Yay! A new story! You'll notice that this story is set in France. I am aware that Naruto is not originally set in France. Lol. I'm not that simple.

Itachi stood in the shadows and leaned against the wall as he watched all the other couples dance. Sweet calm music floated through the room thanks to the small band. Itachi watched as each set of partners gracefully twirled.

Itachi was dressed simply. His attire for the night consisted of a silky crimson shirt over which he wore a black vest and black breeches. His mask was an easy black with small crimson shards. Unlike most other men, he let his hair hang loosely around his shoulders.

This was not, in fact, the first masquerade ball that Itachi had attended. Nor was it the first that he had snuck into without either an invitation or a lady.

He watched the dances through the beginning of the masque and well into the night. One woman in particular had caught his attention. She was a young blonde who wore a simple blue dress to match her eyes. A small crystal necklace adorned her neck. She was quite beautiful though.

Itachi had not expected to want to dance. He had come simply for lack of anything better to do. He was used to having a job every night. He WAS the number one jewel thief in greater France. In the world, He though to himself smugly.

"My lord," A young brunette in a gaudy pink dress approached him. She seemed very nervous. "Would-would you care to dance?"

Itachi adopted a falsely polite tone. "I'm sorry, mademoiselle. I am occupied for the moment."

"Yes, of course." The woman apologized and quickly excused herself.

Itachi looked back toward the dance floor. A song had ended and partners were changing. He gazed once more upon the beautiful blonde woman. She was being flocked by men. He eyes were large and her delicate laughter was like chimes. Unlike the rest of the party, she wore no mask.

Itachi watched as she curtseyed politely as another partner clumsily bowed and took her hand. Itachi noticed her grimacing slightly as her partner took her hand.

Itachi watched them dance for a moment before he made up his mind and pushed himself away from the wall. He weaved gracefully through the room of dancers to approach the lady.

"May I?" He extended a hand.

The man she was dancing with was shorter then either of them and he was rather portly. "I's nah the righ' time tah swi'ch par'ners," he said drunkenly.

Itachi nodded in the woman's direction. "I was speaking to the lady."

The man poked Itachi's chest with a chubby finger as he spoke. "An' I'm tellin' ya tu" he hiccupped, "fin' anoth'r partn'r."

Itachi had a rather amused look on his face. "Sir, I don't believe you are in any condition to dance but I do think I hear a fine cup of wine calling for you."

The man's eyes got shiny. "A cup o' wine? Righ' good idea man."

Itachi watched the man stumble toward the drinks. When he was gone, Itachi turned back to the lady. "Dance?" He lifted a hand.

She took it though she looked a bit confused.

"You looked uncomfortable," Itachi explained.

She smiled. "Yes," She glanced at the other man. "He's my cousin. He's usually drunk." They danced a few moments before she said. "Thank you for helping me."

Itachi readjusted his hand on her back. "Thank you for dancing with me."

She blushed slightly.

They danced the rest of the song in silence.

Afterward, Itachi led her to the balcony where others were dancing. He found a spot free of couples and leaned against the railing.

"Mademoiselle," he said hesitantly. "May I ask your name?"

The lady gazed off the balcony and into the stars. "I am Naruto Uzumaki of the house of…" She looked down at her hands.

"Yes?" Itachi urged gently.

She smiled bleakly at her hands. The pain was evident in her eyes. "Well, I am Naruto anyway." She looked at Itachi. "Most people call me Nara or Lady Nara."

Itachi placed a hand over hers. "Do you prefer Nara over Naruto?"

She gave him a look that told him she didn't.

Itachi nodded. "Lady Naruto then."

Naruto smiled. "Please, just Naruto. Only my servants really call me lady." She hushed her voice to a whisper. "And I don't even make THEM do that when we're alone."

Itachi's eyes widened in interest. Something had just occurred to him. "You are not yet married?"

Again a sort of pain crossed her face. "I was engaged once but… that was a long time ago."

Itachi drew a thumb across Naruto's cheekbone. He hated to see her sad. "I hope you don't tell everyone all about yourself like this," He said in a silly haughty voice. "It could ruin your reputation as a lady." He watched her face to see if his joking had lightened her mood. Apparently it had.

She laughed lightly. "Hardly." She gazed into Itachi's eyes. "I just feel so comfortable around you. It's strange." She laughed again with realization. "I don't even know your name yet."

Itachi pulled his hands back slowly. Much to his displeasure he knew that was his cue to pull out. (Of course, he's wanted all over France for his thievery.) "I hope we meet again," He lightly kissed her cheek, "Naruto." Then he hopped over the balcony.

He watched Naruto lean over the rail, shocked at what she had just seen. He watched her as her crystal eyes scanned the darkness. It was dark though and she saw nothing.

Itachi watched her until she was content to stop scanning and just stare into the darkness wondering who the mysterious man had been.

Yes, Naruto is a girl. Don't ask me why…I'm not really sure what came over me. And I know that Itachi was a bit out of character. If you love Itachi, and you miss the real him, don't freak. Just stick around and you will see normal Itachi. (Well, if he and Sasuke weren't mortal enemies…and they lived together…and Itachi maybe possible actually had kind human emotion in him…lol)