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chapter 10

"Emmet how about we don't teach Lizzie these naughty things" Edward told Emmet as he handed over Lizzie to her daddy..

"NO. NO. NO. I WANNA GO PLAY!" Lizzie screamed and kicked and thrashed her arms around. Edward could not hold her anylonger without hurting her. He put her down trying not to drop her.

"ELIZABETH MARIE CULLEN. YOU CALM DOWN NOW." I told her in my strongest tone. We did not believe in spanking, one because it taught bad morals, and to if we did we might hurt her even more than we meant to.

"Do you want to go in time out." Edward said nealing down by her side while she stood there with her arms folded just like Emmet does when her gets mad.

"NO NO NO" she yelled stomping running into the kitchen. Then all of the sudden there was a crash. A very loud crash. Edward, Emmet, and I ran into the kitchen with our vampire speed. A kitchen table chair was crashed laying on the floor in lots of tiny little pieces.

"Lizzie what happened?" I asked not taking my eyes off the broken chair.

She just stood there in shock, scared, not knowing what to do. "Oh no. Mommy I broke it." She looked at me with worried eyes.

"Baby, did you push the chair into the wall?"

"Yes, daddy."

The four of us just stood there looking at the broken chair, and then to each other. Then the others as if called came into the kitchen.

"Woah what happend?" Rose asked.

"Rosie, I broke the chair." Lizzie said scrunching her nose and doing her best to make a joke of it.

"Is my baby getting stronger." Esme asked picking Lizzie up.

"Yes ma'ma big and strong." she said stretching her arms into the air. We were all to shocked to be mad at all.

"Esme, I think we should have Carlisle check her out to see how far her changing is along."

"I wanna see papa." She said looking at Esme with a total serious look.

"Ok baby when he comes home, why don't you go play in your room while we all talk."

"Otay" she said as Esme stood her on the ground, and she ran up stairs faster than most two year old should. We knew this was going to be soon. Much sooner than we thought.

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