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Kori Anders groaned, opening her eyes only to be temporarily blinded by the sunlight blasting through her drapes. She pulled the blanket over her head, wondering what had woken her in the first place.

"Morning, Kori," said a voice. She felt flower petals under her nose and opened her eyes again, going cross-eyed trying to stare down at it. The voice laughed as she sat up, smiling when she saw the flowers her boyfriend had handed her. Morning glories.

"Oh, you poetic romantic, you," she crooned sarcastically, and Richard Grayson laughed, kissing her.

"I knew you'd like them. Anyways, are you packed?" Kori slapped her forehead, jumping out of her bed.

"I knew I was forgetting something! We're leaving today?" she asked. Richard rolled his sapphire eyes, nodding. "I'll be done in five minutes...wait a second..." She threw open her closet door, randomly pulling out T-shirts, capris, swimsuits, flip-flops, and a suitcase. Turning back to the huge, messy pile, she threw everything in, and then laboriously zippered it up. Richard shook his head in amusement. "I'm packed!" Kori announced.

"I can see that. If that thing explodes before we get to the beach house..."

"It probably won't. No guarentees. Did you call the others, and remind them?"

"I got Gar, Vic, Alan, Wally, Nicole, and Roy. You might wanna call the other girls. You know, besides Nicole, Gar, and Roy." Kori giggled.

"I'll be sure to tell him that."

Kori had waited forever...more like a week...for today. Today she and Richard, along with the rest of their friends, were heading out to a nice, five star hotel on the beach that Bruce, Richard's adoptive father, had kindly rented for them, because, apparently, they were all 'pain in the necks to have around Wayne Manor every day.' There they'd be staying for a month, and then coming back to their houses. Gar was still having some separation issues with his mom, but the rest were thrilled.

Kori was particularly looking forward to a nice, romantic vacation with her boyfriend of six months. Long walks on the beach at night, the beautiful restaurant at their hotel, and not to mention the fact that she would be far away from Galfore's very overprotective eye. He came to Wayne Manor almost every day, and always seemed to know exactly when she'd reached make-out point with Richard, so he interrupted. But now she had a month away from that, and next to no troubles otherwise. Nothing could possibly go wrong...

Richard loved watching Kori sleep. He had no idea why, it was just calming. He loved watching her do anything, really. She was the light of his life, and if only he'd found her sooner, he'd have been so much happier. Of course, if he hadn't spent the first three months of school wishing the plague on her, that might've helped, too. But that was a different story.

Now they were together, and happy beyond their wildest dreams. Kori had moved into Wayne Manor, his adoptive father's home, and her uncle Galfore now lived in her old home. Her parents had died not six months ago, but with him, she was okay. He still saw her cry silently to herself when she was alone, but he always knew when to be there to make things right. It had become something of a hobby of his. Plus, it was another excuse as to why he was kissing Kori. He didn't want to get on her humongous uncle's bad side.

"Kori..." he said softly. Usually, that was all it took for her to get up. She must have been pretty tired to only stir and fall back asleep again. "Kori...wake up."

She groaned, opening her eyes, but not really focusing, and then closing them again. Richard grinned. "Morning Kory." He rubbed the petals of a morning glory up against her face. He'd realized that her name rhymed with the flower just two days ago, funnily enough, and actually went out to buy the plant and put it in the backyard of Wayne Manor. Bruce hadn't minded so much, merely wondered how Richard had ever learned to be sweet. It was hilarious to hear that word come out of Bruce's mouth, but Richard had managed to keep a straight face and shrug.

She woke up eventually, and he reminded her about their special plans for today. Kori was the most disorganized person he knew, and it showed as she attempted to pack her suitcase. Everything was shoved in without a second thought about wrinkles, and it was done in about two seconds. He just rolled his eyes and wrapped an arm around her waist, leading her downstairs to breakfast.

They managed to get both Richard's and Kori's (rather stuffed) suitcase in the car, and Alfred took the driver's seat. They were heading to Vic's house, where everyone would meet. Both Vic and Karen had minivans, which they were taking to the hotel. Everyone else left their cars at home.

Richard not-so-inconspicuously slung his arm around Kori's shoulders, grinning widely. He knew how much Kori was looking forward to this trip, even if she was a bit forgetful in the morning. He planned to make it the best vacation she could possibly have. But he could probably start with letting her put on the seat belt before he decided to cuddle up.

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