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"Wait!" I screamed causing the flames to dance back to life; I could now see the rest of the people around us.

"What now?" Ashley rolled her eyes as if she was so completely annoyed with me now that she was 'evil', yeah I used air quotes because I know my girl would never do this willingly.

"Don't I get like...I don't know...a last wish or whatever?" my voice quivered and I'm sure she heard it, licking my lips I prayed she didn't realize I had something up my sleeve, well I don't really have sleeves but you get what I mean.

"No," she smirked coming that much closer till both her legs were on the side of my hips and if I wasn't about to be killed or turned or something it'd be a real turn on.

"What? Why?"

"Oh just let her have a last wish," Robin sighed in aggravation.

Ashley glanced from Robin back to me, "Fine...what do you want kid?"

"A kiss..." What, if Ashley was your girl you'd want the same thing and don't even try to deny that.

"A kiss?"




"Cause two girls kissing is disgusting," okay even I had to do an internal eye roll at that.

"Just do it," Robin growled getting impatient, "We need her and if she's happy with a kiss from you than she'll be a better source of energy for us."

Ashley stared at me, sweeping her eyes up and down my body sending a chill through my spine and not the good kind either, "Whatever," she responded dropping to her knees so her body pressed deliciously on mine.

"Um..." I pulled my head back as far as possible; she glared at me, the black eyes burning holes of malevolence into my skin I could see she wants me to hurry up so we can get on with it, "Can...I touch you?"

Uncertainty flashed through the black eyes, she sat back on her heels and stared at Robin, the two seemed to have a little battle going on, "Hand me that," she nodded to a man who walked up and gave Ashley another knife, she leaned down close to me her breathing washing over my face as she trailed the slick cold blade against my heated flesh.

Lips trembling I watched with trepidation as she moved the shape object down my cheek, tracing my lips, across my chin onto my neck where I could tell she wanted to slice open with the way her body shifted on me just waiting for it's owner to force all the muscles to work together and take away my heart beat. The blade of metal tickled my arm as it followed a vain down to my wrist, all the while her eyes never left mine even if mine were trained on the blade I still felt her staring at me.

Finally it slid under the rope, moving back and forth, the back of the silver metal scraping and digging into my wrist as the last strand broke and fell releasing my one hand, "Happy?" she snarled into my ear, her hot wet lips gliding over my skin.

Swallowing the best I could but still no words escaped so I nodded, she laid the knife down beside me and came in for the kiss. Her lips pressed hard against mine forcing my head back a bit into the stone which hurt but would not deter me from getting this kiss from her, my tongue snaked its way into her mouth. Ashley moaned and her body fell that much further on to me filling me with warmth and love even if she didn't want this and was just doing it as my last request.

Eyes closed my hand slid into her brown tresses yanking her head closer than before if that's possible but I knew I couldn't lose sight of what I had to do, caressing her soft cheek, trailing down her shoulder and chest I reached away from her and grabbed the knife, once I did that I knew it was a matter of seconds as the people around us reacted, pulling my lips away from her I smiled gently up at her, "I love you..." I whispered slamming the knife into her chest; she stilled for a moment her eyes glazed over until anger seeped out and she took the ceremony knife from her waist band and plunged it deep into mine.

I held her close as the pain surged through my tied up body, tears welling in both our eyes. With the last of my strength I twisted the blade from her chest and threw the one in mine away as well, snuggling her into me, our wounds touching, our blood mixing, "Spencer?" she coughed as she tried to sit up. Her eyes now the warm hazel I was used to, she was my Ashley again and she knew nothing of what happened.

"Shhh..." I whispered as best I could, "I'm here," laying her head on my shoulder.

"I hurt..." she spoke back in a delicate tone making me feel even worse as the life drained from both of us.

"I know baby," was all I could manage as I wrapped my one free hand around her waist, holding her as close as possible...feeling her last breath, her last heart beat and hearing her last I love you as her body fell limp against me and as I lay there soaked in my blood and hers I stared up at the ceiling with a weak smile, "See you in heaven..." I spoke against her now chilling cheek as my eyes fell closed and everything around me faded to black.


LA was booming, cars parked everywhere or stop and going in the streets. People lined the sidewalks and littered the cross walks so basically a normal day in the busy city. Across town, in the not so nice neighborhood but not the bad side of town either, sat a very nice boardwalk with an arcade, small amusement park and a Hard Rock Café, this was the hang out for most of the middle class adults and kids. The sun was dropping off into the sea casting a deep orange and red light across the water and onto the wooden boardwalk which was already busting to life.

The wind picked up, blowing things this way and that, so it was no surprise when a hat flew from its owners head. Tumbling down the dock, a pair of jean clad legs chasing after; arms stretched trying to catch the object before it disappeared out into the water. The owner yelled excuse me or sorry to the mass of citizens getting in the way of the two being reunited. Being a few inches behind the owner reached as far as possible before the converse covered feet tripped over the laces, which had come untied like a thousand times before hand cause no matter what the owner of the shoes couldn't keep them tied even if the shoe laces had been put in knots. Falling flat on the wood beneath, hard.

