Elfen Lied Fan Fiction- Type: Yuri ( with Kouta the nosebleeder)

It had been several months after the 'incident'. The incident being the fact that Lucy was almost shot to a pulp by a mass of special forces soldiers. The situation had traumatized Lucy in a good way and a bad way. The 'good way' being that her temperament to kill and maim was pretty much withered away, and the 'bad way' being that 'Nyuu' did not exist anymore.

At least not in those few days.

Lucy's mind was quite scrambled after have 5 plus bullets pumped into her body. Her description to Kouta was ' It felt like karma.' Kouta knew exactly what she meant. She meant that good old karma was repaying her for all the people she had slaughtered. Five bullets into her chest, head, and lower body was quite the retribution. Lucy lay in a coma for several days after she stumbled to the Kaede Inn, riddled with angry looking holes in her body and covering the floor in a viscous new coat of red paint. Due to the fact that one of her horns had been shot off, her vectors were no longer as potent as they were before. They had approximately (.5?) meters detracted from their original reach, making them only ¾ as useful as before.

Make no mistake, she still kept her homicidal and vitriol covered comments intact, but she just didn't use them as much. Furthermore, the bullets that narrowly missed the old noggin revealed...strange feelings. Feelings that she wanted kept to herself and herself alone.

She felt herself attracted to Nana. Sexually attracted to be sure. The lithe little diclonius had always been sort of an annoyance to her former self. A crack in the road if you should say so. Either the bullets had scrambled her mind to turn bisexual, or it was just one of those hidden psychological scars that never really went away. Besides, she never really had a mother figure in her life. This could have possibly caused a strange variation of the Oedipus Complex, causing her mind to subconsciously turn over to Nana for support.

No. She couldn't think these things. She was attracted to Kouta and Kouta alone. Besides, what about the little tryst they shared on the steps of the cemetery? Did that mean nothing? Well, that couldn't be helped now. She was now attracted to both Nana and Kouta. She shook her head quickly to clear her mind of these dirty thoughts. The scarlet haired diclonius staggered up from her futon and walked to the chair near the mirror, peering at the gaunt but still pretty reflection that stared back at her. The image in the mirror itself questioned Lucy's existence in the world.

'Am I just a test subject that escaped from it's cage? Do I even have a purpose in this world other than to be scorned by humans?' Lucy peered even deeper into her blood red eyes, hoping for some purchase from those two glowing orbs. Staring at herself wasn't going to help. That was only for ' 'sapiens'. Lucy laughed inwardly at the joke. Another confined diclonius shared the joke with her when the two met on a rare occasion when they were allowed to socialize in a metal room. Only 'sapiens indulge in self pity. She was a diclonius. She did not cry on the basis of being rejected. The humans called that 'emo'. She preferred it as 'sapiens. Swinging her creamy legs into a cross legged position, Lucy rubbed the wound on her head. The gang had taken a lot of trouble to remove the bullet. Fortunately, the blood loss was not too much, and only caused her a fainting now and then. At least it didn't cause her to go 'poof' and transform into a retard like Nyuu. That was one thing she was glad about. The stupid delinquent was gone for good. Maybe the bullet bashed a part of her brain back in order, who knows?

Another disturbing image of Nana popped into her head. It was the day she plucked off Nana's appendages like a child with a Daddy Longlegs. Nana's horrifying squeals pierced her mind. At this rate, the girl would never even think of even liking her. She had tolerated Lucy in Kaede Inn just for the sole fact that she had a 'Nyuu' side. For Pete's sake, she had ripped off her limbs. Even when the poor diclonius was trying to pathetically crawl away. Lucy shook her head in disgust at herself.

What was she thinking? Maybe it was the fact that she did not want to go back to the research place. Maybe she had taken that desperate anger and turned it on poor Nana, (Who was now currently giggling outside her door while eating dinner.) Like she said herself. Being plunked five times by bullets was 'karma'. She probably deserved all of those bits of lead in her body...

'Nyuu chan, here's your dinner, I-

Nana stopped dead in the room when her gaze met Lucy's. During her days when she was conscious, she had spent most of the time staring quietly at the garden in the backyard or just staring at Wanta. Nana couldn't really tell if this docile diclonius was either Nyuu or Lucy.

Now she knew. Lucy's eyes had lost some of their homicidal glint, but it still scared the living shit out of Nana. Nana put down the plate of food quietly and stood wringing her hands nervously, trying to think of something to say to her 'amputation nurse' She muttered something about hoping Lucy chan was okay and started to step out of the room when Lucy suddenly spouted out, ' Wait!'

Nana spun on her heel and glared at her 'amputation nurse' She still hadn't forgiven the older diclonius for ripping off her legs and arms. She still had trouble controlling those prosthetic limbs. She even misplaced them every once in a while...

