I was walking home from one of my friends house, pissed at what just happened when a car pulled up beside me, sighing I hoped in, but before we get to my story let me introduce you to my family.

My mother, Paula Carlin, born and raised Catholic with blond hair and blue eyes grew up to be a doctor but she's really cool most of the time, laid back and hippie I guess is the word, goes to the beat of her own tune that would probably be why she married my father, Arthur.

He is an artist, world known too, paints and does murals and a lot of other things. He was an all American boy in high school, football captain getting good grades but one day it all changed when he found his first love cheating on him so he quit the football team and started taking art. He met my mom in college as freshman, they married their sophomore year everyone said it was too early and that they were too young but it didn't stop them.

I was born in their senior year; both took turns my mom went to classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. My dad attended classes Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday than they were all mine on Sunday. But they weren't, all mine that is. I was born premature see and not a lot of oxygen got to my brain, I'm not stupid or brain damaged or anything but I don't know, I was also born with blond hair and blue eyes like my mom and they just assumed I was this ditsy kid, not good for anything.

Most of the time I stayed in my play pen while they hung out with each other or a baby sitter watched me while they went out on dates and had fun. I didn't get a lot of hugs and kiss but eh you know it didn't matter or at least I didn't think it did until I was two years old and they brought this five year old boy home, he looked a lot like my mom and me. His name was Glen. My parents told me best they could to a two year old that he was a foster child and would be living with us for a while.

For a while meant his whole life basically, I grew up with him so to me he really is my big brother. A jock born and raised, very athletic, he was on the basketball, baseball and football teams I joined the cheerleading squad so I wasn't always so bored at his games which my parents never missed one. Me, I mostly did karate and I'm not the best, sort of clumsy but I tried my best but my parents always missed my tournaments and testing dates. Mom loved him so much, he became a mommy's boy, and Dad well he was giving Glen fatherly advice it seemed like Glen was granted a perfect family only it was my family.

Than when I was seven we got a new foster kid Clay, an African American boy, he was a year younger than Glen, but instead of being athletic he was smart, like genius smart. And so polite it was sickening but I got used to it, so now my parents went to all of Glen's games and Clay's science things and I got even less time than before. Dad loved Clay and how the boy slipped into the arts like him, Clay was talented when it came to painting, he said once it was because all he did was calculate the picture in his head using mathematics than put it on the paper.

Clay was around since then too, my parents fostered a lot of kids, most staying for only a few months before leaving but Clay and Glen stayed. My parents usually took the more extreme cases, Glen saw his parents die in a car bomb and even today has nightmares that wake him from slumber, screaming and crying like a small child but no one makes fun of him for it. Clay was left on the side of the road because he didn't want to finish his peanut butter and jelly sandwich and his parents told him he was disobedient and selfish so he became polite and nice trying to please. He kept all his emotions bottled up till he exploded, we've had to remodel his room three times before mom and dad turned the basement into a padded room he could go and release his anger with out hurting himself or the interior design of the house.

Than she came along, the brunette. Ashley Davies. She's a year older than me, she came when I was in eighth grade and she was a freshman in high school. She is a rebel, her parents died in a plane crash on their way to Hawaii for their anniversary. Ashley picks on me a lot, I hate it but I tolerate it because she is hot. See I'm gay and I've known since seventh grade, I don't have a crush on Ashley, god no way, she is way to annoying and mean but I mean I can appreciate her body right? Right!

So no one knows I'm gay, I just haven't told anyone and my parents, well I don't think they would take it so good.

Anyways that was who picked me up, she got her license early on because she'd been driving around her parent's mansion for years she's a sophomore now and I'm a freshman.

"Going to tell me what's wrong and why you were walking the streets of LA at night like some idiot?" Ashley asked turning to look at me before staring out the windshield again; she's a very safe driver even if she likes to speed.

Taking a deep breath I tried to keep my voice calm, "No..." it broke but I made sure to stare out the window so she didn't see the tears threatening to spill.

"Spence come on, I know your trying not to cry, tell me what happened?" she breathed out as she parked in our driveway, god why does she know me so well but a small and I mean small smile appeared for a brief second because she is the only one out of everyone I know to call me Spence, not even my parents call me that.

"I don't want to talk about," my voice wavered as I jumped from the vehicle ready to just lie down and waist my weekend in my room alone.

"Spence?" she grabbed her stuff quickly and followed me.

Ignoring her I walked into the house to see mom, dad, Glen and Clay sitting on the couch. They all turned to look at me and I felt bile rise to my throat, so much disgust thrown my way and some how I knew they knew.

"Spencer..." Ashley trailed off as she saw the group sitting before us, "Huh...hey guys what's up?"

"I don't know, Spencer?" my father asked as he pushed play on the recording machine.

Cindy's voice echoed off the walls, she's head cheerleader, "You want me to kiss you again?"

A breathy reply which I know was mine shot through the room, "yes..."

"Why?" she asked, the image of her standing so close to making my bones shake.

"Because I like you,"

"Just like?" she laughed a little, I remember my cheeks turning bright red.

