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'She is powerful.' came the deep male voice from the shadows as he contemplated what one of his colleagues had been telling him, scratching his chin in the semi darkness. 'She could be of great use to our cause.' he added, closing his eyes slowly as he thought of the things they could do by enhancing the immense power which was held in the young girl.

'She is whiter than white.' came another voice from away to the first mans right, making him look up enquiringly. 'She would never consent to helping us with our-' he paused, wondering whether to repeat what the first man had said. '-"cause".' he finished, opening his eyes which were still shining red as he gazed around at the company he had chosen.

The first man closed his eyes again in displeasure, entwining his fingers in front of him as he felt the presence of the many criminals standing before him.

'I don't believe she knows the extent of her powers.' he said after a pause, still not opening his eyes while he felt one of his followers shifting slightly, tiring of doing nothing but he ignored him. 'If she did she could be very dangerous to our cause.' he continued, talking almost to himself as he opened his eyes slightly to discourage the shifty youth from getting bored.

'If she ever decides to discourage us.' came the deep voice of the youngest member, the member who had been shuffling his feet a moment ago. 'But would she? She spared Itachi.' he added, looking over at the young dark haired man standing not far from him before their leader. He smiled satisfactorily as the dark haired member glared daggers at him in distaste.

'She won't.' he answered darkly, looking back up at the man hidden in the shadows. 'Even my brother does not contemplate such idiocies, and he will discourage her.'

'And are you sure that she will not consent to helping us with what we have embarked on?' asked the first man, tiring of their meagre conversation. Itachi shook his head, sure that Mika Tikaake would never even think of helping the Akatsuki on their quest for power.