Emmett's point of view

I had never had so much respect for Edward and his hundred years of abstinence. I shuddered as I remembered those two weeks with absolute horror. Thankfully, Rose decided to come back a little early. I felt really bad for Jasper having to not only listen, but feel what was going on that night. Alice came back the next morning, thank god for him.

Carlisle came down the stairs while Alice was sitting at the kitchen table doing some online shopping. Suddenly, she went completely blank. Jasper was staring at her, confused. Suddenly, she snapped out of her vision.

She looked…well…confused. She was staring off into space as though she couldn't believe what she had just seen. But that was impossible. She never had a false vision.

"Alice?" Jasper asked, "What's wrong?"

Even Carlisle was looking at her now. "Alice? Are you ok?"

She looked up at him and asked, voice quite steady but so confused, "Can vampires get humans pregnant?"

Bella's point of view

I shoved away the cereal. "No Edward."

"Bella you have to eat something," he begged.

"For the last time I'm not hungry," I snapped. "Edward lets just go to school. I'll eat a big lunch, promise."

He shook his head. "You said that yesterday and all I was able to get you to eat was a few bites of pizza."

And even that tasted horrible, I thought to myself. I hadn't been hungry for anything lately. I'd been tired almost all the time, and my stomach had been cramping all day.

"I just don't feel that well Edward," I explained. "When people don't feel well they don't really feel like eating anything."

I felt his hand on my forehead. He sighed. "I can't tell if you're sick or not Bella, but if you are then you need to keep up your strength. Please?"

I shook my head. "Later, Edward. I'll eat at lunch, ok?"

He leaned in, letting out a breath in my face. My eyes locked with his and that combined with his scent fogged my mind. "Please Bella?"

"No fair," I mumbled, "You cheat."

He chuckled. "Just eat something Bella. I don't care what just eat something."

I sighed in defeat and he pulled away. "Fine. Hand me some chocolate from the cupboard."

He handed me some dark chocolate. I frowned.

"It's better for you Bella," he explained, smiling at my expression. Suddenly, I felt myself up against the wall, with Edward staring at me. His eyes were green. I grinned. I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist.

"Why Mr. Cullen," I joked, "Do you really plan to that now?"

He chuckled. "We should or school is going to be hell."

I laughed, agreeing. He was right. Ever since we started going to school it had become nothing more than a reason for why we couldn't be having sex. We'd been denied it for so long that when we finally went through with it two weeks ago we turned into, as Emmett so often reminded us, 'extreme sex addicts'. I giggled as Edward's member pressed up between my legs.

"Does this mean I don't have to eat the chocolate?"

He smirked. "It means you don't have to eat it until we go to school."

"Fair enough for me!"

His lips completely covered mine, our tongues forcing their ways to each other. I sighed, inhaling his scent and drowning in his taste. This was one hunger I did feel like satisfying!

He ran his hands up my shirt causing me to moan out in pleasure. I grinded into him, loving the feel of it. He growled low in his throat. "Bella," he moaned softly.

I slipped my hand down and unbuttoned his pants, quickly unzipping them. I slid my hand into his pants and began pumping him. His breaths turned heavy and short as he squeezed my breasts tightly with both hands. He attacked my neck with kisses as I threw my head back, moaning loudly.

"Hey sex addicts!"

Emmett was leaning against the kitchen wall, neither of us noticing his entrance. I was on my feet with Edward next to me before I could blink. He was fuming. "Emmett," he growled.

Emmett was smirking. "Fly's unzipped Edward."

I blushed and I could tell that if Edward was human, he would have blushed too. Emmett was laughing. "You deserve it after that stunt you pulled on me and Jasper!"

"I'm going to count to three," Edward hissed warningly.

Emmett backed up slightly. "Take it easy," he grinned. "Carlisle just wants to see you Edward as soon as you can. Says it's important. Trust me," he actually looked serious for once, "You should skive off first period."

Edward shook his head. "Unless it's a matter of life and death, it will have to wait until after school. Bella and I have already missed enough school and people are starting to get suspicious."

"Wonder why," Emmett chuckled. Edward growled.

"Graduation is coming up and we can't afford to let these things slip," Edward went on, still fuming, "Especially Bella."

"Fine, just don't get mad at me when he tells you. Then again, you might be happy." He looked thoughtful for a moment. "I wouldn't know."

He left, leaving one very confused vampire, and an even more confused human standing in the kitchen.

"What was that about?" I wondered aloud.

Edward shook his head, leading me towards the door. "I have no idea. His thoughts were carefully guarded."

"Speaking of that," I turned to face him, my eyes calculating, "How is it that you didn't hear him until we both realized he was here?"

He looked embarrassed. "It's just that, well, whenever were together that way…even in the slightest, I don't really…think straight, I guess."

I smiled sympathetically. "Sorry about that."

He picked me up in his arms before spinning me around and kissing me passionately. "Never be sorry about that!!"

I laughed and allowed him to lead me out the door. Once we were driving along I felt something being poked into my hands. I looked down and turned away.

"Ugh! Chocolate!"

Edward laughed.