck Naru-Ah!"

"Feels good?" Naruto asked.

"Aah… fuck you... know it doe-aahh!"

Naruto began wiggling his fingers faster, brushing against Sasuke´s prostate repeatedly with all three fingers.

Sasuke tried to say something but could only muster some rambling, inaudible sounds mixed with sharp whimpers and moans.

"What was that, Sasuke?" he pulled the fingers out after hitting the spot one last time and looked at Sasuke with faked interest.

Sasuke felt his resolve crumble when he met the cobalt gaze.

"Just. Do it." He growled.

Naruto smirked.



"You're forgetting something." He crawled up face to face with the bondaged Uchiha.

"What?" He breathed in sharply when Naruto´s tongue ran over his neck.

"You forgot to say 'please'…"

Sasuke didn't answer. There was no way he would do that. He was an Uchiha! Uchiha´s didn't beg. Not for anything, to anyone. There was absolutely no way he could force him too…


Naruto pulled back from the seal with a content smile.

"Did it hurt?"

Sasuke glared.

"Fuck you!"

Naruto´s smile darkened and then there was that look again. Sasuke´s eyes widened.

Oh God, what did I do…?

"That's wrong Sasuke…" Naruto´s voice was dangerously low.

"Naruto…I didn't…Please don't…"

"Well, that's better. But still not good enough…"

A hand grasped Sasuke´s hair, tugging it back to expose the neck and cursed seal completely.

If he does it again I'll come for sure. There's no way I can take it one more time.

"Naruto… No…"

"Oh, yes…"

He lowered his teeth, harder then before and Sasuke screamed from the ecstatic heat it caused. Naruto didn't stop though. He licked the spot swiftly and kissed it, running his lips over it and at the same time playing with one of Sasuke´s nipples with his free hand, sometimes pinching it between his thumb and index finger.

"Say it." he whispered.


"Say it!"

He's doing it again. Oh God he's doing it again. I-I can't-I have to- Oh God please, Oh God…"


Naruto stopped.


"Please… Naruto…I want to…"

Naruto looked into the lust filled black eyes and smiled. A loving smile.

"See… that didn't hurt, did it?" Slowly he undid the belt that held Sasuke captive against the bed. He kissed the wrists gently and placed them against his chest.



"Fuck me."

Naruto raised his brows at this comment.

"You're sure?"

Sasuke fought down an urge to scream and pound the dobe down into the mattress and instead grabbed Naruto by the hair and pulled him down to lock their lips together, fully determined to kiss the moron completely senseless.

"Just do it already."

Naruto smiled and positioned himself back between Sasuke´s legs. He lifted one of them up to rest on his shoulder and looked his lover straight into the eyes as he slowly started to push in.

Sasuke growled and grabbed the blonde's wrist and yanked him forward so that they were face to face.

"If you don't move right now, I swear…" he hissed and wrapped his arm around Naruto´s neck.

There had been enough teasing for one night. All he wanted was for Naruto to fuck him mindless, and he wanted it NOW!

Naruto smiled at his partner and started moving, slowly at first but when Sasuke yanked his hair he speeded up. When he hit Sasuke´s sweet spot the Uchiha pulled the blond down and lowered his sharp teeth into his shoulder with a muffled moan. Naruto didn't notice the pain.

His entire mind was too filled up with the feeling of being inside Sasuke, being so close to him, breathing him in, moving with him. Sasuke´s hand clawed at Naruto´s shoulder blade, a silent plea for him to move faster. He pushed in deeper, harder, pounded against the raven beneath him, hitting that magical spot over and over again.

"Naru-to… please… faster!"

They speeded up. It didn't take long before the rhythm became almost to fast to keep in a regular pace and they both knew the climax was coming, and that it was coming fast.

Naruto reached down between their bodies and started pumping Sasuke´s neglected hard on, matching the movement with his thrusts.

"A-aah, Naruto! Yes. Yes! Oh god, yes!!"

Sasuke cried out as he came, spilling over both of their stomachs and bit Naruto´s shoulder a second time.

Naruto felt Sasuke´s body tense, the muscles around him tighten and then the sound of Sasuke´s muffled scream sent him over the edge, clinging to Sasuke´s body for dear life.


He fell forward and collapsed against Sasuke´s chest, panting, pulse pounding and rushing madly through his body.

He could hear Sasuke´s heart beat just as madly next to his ear and smiled.


The night went silent. The moonlight shone through the window, lighting up the bed where the two boys laid entangled in the sheets.

Sasuke felt so tired, and at the same time so clearly awake. As if giving in too and admitting his feelings for Naruto had somehow released him from some eternal fog that had clouded his mind.

He opened his mouth to tell Naruto how good he felt, but all he could bring out was a quiet sob.

"Sasuke! What's wrong?"

Sasuke shook his head to let Naruto know he was okay, that everything was fine. That he was happy, but he couldn't stop the tears threatening to flood his eyes.

He got up from the bed and stood on the floor with his back against the bed, the light from the moon flowing over him.

Naruto was struck of how beautiful he was.

Beautiful, fragile and so powerful at the same time. Not even the tears running down his face could mare the image.

On the contrary they just made it stronger.

"Sasuke… I…I didn't…"


"But…" Sasuke fisted his hands.

"Don't you dare say that you didn't mean it." He said hoarsely. Naruto stared at him. "Don't you even dare think about saying it."

Without a word Naruto stood up from the bed and walked up to the Uchiha, then drew his arm back and slapped the other boy hard across the face. Sasuke stared at him.

"That's for you talking such shit! Now snap out of it or I'll smack you again."

Sasuke didn't say anything but blushed and lowered his head and stared down at the floor. Naruto grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him close.

"Of course I meant it. I meant everything, dumb ass."

He lifted Sasuke´s head.

"And don't scare me like that again, you hear? I thought I had injured you or something." He grinned. "Besides, crying doesn't suit you very well."

Sasuke managed an embarrassed smile.

"That's better. You're cute when you smile." Sasuke frowned at the comment.

"Shut up, Dobe, or I'll wipe that grin of your face."

"Oh yeah? And how do you plan on doing that exactly?"

Sasuke didn't reply right away. Instead he pushed Naruto back onto the bed with a smile and crawled up next to him.

"Like this..."

The sun rose slowly in the horizon, making the sky turn from black to blue as daybreak drew nearer and as the first beams of sunlight nestled through the curtains they fell onto the shapes of two bodies lying close together underneath the sheets.

The taller of the two, a dark haired boy held is arms protective around a smaller one, pulling him close to his chest, nuzzling his face down into the blond locks as he slept.

Somewhere a bird started singing and soon another joined in.

The last pieces of the silvery night faded away into the horizon, taking the moon and all of its starts and secrets with it, surrendering to yet another golden day.

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