Double Trouble
Chapter One : Dawning of A New Day

By Crow Skywalker


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Author's Notes – Yeah, I know...I haven't updated this fic in forever. I started it a long time ago, and thought it was a good idea...but it slowly went out of my mind and I totally forgot about it, lol. Now I have so many fics to write it's not funny. Anyway, here's the next chapter (Finally!) :P

Summary - Meiling never came to Japan...until now. But Syaoran is different, and he has new friends...does he still love her, or does he possibly hide secret feelings for her new rival? And when the Cardcaptors start seeing two Meilings, its either their mind playing tricks on them or a whole new Clow Card with intentions of its own...


Sakura looked down to find herself in another one of Tomoyo's creations. Beside her, Kero, the magical beast of the seal, floated motionless. Before she could open her mouth to ask him what was going on, something caught her eye. A dark figure stood on a high rooftop, shadows making it impossible to see its face. She squinted, trying to make out the figure before her eyes.

Is it another Clow Card? She asked herself, unable to determine the shadow. It still stood staring down at her, and she shivered under its gaze. It can't be...I can't sense it at all.

Before she could move, the figure jumped off the rooftop and landed perfectly in front of her, still staring at her. With one swift movement, she found herself slammed into a brick wall, the shadow's hand wrapped around her neck, and her body lifted off the ground. She choked and struggled against its grasp, with no avail.

"Stay away from Syaoran." It warned, and Sakura could just barely make out the faint glow in its eyes. "Stay away.."

Sakura woke up with a start, waking Kero in the process. Gasping for breath, her small companion floated around her, and she could barely make out his worried questions of "Are you alright?" as the dream still played in her mind.

Slowly calming herself, she finally looked up to find Kero watching her carefully. "I'm alright Kero-chan." She assured him, "I just had a little nightmare."

"A nightmare, huh?" He asked, sitting on her shoulder. "Was it about a new Clow Card?"

She shook her head, careful not to throw him off with the movement of her head. "I'm not sure. I mean, it didn't seem like a Clow Card at all, but both me and you were there...and I was dressed to fight."

"Then it must have been a Clow Card!" Exclaimed Kero happily, already thinking of the new possibility of a new capture.

"I guess so..but do Clow Cards warn you?" She asked in a haze.

Kero stopped what he was doing, raising a small eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"It told me to stay away from Li-kun.."

"Damn straight!" Yelled the small animal, shaking a fist. "I like this card already! I've told you from the beginning to stay away from that Chinese gaki!"

"Kero! He's my friend!" She defended. "And I'm not going to stay away from him just because of some stupid dream, whether its a Clow Card or not!"

Kero crossed his arms with a 'hmmph', and glared at her. "No need to yell Sakura, but you know you're dreams can't be ignored. You can foresee things, and if your dream tells you to stay away from the gaki, then you should listen to them. You'll only end up with heartache."

"Heartache?" She questioned, puzzled, "What do you mean by that?"

He sighed, slowly falling off her shoulder and into the pillow where he cuddled back down. "Nothing Sakura, just go back to sleep. Tomorrow's the last day of the weekend and I'm sure you don't want to spend all day sleeping. You're going out with your friends tomorrow, remember?"

Nodding, she too sank back into the bed, but didn't return to sleep. Instead, her eyes gazed up at the ceiling, the dream repeating in her mind. Kero's right, I need my sleep. But I can't get that dream out of my head...why did it scare me so much? And why do I have to stay away from Li-kun? She frowned, her eyelids drooping as sleep set back in. Li's my friend, my good friend...She yawned, And like I said, we're not going to stop being friends because of some dream I had.

With thought of Li in her head, the young Clow Mistress fell back to sleep, awaiting the new day.


"Kaijuu! Wake up! It seems you're late again! You're friends are already here waiting for you." Grinned Touya, his head poking in from the crack in the door.

Sakura abruptly sat up, eyes wide open. "Late?" She cried, grabbing the clock from the nearby nightstand and staring at it in disbelief. Yes, she was definitely late. "Kero must have set the alarm wrong!"

With the mention of his name, the small beast's head sleepily poked out from underneath the blankets, and was quickly pushed under when Sakura realized what she had just said. Her brother watched her curiously from the door.

"I mean, I must have set it wrong!" She laughed nervously, sweatdropping.

Shrugging it off, Touya began to close the door, but opened it once more. "Did I mention that you snore like a kuma?" He grinned, and shut the door just as a pillow came flying at him.

"Onii-chan!" She cried, glaring at the door. "I do not snore like a bear! And stop calling me a monster!"

She could hear the faint answer of "Whatever.", before new footsteps could be heard coming towards her room. Grabbing another pillow, she readied herself to throw it at her brother. As the door opened and a girl's head poked in, however, she dropped it.

"Tomoyo-chan!" She smiled, surprise written on her face. "What are you doing here?"

"Didn't your brother tell you? We've been downstairs waiting for you for the last ten minutes!"

"Yeah, but my Onni-chan is always telling me things to get on my nerves, and I thought maybe he tried to wake me up by using you as an excuse." Then it clicked. "We?"

