Baltar scanned the results again. Nothing. "Bloody hell!" He yelled, flinging the papers across the room.

"Surely you missed something." Six calmly stated.

Gauis threw his hands up in the air, exasperation leeching into his voice. "I've ran the test three frakking times. And the results are ALL the same!"

Her voice tightened, "Calm down, Gauis. There is an explanation."

He ran his hands through his hair. "Do you think?" His head tilted to one side, brow raised, voice boarding on manic. "Perhaps Hera is Dead."

Six reached across the table, grabbing his hair and slamming his head into the wall. "That's blasphemous. She's alive."

Baltar's head was exploding in pain, but the facts poured out of his mouth. "Really. Then where is she?"

Six released his head, walking toward the door. "Probably right under our noses."

He peeled his cheek off the wall, rubbing his jaw. "And her blood test?"

She placed her hands on her hips, brows arched up, "You can't be serious." She sighed, taking a long breath in. "Think Gauis. What better way to have you wasted your time, than to remove the sample?"

Baltar stopped rubbing, eyes locking onto her. "You know…" He spun around, snatching another stack of papers and began to rifle through, inspiration coursing through his veins. "With this size of sample." He pulled the piece of paper out with the 25 names on it. "It would be easy to mix up the samples."

"And how are you going to gather new ones?"

"Simple," He pushed his glasses back up. "I'll tell Roslin and Cottle that I've detected some abnormalities and would like to run the tests on new blood samples. I'll select different ages at random so as to not cause concern."

"Shrinking the original list."

"Exactly." He began scribbling some notes on the paper.

Laura let the water run over her, hoping to help her wake up and take the stiffness from her muscles. She was trying to move faster, but between last night, their breakfast running over…and perhaps the most potent lovemaking she'd ever experienced, mix that with a very little amount of sleep…and she was moving slow.

The door to the head opened, Bill stepping inside. "Good morning." He rumbled, cracking the door open to the shower.

"Morning." She replied, dipping her head back into the water. She felt his body slide in, next to hers.

"You look absolutely beautiful this morning." He stated lovingly, water running down his broad chest, his abdomen...Laura drug her eyes back to his face, now was not the time…they didn't have time…but the mere thought caused her body to want her to make the time.

Placing her arms around his neck, "Thank you." She responded, before her voice turned momentarily serious. "Bill..."

"Hmmm." He responded, water running between them as his hand slid to her lower back, pulling her to him.

"This morning…" She didn't want to sound cliché, and its not that they had talked about it…

Bill pulled back, blue eyes searching her face. This morning had been…wonderful, magical…and yet those words did not even remotely describe it. He had been with more women than he could count when he was younger, married twice, and he had never experienced anything like it. "Me either." He said, tracing the curves of her before sliding down her back. Eyes riveted to hers, words barely audible. "Laura, I've never felt this way." He shook his head, "Never."

She pulled him closer, and he tightened his arms around her back. "Bill, I love you so much, it hurts." She whispered, tears mixing with the water.

Baltar turned the corner, but felt himself fly backwards into the bulkhead. "What the…" Six's hand covering his mouth.

"Shhhh." She said starring down the corridor he had been about to enter, her hand dropping to her side. Several moments passed, she stood unmoving; her face a picture of concentration.

"What?" Baltar hissed.

Six turned back to Gauis, as if snapping out of a spell. "Come on." She motioned for her to follow him. "Do you see anything different about our President?" She asked as Roslin came into view.

Baltar glanced at Six, dumbfounded. "Huh?"

She met his look, words coming out through gritted teeth, "This is serious Gauis."

They continued walking toward the President who was in an animated conversation with someone one the phone. Her hands were flying about, face set in the determined Presidential look Baltar had grown accustomed to seeing…

"No." He muttered to his companion.

Her lips inches from his ears, whispering. "Nothing's different about the woman?"

Gauis looked at the woman he was getting ready to pass in the corridor, she was completely oblivious to him. Her attention was focused on her conversation. Rarely did he gaze at Roslin as a woman and not at the President, and had it not been for Six, today would have been like every other day…and he would have missed the slight color in her cheeks, the added firmness of her breasts, the light in her eyes…Baltar had to admit that Roslin was a beautiful woman.

They rounded the corner, "Well?" She asked.

"She appears to have regained some of her health." He summarized his observations.

"That's because she's pregnant." Six continued on, as Baltar stammered to find words. "With Adama's child."

"What?!" Baltar spat out. "How…? You can't now that…" He said shaking his head.

"It's true." She cooed as they started down the corridor, "And you are going to have to kill their child, Gauis. It can't be allowed to live. Nor can their union survive." She ran a nail down his cheek, "Or we die."

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