A/W I'm not giving anything away, try 2 figure out whos who bi ur self

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LilyLikesLilys: Hello!

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MarvolusMarla01: ….. nice name lils

LilyLikesLilys: shut it, but I recognize ur name as something ur dear Sirius cals you!

MarvolusMarla01: So? I liked the nam big dealio

LilyLikesLilys: yeah it is a big 'dealio'

MarvolusMarla01: …….

LilyLikesLilys: U LIK HIM!!!

MarvolusMarla01: WHAT?! NO!

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Sirididdle4evr: OOO UR NAME IS WAT I CAL U!!!!

LilyLikesLilys: c?

MarvolusMarla01: I HATE U BLACK!!!

Sirididdle4evr: it even sounds un tru on the computer…

LilyLikesLilys: u no she can apperate rit?

Sirididdle4evr: so?

LilyLikesLilys: so


LilyLikesLilys: Yay! I think she realized!!!

Sirididdle4evr: relized wat? OW! Thxs lils

LilyLikesLilys: Marla?

Sirididdle4evr: yeah?

LilyLikesLilys: o I thot u were Sirius

Sirididdle4evr: yeah, I tied him, up

LilyLikesLilys: ……..

Sirididdle4evr: fine ill let him go….

LilyLikesLilys: good

MarvolusMarla01: happy?

LilyLikesLilys: yes

Sirididdle4evr: yes

MarvolusMarla01: I hate u black

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MarvolusMarla01: bi….. --

Sirididdle4evr: wat abot me? no good byes?

PerfectPotter123: hello lilyflower

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PerfectPotter123: COME ON!!!

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Sirididdle4evr: now its just me and u marla

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Sirididdle4evr: oh poo……

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