"Eriol and Li are downstairs." She winked, seeing Sakura's mouth drop open.

"Tomoyo-chan! You brought them here and I'm still in my pajamas!" Squealed the girl, jumping out of bed and picking up random clothes off the floor.

Tomoyo giggled. "That's the whole point." She stated, leaving the now blushing Sakura to get dressed. "We'll be waiting downstairs. Make sure you hurry..Touya might eat Li-kun alive if he ever gets his hands on him."

Sakura smiled at that thought as she pulled on a pair of black shorts, and exchanged her nightgown for an oversized light pink shirt. Onni-chan may be an annoyance sometimes, but he's quiet overprotective of me..mostly when it comes to Li-kun.

She sighed, sitting on her bed to pull on a pair of white socks. I wonder if Li-kun and Oniichan will ever get along...Li-kun isn't the same boy he used to be. She smiled at that thought too. Over the years, not only had his looks change for him to become quiet handsome, but his personality had changed as well. And he had gone from being her rival to one of her best friends.

"Sakura! Hurry up and get this gaki out of the house!" Came her brother's voice from somewhere downstairs. She sighed again..I can only wish.

"I'm coming!" She called back, grabbing her backpack that contained a few things she'd need. Then, racing out of the room, she made sure she shut her door tight so Kero could have his time alone without a nosey brother spying on him.


Syaoran had been trying his best to keep his mouth shut in front of Sakura's brother when she finally arrived to save him from a certain death. For whatever reason, Touya had never liked Syaoran. Thinking back, it was probably because he had tried to steal the cards away from Sakura by force, and her brother had stopped him.

He winced at that memory. When he had arrived in Japan, all he had in mind was his duty to find the cards and bring them back home where his family awaited him. Then he had learned of the Card Mistress, and how she had set the cards free by accident. Jealous of her being the Card Captor, he had put her down repeatedly in hopes that she would give up and just hand them over to him. But she was stubborn, and she had both Kero and Tomoyo on her side to back her up. Here, he had no one. That was until he finally gave in and instead of working against her, he was working with her.

Touya returned, smiling evilly at the Chinese boy. "She'll be down in a minute, gaki."

Gaki? He frowned, about ready to give the older boy a piece of mind before Hiiragizawa put a hand over his mouth, muffling and silencing him. The most he could do now was glare at Touya, who grinned evilly at him.

"Onii-chan, are you teasing Li-kun again?" Sakura frowned as she entered the room, trying her best to fix the small backpack that she carried on her back. Inside she carried many things, including Kero, who was busily eating a pudding that Sakura had snatched out of the fridge on her way through the kitchen.

Finishing strapping her backpack, she looked up to two boys busily glaring at each other, and Eriol and Tomoyo smiling at her, pretending nothing was going on out of the usual. She sighed, but smiled also "Good morning Tomoyo-chan, Eriol-kun, Li-kun! Sorry I'm late!"

They returned the greeting happily; all except Syaoran, who glanced at her and blushed, quickly looking away and mumbling a "Good morning." as well.

"I hope you slept well, Sakura-chan." Eriol added, receiving the glare from Syaoran that he had expected. Seeing this, he leaned in and took Sakura's in his own, lightly kissing it. "You look just like the golden radiance of the sun, my dear Sakura, as beautiful as always."

This made the boy beside him fume, and Eriol was quiet sure he could even see smoke coming out of Syaoran's ears.

Unnoticed by any of them, someone else wasn't too happy with this either. Across the room, Touya, who had pretending to watch television, fumed as well and glared hard at the boy with the glasses.

Sakura blushed lightly as Eriol let go of her hand. "Thank you Eriol! How very kind of you!"

Rolling his eyes, Syaoran spoke up before this conversation could go on. "Are we going or not?"

"Where are we going anyway?" Asked Tomoyo, who giggled at Syaoran's reaction, "We haven't decided that yet."

"Well, I heard that there's a fair being held near the park." Offered Eriol.

"Oh! Eriol-kun!" Grinned Sakura, "That would be a great idea!"

Once again, Syaoran narrowed his eyes at the other boy.

"So I guess we're heading to the park then?" Said Tomoyo, pulling her camcorder out of her back pack. "Because it would be so kawaii to see Sakura on the rides!"

Sakura sweatdropped, a grin on her face. Tomoyo loved to film her, no matter when and where. She had videos of almost all the Card captures, and a million of Sakura besides that. Wherever Tomoyo went, the camera went with her.

"So it's settled then?" Asked Eriol, "We're going to the fair?" He looked at Syaoran, who seemed to be interested with the ceiling, frowning up at it.

"I guess." Syaoran mumbled when he realized all eyes were waiting for his answer.

"I can't wait!" Sakura grinned, pulling on her shoes. "Fairs are so fun!"

"Indeed, they are." Eriol smiled as he watched her. "A wonderful way to spend the day."

Sakura, having her shoes all tied up and ready, smiled at her friends. "Shall we?"

Tomoyo grinned at her best friend, "We shall!"

And with that, they were off to the fair.

To Be Continued...