"Because..I...love you," the machine beeped ending the conversation so no one but me knew what happened next.

"Do you have something to tell us?" my mom asked standing to her full height.


"Since we did you turn gay?" Glen asked with raised eye brows, Clay smacked him in the arm, "Owww...dude."

"Clay don't hit Glen, and Spencer answer your brother's question?" Paula folded her arms, all eyes on me.

Standing still as if the image before me would leak away along with the silent tears I had yet to notice falling down my cheeks, "I..."

"Are you gay or not?"

"Cut her some slack," Ashley spoke from beside me.

"Ashley stay out of this, we're talking to her." dad said sternly but not mean what so ever, he just wanted to figure things out from the source which was me.

Not knowing what to do I rush for the stairs but my mom got my arm, "You are not gay and for playing this prank on us you are grounded..."


"Do not talk back, no computer, no phone, no television do you understand?" yanking my arm from her hand I nodded in compliance before running to my room.

A few minutes later there was a knock on my door but I refused to get up, "Spencer let me in?" Ashley pleaded from the other side of the door. Why she was trying to be nice to me all of a sudden was taking my all ready fragile mind to different heights.

"Go away!" I yelled unsure if she heard since my head was buried so far under the pillow.

"Spence..." she whined knowing I can't turn her away when she called me that. Standing I unlocked the door and returned quickly to the bed returning my head under the pillow. Soft footsteps padded on the carpet toward the bed, dipping down to let me know she was near, "Spence come out..." she soothed.

"I all ready did," I said hopelessly.

"Not what I meant...scoot over." Scooting over she lay on the bed with me, I lay with my back against her chest as she ran her fingers thru my hair, "Tell me what happened..."

It wasn't a question, she was done kidding around and was demanding I tell her what was wrong, "You know Cindy right?"

"The stuck up senior cheer slut...sorry I mean captain," she laughed.

"Yeah...well today she asked me to help her move some boxes, she said she asked everyone else and no could help so I was her last resort. I agreed called mom and told her she said it was fine. We got there and I helped her, it was getting hot and she asked if I was thirsty..." my voice trailed off as I thought about it.

"It's okay," she whispered close to my ear making shivers and goose bumps run ramped through my body. I pulled away and sat on the edge of the bed, she did nothing knowing I didn't like a whole lot of touching so she let it go.

"I said yes, she went and got us sodas and came back...she said she was really hot and took off her shirt now all she had was shorts and a sports bra on."

"You stared didn't you?"

"No or at least I don't think I did, I opened the soda and stared at it than up at her because she was talking and I didn't want her to think I wasn't paying attention. She came over to me and said you're not drinking your soda I apologized and went to drink it but she took it from my hands and said it was alright but you know what would go good with the soda, I shook my head no and she said strawberries and crème, I was confused to say the least and before I knew it she took a drink of my soda and kissed me. I tried to pull back because she caught me off guard but she held me there and forced her tongue in than the liquid soon I respond and drank the soda from her mouth and she was right, her lip gloss tasted great with the soda. Than she pulled away..."

"And we heard the next part on the machine right?" Ashley wondered her fingers playing with my blanket almost like she didn't want to hear this anymore.

"Yeah but what you didn't hear was her saying..." tears threatened to fall again.

"Hey it's okay," Ashley rushed forward but I flinched away, it was normal for us so it didn't even faze her as she wrapped my stiff form in her arms, once I calmed a bit she let go and brushed hair behind my ear, "Go on..." she encouraged.

"After I said I loved her she said...Looks like we got a...dyke on our hands, my eyes shot open just as three other girls came out of her closet laughing at me."

"She didn't?" all I could do was nod my head, "That bitch...look why don't you come with me to Lucy's."

"Why you guys don't like me?"

"Not the point, come on please?" she whined.

"No," I said. Lucy was another Ashley, rebel with out a cause and she picked on me relentlessly, now why would I want to go over to her house.

"I'll tell Paula we're leaving in ten minutes." Ashley winked and left the room before I could respond.

(Ashley's POV)

I walked down stairs trying to find Paula, she was in the kitchen, "Hey Paula..."

"How many times do I say this, call me mom," she laughed good naturedly and I fought back the urge to roll my eyes.

"Right, mom, I'm going to Lucy's and Spencer is coming with."

"I don't think so, she's ground."

"Please Pa...mom, she'll be out of your hair and it's a Friday. Glen's going to basketball practice and Clay will be with Chelsea, so you and Arth...dad can have the house to yourselves."

She stared at me for a moment, "You know your right...make sure she is in bed by nine." She said finishing cutting up the carrots.

"Right, well I'm going to get her and we'll leave." I never got why Paula and Arthur treated Spencer like a baby, I'm mean she's fourteen almost fifteen and till isn't allowed to stay home by her self and has to be in bed by nine.

Well tonight she's staying up as late as she wants, I'm not her parents and I'm not going to tell her what to do. Although me and Lucy are going to have to tone it down a bit for Spencer's sake but eh it doesn't matter, but now that I know Spencer is gay too...I know I have a shot at least to be with her...