This was inspired by the movie, "Vampire in Brooklyn."


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.. means thoughts "…." Means speaking

Chapter 1

The victim ran breathlessly down the dark alley. Her eyes wandering desperately trying to find some sort of assistance, a refuge from her dark enemy, the very enemy who could take the life from her body in one fluent motion.

Time was ticking and yet nothing had happened since their first encounter. The twinkle in his eye, how it danced with admiration and some other feeling that she couldn't recognize. She didn't want to notice or decipher it, his smile wiped away all cautions, all fears……. how could she be so stupid? She scolded herself for the lack of responsibility and promised to never speak to strangers if she could only get out this situation.

Soon she realized she couldn't hear any other footsteps but hers. She stopped to search behind her; the street was empty, which was rare in the city. It was abnormally quiet, but being in the state she was in, she was too relieved to even catch the shadow that lingered along the walls of the building.

He stared at her, his violet eyes flashing hunger and lust. Stepping out of his hiding place, he looked at her disheveled state. He really worked a number on her. The silk dress that hugged her figure before was now shredded cloth that hung from her body, barely covering her sexuality. The purse she carried before was long gone, abandoned on one of the many streets that formed the maze of the city; along with the only technology of the century that could help…. Her cell phone.

Her back was facing him. This was yet another advantage to him, not like he needed it, it was obvious who was going to win this fight, he smirked.

"Looking for something?"

She spun around and came face to face with her attacker,

"…or is it someone?"

Her eyes widened as she witnessed his face disfigure and change, his eyes no longer violet, were now a glowing hazel red with a set of sharp fangs as an addition to his perfect white teeth.

She screamed but the sound didn't go far from her lips as his hand enveloped her mouth. He threw her trembling body to the cold concrete. She thrashed at him and pleaded, but her actions just made him more amused.

"I love the city. No one can hear you scream."

He grabbed her hand and brought a finger to his lips. He kissed it and teased it with his tongue. It wasn't until every finger was sucked when he decided to move to her wrist.

"You sick pervert! No one will give themselves to you, so you settle for rape!!" she cried.

His fangs punctured her skin making her shout out in pain or was it shock? She couldn't register which one she felt at the moment.

"It is not your body I want my sweet. What I desire is the blood in which flows through it."

With a smile he attacked her neck, draining her completely of blood.

Another solitary figure stepped out from the shadows.

"Was it her?" the figure stood up from the corpse that was his dinner.

Taking a white cloth from his pocket, he began to blot his mouth free from the excess plasma from his kill.

"Do you think she would be dead if it was, idiot?" he commented. Safir bowed his head in embarrassment,

"When I do find her, I will not kill her. No...." he whispered hoarsely, ".....she will become one of us."

When his partner said no more he turned to him, "Do you want the remainder of what's left?" he asked gesturing to the girl.

"No, I've already eaten."

Diamond extended a fingernail to pick out whatever residue that got between his teeth.

"Who knew such a petite woman could have so much zest," he said nonchalantly as he and his follower left the scene to return to their lair, the sun would be rising soon and they couldn't be there to see it.

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