"Is this yours?" a velvet voice purred above. The hat had landed at the feet of a stranger, the owner stared at the sandal clad feet, than swept upward, over tanned toned legs, to the sun dress that flowed in the wind covering the stranger from just above the knees and up, to supple beasts hidden behind the dress and up to chocolate brown orbs that seemed to smirk at the owner. The girl looked about seventeen, bent down retrieving the hat from her feet.

"Yeah that's mine," the owner replied standing up and brushing off the invisible dirt feeling very nervous all of a sudden, butterflies danced wildly in the stomach, "Hey do I know you?"

"I don't think so I just moved here with my folks, Ashley Nicole Davies," the girl smiled handing the hat back.

"Jayden Spencer Trent," Ashley looked Jayden over as the girl took the hat, she guessed the girl was sixteen or seventeen.

"Interesting name," the brunette spoke watching as Jayden slipped the hat back over her blonde hair which had been pulled into a pony tail.

Sapphire blue eyes stared deep into hazel, "I know...my middle name is after a friend of the family," Jayden shrugged.

"I like it though, Spencer...nice ring to it,"

Jayden smiled shyly glancing down as a blush crept up her cheeks, "Thanks," she said unsure of what else to say to such a compliment, she used to hate her middle name, Jayden Spencer just never seemed right but when Ashley said her middle name it rolled of her tongue and gave the blonde all sorts of feelings, "So..." she looked up once she knew the blush was gone and saw the other girl smirking, "Where did you live before here?"

Ashley knew the girl was changing the topic but seeing how she didn't know too many people here in LA she'd try and be nice and let it slid, "Nevada,"

"Really, what is there to do up there?" Jayden questioned sitting on a bench near by, Ashley joined her.

"If you're a kid nothing but the usual things, skate parks, theaters, a few night clubs, how bout you?"

"Me...I've always lived here,"

"Must be nice, having friends, I have to start my senior year at a new school."

"Well I don't really have friends, close ones anyway, but um...what school you going to?"

"King High..."

"No way, I'm going there to," Jayden beamed, happy that she may have a new friend before her junior year.

"Cool we can hang out," Ashley said quietly unsure if that would be okay since the two just met.

"Yeah, I mean if you don't mind hanging with a junior,"

Brown eyes searched the face in front of her, "How old are you?"

"I'm sixteen, you?"

"Seventeen, so are you here alone?" Ashley asked, hoping the girl said yes.

"No," she saw the disappointment on the older girl's face and quickly explained, "My parents would never let me go anywhere alone, I'm there baby girl," she chuckled with a shrug, "Are you here alone?"

"No, see in there..." Ashley pointed to the entrance of the Hard Rock Café, Jayden nodded, "My parents booked it out for my birthday,"

"Oh it's your birthday..."

"...No, my birthday was like a month ago but my parents were all away but they flew my old friends out for it so I'm not complaining."

"Than why aren't you inside?"

"Taking a breather,"

"Jayden come on!" a female voice beckoned from afar, the two teens glanced over to see a female waving to them while holding another female's hand.

"Those are my moms, I got to go," the blonde sighed sadly as she stood up.

Ashley quickly stood as well, "Your moms are your parents..."

"...gay yeah, does that bother you?" Jayden asked with a bit of anger seeping in.

"No...No, not at all, you should see my family."

"What do you mean?"

"Both of my parents are gay and both got remarried so I have two moms and two dads, moms are together and dads are together, my family is huge..." she said shrugging.

Blue eyes widened, "Wow...that's complicated," she laughed quietly not wanting the girl to think she was laughing at her, "Do you have any siblings?"

"Oh tons," she responded.


"Jayden!" the other female called getting impatient.

"Sorry I really have to go but it was nice meeting you and...um...thank you for rescuing my hat,"

"No problem...so I guess I'll see you around Spencer?" Ashley asked.

Jayden smile couldn't get any bigger, "Yeah...hopefully," just before she turned to head off to her mom's Ashley grabbed her wrist yanking her back so both were inches apart, "What..."

"...My number," Ashley replied quickly shutting the blonde's question up as she took a pen from her pocket and scribbled the digits on Jayden's forearm, "Call me..." than the brunette walked off with an extra sway in her hip.

"Jayden come on were going to be late,"

"Sorry mom," she sighed watching the girl go.

"Who was that?"

"Ashley," she breathed out, both her parents heard the longing buried with in the single word, they chuckled before tugging their daughter along.

"So...got a date?"

"Mama no, she's a girl," this earned her two sets of eyes with raised eye brows, "I didn't mean it like that,"

Both women laughed, "We know Jay, we know,"

Jayden glanced back and the two women exchanged knowing glances, "Can I ask a favor?" the girl asked as she turned around to get in the car.

"Sure honey, what?" her mama asked getting in the passenger seat.

"Call me Spencer..."

The End