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Summary: House gets tickets to a concert and invites his best buddy, Wilson. Eventually they start to become more than friends and need each others company more and more as time passes. Eventually romance but for now just a friendship. Enjoy!

Chapter One: Let the Good Times Rock and Roll

"Heya buddy!" House exclaimed as he barged unannounced into Wilson's office one sunny afternoon, the weather strangely matching his sunny deposition. Unfortunately, his oncologist friend was seeing a patient at the time and the both of them looked at House with a look of surprise drawn onto their faces.

Wilson, who was discussing a new treatment to his elderly patient, squinted his chocolate brown eyes at his friend, "Ever heard of knocking Dr. House?" The poor patient, an elderly woman with a cap on her bald scalp looked at House with watery green eyes and a worried pout.

"Uh…" the crippled one paused to study the woman and then smiled weakly, "Sorry. I'll try again later," he left with a silent nod and leaned against the wooden wall just outside Wilson's office. He had gotten his pills back so he was happy for the first time in a long time. He was practically smiling all the time. Except now. That woman just looked too pitiful.

Ten minutes later House had beaten his high score on his PSP game, and the old woman had left Wilson's office hugging him goodbye. She looking more hopeful than ever. "It's not a trouble then?" she asked tears expelling her eyes gratefully.

Her doctor shook his head smiling reassuringly, "Not at all," he stated proudly. The woman's eyes shone with immense gratitude as she hugged him. She eventually let go and walked away towards the cancer ward.

House looked at the back of the woman and his best friend and snarled, "What did you offer her? Her husband alive and well?"

Wilson pouted and crossed his arms, not pleased, "He's still alive...and what do you want?"

House just pressed his strong back against the office wall, popped a single Vicodin and smirked, "Do you want to come to a concert with me?" he asked.

His only friend closed his eyes in thought, and put a hand to his forehead before asking hesitantly, "Who's performing?" He was expecting the Rolling Stones concert or maybe AC/DC. He couldn't stand either, but he awaited the answer just he same.

He was surprised when House admitted, "Bon Jovi and Goo Goo Dolls," As Wilson's deep brown eyes opened the first thing he saw was two crisp tickets being waved in his face, "Going once…going twice," House's teasing voice sang out.

Wilson smirked and grabbed one of the tickets, "Going with you,"

His best pal bellowed, "Sold! To the man who sleeps with his dying patients!" A pair of brown eyes rolled, but the mouth they were attached to continued to smile as he stored the ticket in his lab coat pocket. His friend beamed as if he had just won the Gold Medal in the Special Olympics, and started to limp away, before Wilson caught his arm.

"Wow!" House exclaimed, "Assault in the workplace!" He yelled loud enough for the ducklings down the hall to look at the odd couple alarmingly.

The man who had on the lab coat asked quietly, ears turning pink, "When should I stop by your office?"

House smiled eyes blazing and teeth glinting, "Five minutes," and continued on his way. Wilson stifled a laugh and walked into his office to pick up his coat.

It seemed as if House had had barely begun to explain to his team what he and Wilson where up to later when there was a knocking on his conference room door. There stood Wilson in his green windbreaker and a smile planted on his face. "Later young ones. Don't wait up." House announced putting on his leather jacket and leaving the room. The team just looked at each other their expressions mirroring their unison confusion.

The two men made it made the elevator, away from Cuddy's office, and down to the parking garage before they were stopped by the Dean. "And where do you think you are strolling off to?" she questioned planting two high-heeled feet in front of House's motorcycle.

Before Wilson could confess House butted in with his usual sarcasm, "Well I can't really stroll. Bum leg and all that." as he swung the said leg over his motorbike. Cuddy's face remained straight, but her head tilted slightly towards Wilson.

Her oncologist couldn't look her in the eye…at first, "We are going to concert. The clinic's all taken care of and he has finished his case files."

Now it was her turn to stifle a laugh, "His case files? That pile from here to the moon is done?" House nodded sincerely through his helmet visor, and she could see that his eyes were serious. She studied her two employees and sighed, "Fine. Go and enjoy yourselves. At least some of us know how to have fun on a Friday night. Come in earlier tomorrow though."

The boys agreed through their helmets and Wilson climbed on behind his best friend. Cuddy walked into the building and House uttered his voice laced with relief, "Thanks, man"

Wilson tightened his helmet and grumbled, "Cover your own ass next time."