title: wish
author: kirei na yukki
pairing: sasusaku
rating: k+
genre: humor
disclaimer: how many times do i have to go over this?
author's note:
part of my cleansing.


Night painted over the once-blue skies of Konohagakure.

The music of crickets chirping filled the calming atmosphere and on top a dewy hill were two people - a man and a woman.

"What are you doing Sakura?"

Said girl looked up at the boy who had questioned her rather softly. She smiled.

"I'm counting the stars, Sasuke-kun." Sakura responded, her smile never fading.

The two lay on top of that hill, Sakura on her back and Sasuke sitting upright, leaning back on his two hands. The two made eye contact.

"Why are you counting the stars?" Sasuke questioned again.

A thoughtful expression appeared on her porcelain face and she responded very quietly.

"...I want to see how many stars I could've wished on..."

Sasuke's dark eyes never left her vibrant ones, "Could've?"


Sakura sat up, her own hands now supporting her leaning figure. She slightly leaned onto Sasuke's shoulder, and continued to count the twinkling stars.

"...eight...nine...ten...eleven - "


She turned to face the avenged Uchiha.


This time he made no eye contact. His dark hair covered his just as dark eyes, and she watched his mouth as it moved slowly.

"...that's eleven wishes there, isn't it?...why don't you make them?"

Sakura quietly laughed, and Sasuke watched her amazed - her laughter always dazzled him.

"Because..." she began, her eyes shining with pure happiness.

She paused.

And Sasuke watched her intensely...

...he failed to notice her lips coming closer to his own until they made contact.

She pulled back almost as quickly as she had come, before finishing her answer.

"...my wish came true - you're right next to me aren't you?"

Time: 4:26 PM
Topic: Reviews: when to be Captain Obvious
Rant start: 4:26 PM

Okay, so I've been receiving a quite a few reviews concerning certain aspects of a story. For example, someone said that "Gravitation" wasn't even like Twilight & that I needed to read the books.

If this person had read the summary, it said 'Twilight based', not the SasuSaku version of Twilight.

Another person had reviewed that I didn't know anything about Naruto because I didn't include Naruto's father's name - if they checked the date, then they'd see that the publishing date of the story was before the release of Minato Namikaze's identity.

& my favorite one: a snub. Someone snubbed me, accusing me of writing like a fourth grader. Ooh, that's fun. If they checked the date of the story, then they'd freaking see that the story was released in 2005. Close to that time. The point is: I wasn't even in High school when I wrote it.

So to clean out my inbox of unnecessary fanfiction messages, I deleted all old and incompleted stories, with the acception of three con't stories & two anthologies.

Con't Stories

- Spotlight - it was a gift for someone, so it'd be wrong to delete it.
- The Calling - it was just released!
- Every Cloud - (Hey Arnold! fic) I want to finish this one


- Aishiteru/Wonderland - Aishiteru is going to be renamed!
- Jukebox - Songfics are fun to do, but I want them under one story.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Remember: Captain Obvious is mad annoying.

Rant end:
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Review Please!
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