While the World is Full of Troubles

After another tragic loss, George Weasley and his young son leave the wizarding world behind. Nine years later, George worries that his past may be coming back to haunt him…(Post DH.)


Another rumble of thunder echoed outside the Burrow, temporarily breaking the silence that had enveloped the small crowed kitchen.

Nine members of the Weasley family sat grimily around the old wooden table, dismal expressions across their usually cheerful faces.

No one could believe it…no one wanted to believe it…

Hadn't they suffered enough already?

Why this…why now?

"Poor George…" Molly whispered, wiping her moist eyes with a tattered handkerchief. "He didn't deserve this. First Fred…" her voice quivered as she choked out the name of her lost son. "And now…"

Bill placed a comforting arm around his mother's shoulder and drew her in for a gentle hug. "I know…"

More silence filled the room as everyone once again became lost in their own thoughts.

"And poor Freddie." Hermione whispered as she cradled her own young son protectively. "Loosing his Mum like that at such a young age."

Ron nodded in agreement, his heart aching as he thought about his distraught brother and nephew. "Katie was such a good mum. They were happy…"

Overcome with grief, Molly broke out into quiet sobs and buried her face in her oldest son's chest. "My poor baby." She cried. "Loosing his twin, and then, when he had finally found happiness again, loosing his wife. It isn't fair."

"No, it isn't." Arthur agreed, starring stoically ahead. "Especially not today. The anniversary…"

Molly broke out into another bout of sobs as her husbands statement hung unfinished in the air.

Even though he hadn't actually said it, everyone present knew what Arthur was referring to.

It was May 23rd.

The Anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts.

The Anniversary of Fred's death…and now, it seemed, of Katie's too.

This day had always been a difficult one for George- who had never (and would never) recovered from the loss of his twin on that fateful day. Although they were also filled with grief, none of the other Weasley's could even begin to imagine what George was going through right now…

Before the dismal conversation could continue, the kitchen door burst open and another member of the Weasley family entered the room, his red hair dripping with rain and his cloak covered with mud.

"Percy!" Molly exclaimed, turning to face the newest arrival. "Did you find him? Is he alright? Does he want to come stay here for a while?"

Sighing loudly, Percy shut the door behind him and carefully avoided his mother's gaze. It was evident from the pained look in his eyes that he was not the bearer of good news.

"I…I went to the shop." Percy began reluctantly. "He's boarded it up…and when I went to check the apartment upstairs, he was gone. They both were."

The other Weasley's exchanged panicked looks.

"What do you mean 'gone'?" Arthur asked as he reached out to comfort his increasingly distraught wife.

Percy looked down at the floor, trying to choke back his own sobs. "The apartment was almost completely empty, and Freddie and George weren't there."

Molly gave another loud cry of anguish.

"He left a note." Percy continued grimly as he pulled a grubby piece of parchment out of his robes and handed it to his father with a shaking hand.

Arthur took it, and glanced down at the hastily scrawled message.

I can't stay here anymore.

It read, in George's unmistakable handwriting.

We're leaving.

Don't come looking for me.


Arthur rubbed his tired eyes and placed the note down on the table, wondering if he would ever see his son and grandchild again….and knowing that life would never be complete until they returned.


A/N The rest of the chapters will be longer and will be George centric. This was just to establish the context. I'm bad with timelines, but this chapter takes place about eight years after DH (but before the epilogue). George married Katie Bell but, obviously, something tragic happened to her.

I'll mostly be sticking to the cannon- aside from the fact that (I think) JK Rowling said George continues working at the joke shop. In this story, he worked there for eight years but has now left. Other then that, all of the characters/the children mentioned in the epilogue will be the same.

The chapter and story titles are all taken from 'The Stolen Child'- my favourite poem by W.B. Yeats.