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Love At First Sight

By Silvain Star

It wasn't easy, but he'd gotten free. Inferi were probably one of the most vile things he'd ever dealt with, but somehow, somehow he'd made it out of the cave alive- now for the hard part… the brilliant spell he'd devised would put him in a preservation sleep state until certain conditions were met, ones the young Slytherin had decided upon ages ago. Voldemort must be dead. There must be no one capable of seeking retribution for his efforts to bring about the Dark Lord's downfall, or at least none willing with the ability to cause any damage. And he must have something or someone to live for when he is woken up- even if he doesn't yet realize what they mean to him.

Regulus pondered these matters, wondering if the conditions would ever be right. He doubted it, unless the Dark Lord was killed soon. Even ten years may be too much for there to be a chance at the final condition, considering who he had in mind when he thought of it- Sirius, who'll probably die in battle next week, the bloody reckless fool…. Regulus thought. I'm amazed he's survived the fight this long- hell, I'm amazed survived the fight this long, but not for the same reasons. Oh, well… Maybe that tremendous luck of his will hold. Here goes nothing… He apparated into a room he'd magically created in Grimmauld Place, connected only to his own, by a door hidden behind a large Slytherin banner he knew no one would take down unnecessarily… He didn't want to risk waking up too soon if the spell wasn't perfect. He'd placed a bed in there when he was planning this, and as he lay down, he held his wand in his hands and placed them on his chest, murmuring the spell and drifting off to sleep almost immediately.

He didn't expect the Horcruxes to lay unnoticed for sixteen years. He didn't expect Kreacher to be unable to destroy the locket. He didn't expect to sleep through thirteen years of peace, nor did he expect everyone to hail a child as a hero while he slept. He didn't expect his brother to be dead by the time he woke, nor did he expect to be woken by the one person who would come to fit the last requirement he'd set.

She'd found his room on accident, almost two years after the defeat of Voldemort, while cleaning the house for Harry Potter, who'd broken up with her more times since her fifth year than she could count. It had been just after one of these break-ups that he'd decided to move into Grimmauld. She'd volunteered to help clean it up so she could keep her mind on other things- or, if that didn't work, she could always try to get back together with Harry while they worked… At least, that had been how she'd thought things would go. She hadn't expected to find a hidden room with a handsome young man sleeping in it. She hadn't expected him to wake so suddenly when she'd touched his hand to see if he was alive. And she hadn't expected to start to fall for him when she looked into his grey-blue eyes.

But for Ginny Weasley and Regulus Black, things didn't go as they'd expect. Perhaps it was fate. Perhaps it was luck. But looking back years later… there was no doubt in their minds that it was love at first sight.