True Love Can't Be Broken
Double Trouble

By Crow Skywalker


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Author's Notes – Okay, I'd like to start off by saying I like trying new things, so I decided to try writing this CCS fic. It's my first time writing CCS, and so far I've only seen like, five go easy on me lol. I'd also like to say that I've changed a few things...quiet a few new things. Meiling never went to Japan...until now. It's been a few years, and all our favorite characters are now sixteen, and Sakura and Syaoran are still catching cards, which I'll be adding new ones to make life more difficult on them.

Summary - Meiling never came to Japan...until now. But Syaoran is different, and he has new friends...does he still love her, or does he possibly hide secret feelings for her new rival? And when the Cardcaptors start seeing two Meilings, its either their mind playing tricks on them or a whole new Clow Card with intentions of its own...


"Kawaii!" Squealed a girl, picking up one of the many envelopes that were stacked in front of her. She hugged it close to her heart, breathing in deeply. This was the closest she could get to her beloved, who had left years before for Japan in search of the family cards, which had disappeared throughout the decades.

Leaning back, she smiled, letting her long black hair flow around her. Memories of the past invaded her mind, and she secretly wished she could relive those days once again. One memory, however, still stayed implanted in her mind, for it was to be cherished. The promise of both her love's return, and their marriage. She sighed, thinking back.

"I don't approve of this, Syaoran." The girl stated, frowning.

"Meiling," A young, handsome boy replied, "I have a duty to the clan."

The girl gently pressed against him, holding him close. "I know, but it's so unfair!"

The boy hugged her back, laying his chin on her shoulder. "I won't be gone long. All I have to do is retrieve the Clow Cards and I'll return home to you."

She smiled, pulling back to look into his eyes. "Promise?"

He smiled back. "I promise."

"Oh Syaoran," She sighed, hugging him tighter, "I can't wait until we're married. You're such a nice, honest and trusting person. I can't believe I am your fiancée! Too bad we have to wait until my seventeenth birthday to wed. Just please be careful over there..and remember I'll be here waiting for you to return."

That had been almost six years ago now, and her beloved still hadn't returned. At first, she had stayed by the window, day and night, just to catch a glimpse of him returning, so she could run into his arms. His arms were so warm and strong..she would give anything just to be wrapped in his arms again, if only for a moment. But that was wishful thinking, and the only way the Li Clan knew he was even alive was through his letters, which Meiling had collected over the years and now lay before her. Each and every letter was in her possession, and she had memorized every single detail.

She was abruptly awakened from her dreams and memories as the ringing of "Mail Call!" sounded about the premises, and she jumped to her feet, following the direction the voice had come from. She could not remember a day she hadn't done this. With the dawn of each day came the new possibility that the Clan had received mail on Syaoran's progress, and how things were going in Japan. Today her heart held excitement as she ran, for she knew something was going to happen today.

Racing across the Li's kitchen, which was a fair size, she slid to a halt when she noticed the group of people crowded around the someone at the table. She quickly made her way over to the table to see what it was all about.

"...Sorry to say that I won't be returning home for another little while. I have decided to join Sakura, and help her retrieve the cards that have been lost. She needs someone to guide her, at least until her true powers are at their full potential..."

Meiling's eyes widened. "Miss Li?" She asked Syaoran's mother politely, "Is that a letter from Syaoran? Is he coming home soon?"

Miss Li frowned, lowering the letter after having read the rest in her mind. She couldn't believe that Syaoran was taking this long to get all the cards back, and now he was joining forces with his so called enemy? Her frown deepened. Her plans for the future were taking a turn.

"Sorry Meiling," She said, looking up at her son's fiancée, "He won't be returning for a while."

"He wasn't supposed to take this long!" Meiling cried, stomping her foot on the floor angrily. Some of the Clan members moved out of the way, cowering away from her. Everyone knew what kind of temper she had, and how strong she could be. "He promised me!" She began to sink to her feet, her eyes glaring at the floor. "He promised..." Then it hit her. Sakura? He always used to call her by her last name, Kinomoto! Something was going on, and she had to find out. "It's that girl! It's her fault!" She screamed, everyone looking down at her worriedly. She was taking this hard.

"Calm, Meiling. You know that Syaoran would never betray you. He made a promise, and in this Clan, when you make a promise, you must keep it." Syaoran's mother assured her. "He can't possibly have any romantic feelings for this girl. Besides, he's forbidden to marry outside the Clan. Please do not worry my child."

But the feeling wouldn't leave Meiling. She had to find her beloved before it was too late. Standing, she bowed before the elder lady. "Please Miss Li, I request that I go to Japan to find Syaoran. I have not seen him in almost six years, and I wish to be by his side until he returns home, where we will be united forever. I will help him catch the Clow Cards, and keep that girl away from him so he can concentrate on his task."

The elder lady raised an eyebrow, eyeing the begging girl before her. "Meiling, dear, you know I can't do that. You're not strong enough to do much of a help for Syaoran, you have no magical talent at all. How do you expect to capture cards with no magic? It just can't be done."

Meiling looked up with pleading eyes. "But I'm a good fighter, Miss Li. I can take care of myself! And if I go, I can also take care of Li! I can cook, care for him, and everything else that a wife to be should do for their husband! Please, I'm begging you."

Maybe she's some ways, she will be of help to my son, but in others, she won't. Miss Li thought, before answering, "You have some good points, but what about the rest of your training? And school?"

Meiling stood, a wide grin on her face as she fantasized. "I can train with Syaoran! He can fight just as good as me, and I know he'll be a great teacher. As for school, I can attend Syaoran's school in Japan."

Miss Li thought about it for a moment, before giving her final answer. "After great thought, I've decided to let you go on one condition."

"Anything!" Squealed Meiling, doing her best not to jump up and down with joy.

"Bring Syaoran home as quick as possible. With his Father gone, we can not hold up the Clan much longer."

"Done!" Meiling squealed once again before hugging the older woman and heading off to pack her bags.

Sighing, Miss Li laid her head in her hands, closing her eyes. The poor girl doesn't know that her heart is set for something that isn't there anymore. Meiling was never destined to marry my Son...his heart had to choose its own path, and he's already met the girl of his dreams. He just doesn't know it yet. She smiled at that thought before getting up from the table and heading down the long corridor to help the young girl pack for her journey.

Within a few days, Meiling would be leaving Hong Kong for Japan.


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