Still, she couldnt help but feel a little bit of- of what was that word called? Sexual attraction? Whenever she laid eyes on Lucy. Her long, lithe legs, her perfectly proportioned bust, her shiny red hair...Nana always had a little bit of an attraction to 'bad' people. Maybe it was a contradiction to her own sweet nature. Maybe it was a glitch in her creation . Whatever it was, her own torturer was also her target of infatuation. Being quite naive, Nana didn't really know about human reproduction, so she assumed being attracted to the same sex was something all humans did every once in a while. Her gaze softened at Lucy as the diclonius' eyes started to look sorrowful.

'Nana chan, I'm...I'm really sorry for what I did to you at the cemetery. I-I don't know what I could say to relieve your pain, but-'

Nana was genuinely surprised at this sudden change in Lucy's character. Lucy apologizing? Had the world gone mad? Her naive little mind tried to grasp the concept of Lucy being contrite. The shock was a little too much for Nana. She collapsed to her knees and whispered in a pathetic little voice, ' You mean it?' Lucy nodded her head as tears started to roll down her cheeks. Her cold, assertive self didn't bother to keep her grasp on Lucy anymore. The child Lucy was back. All the pain and torment that she endured did not come out as bloody homicidal rages. It just poured out with pure, clean tears. All the people she killed...all the people she hurt...the one person she regretted hurting the most was Kouta. Nana came in at about the 1.1 spot. She couldn't believe that she actually had the heart to rip off an innocent 13 year old Diclonius limbs in cold blood. Althought Nanas cheerful and bubbly personality remained intact, it was also the factor that ripped through Lucys heart the most. She still managed to stay like that even when she became a quadriplegic! She still managed to remain civil to Lucy and live with her! Oh, how Lucy hated herself for her actions...

Lucy was almost doubled over in a ball sobbing her heart out. The door was closed, so Kouta and the rest of the group couldn't really hear her through the din. She was saying sorry over and over again in hoarse whispers, prompting Nana to cautiously walk over and wrap her arm around Lucy. As Nana slowly turned her arm wrap into a full fledged huddle over the shaking diclonius, a lot of voices conflicted in her head too. One side, (Her killer side) said that 'the bitch amputated you without your consent. Kill her while she's vulnerable. Like she hurt you when you were vulnerable. Nana fearfully shook away this thought, trying to concentrate on her 'angelic' side, which dominated the main section of her personality. It said that forgiveness was the best way of moving on, and besides, wasn't Lucy different now? Besides, Nana didn't really have the heart to kill the object of her sexual attraction.

When the older Diclonius was done her sobbing, she felt...almost cleansed. She felt that she now had the courage to tell Nana her true feelings. Lucy took a deep breath and started to speak in a shaky voice, horrifying her inner 'evil' Lucy. ' Nana, I...didn't mean to do what I did that day...can you ever forgive me?'

Nana finally wrestled over control from her inner demon and relented, finally forgiving Lucy's brutal attack, ' I...forgive you.' The two girls hugged once more, quite relieved that this huge gulf in between them was finally bridged. Now the skeleton of the bridge needed concrete. Lucy started putting it on first, ' There's...There's something I want to tell you Nana...' Lucy's face turned a deep shade of red as she stuttered out the words. 'I- I really like you...' These words hit Nana's chest like a brick, causing her to slightly stagger backwards. So...Lucy liked her too? It was almost too good to be true. Despite their love/hate relationship, Nana had always hoped ( in her wildest dreams) that Lucy would actually be mutual with her feelings of attraction. Now it was a reality. She had to find out if Lucy really meant it in the way she hoped she meant it.

'H-how do you like me, Lucy chan?'

Lucy turned a deep scarlet at this and said, 'Well...I...I' Lucy wrestled with her tongue for a few seconds more before spitting out those magic words. 'I'm sexually attracted to you...' Lucy lowered her head, unable to meet Nana's gaze. Nana's gaze was actually one of relief. Her red eyes shone with excitement as she said enthusiastically, ' Me too! I had some feelings toward you too, Lucy chan, do you think-

Nana realized that she was jumping the gun a little. She recoiled a bit and stared awkwardly at the floor, averting her gaze from Lucy's eyes. The two girls sat silent for a moment, contemplating this new revelation in their lives. Lucy thought what it would mean to Kouta. Nana also thought about how it would affect her and Kouta. After all, the two seemed destined for each other. Could their little affair ruin everything Lucy built up?

Lust overcame Lucy. Her primal instincts took over as she grabbed Nana by the waist and French kissed her. Nana's lips were really soft, like two delicate budding roses pressing against Lucy's full grown ones. Nana was surprised at the advance at first, but she came to accept Lucy in her mouth. Their tongues twirled together like two ballet dancers in a frenzied pas de deux. Lucy's face turned scarlet when she realized what she was doing. They've come this far...maybe it was time to let nature take its course. As long as Kouta didn't find out, everything would be okay...Lucy thrust her hands down into her skirt and desperately fingered herself, twirling the folds of her labia in ecstasy as saliva started to drip from the two girls' passionate kiss...