There we were in the Hospital waiting room for Charslie to come back with the results. I was scared, i would have rather faced Victoria then sit here and wait for my pregnancy results. We still have no idea how this could happen when Edward was not suppose to produce anything but venom. While i was waiting i was thinking back on how this all stared.

It was a wedding night and as promised Edward carried me into our hotel room in Seattle, where we would stay until the trip to France for our honeymoon. He laid me down and we slowly stared kissing with each breath the kisses got stronger and faster until we were starting to remove each others clothing. my dress was harder to get out of than into, but with a little help i managed. I was there on the bed naked for the first time in front of Edward, and he naked to. And then he said "Bella. i love you more than anything ever, no matter what we will always be together"

"i love you too" i said with more love than i ever said before.

We stared kissing again, it was getting faster. then i felt it a sharp pain, but yet it was the best feeling I've ever felt. i knew he wasn't causing me pain on purpose it was because this was my first time. then it hit me, i screamed in pleasure. As he thrust in and out each time taking my breath away.

It seemed like forever before we were laying there cuddling under the blankets, both exausted. I was drifting to sleep before i

even noticed. Edward was humming my song and rubbing small circles into my back. Everying became softer and quieter till it all was dark, i slept dreamlessly for the first night in a while.